Kim Kardashian goes makeup free at nail salon

Kim Kardashian goes makeup free as she gets a pedicure and a massage in Beverly Hills

Socialite Kim Kardashian is just like you. The 33-year-old mother of one went without makeup in public for the first time since giving birth to 6-month-old daughter North West. Kim enjoyed a massage with her manicure and pedicure at her favorite Beverly Hills salon. Kardashian and fiancé Kanye West just returned from a family vacation in Park City, Utah.
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Lauren London Cut Her Hair

Lauren London Cut Her Hair

Actress Lauren London cut her hair — setting off pandemonium amongst her loyal fans.

The Game actress cut a few inches off the ends of her bleached blond locks and posted the results on her Instagram page. Unlike her fellow actresses and entertainers, London’s bra strap length hair grows from her scalp. So cutting any part of it is indeed breaking news to her fans, who are used to seeing stars wearing weave and lacefronts.

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Oprah’s Biggest Hair Weave

Oprah 3 pounds of weave

Yes, Oprah is a narcissist who covers every issue of her own magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine. But this month Oprah went all out to promote her new flick ‘The Butler’ because it must do well at the box office or she will take the failure personally. The talk show maven wore 3 pounds of weave in a mammoth 1970s style afro on her head. The magazine’s sub heading reads “Let’s Talk About Hair!”

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Nicki Minaj’s Unemployed Wig Maker Speaks Out

Terrence Davidson and Nicki Minaj

You may have heard that rapper Nicki Minaj fired her entire Glam squad for making her look like a hot mess these last couple of years. Well, Terrence Davidson, Nicki’s wig maker, decided to come forward and clear the air in a letter to his fans (yes, he has fans).

Terrence’e letter reads more like an online resume than clearing the air. He’s basically putting the word out that his questionable wig-making skills are available for the right price. But after seeing the disastrous wigs on Nicki, he probably won’t get too many job offers.

Maybe Beyonce needs a wig maker who specializes in circus or sideshow style wigs?

Read Terrence’s letter after the break.

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Guess Who?

Guess who

All of these women are high maintenance beauties who go to great lengths to make sure their hair and nails are always on point when they step out in public. The last time I made a post like this some of you had problems guessing the names. This time I will try to make the descriptions a little easier.

1. Let’s begin with this reality TV star and mother of one who is struggling to repair her marriage to an NBA superstar (at least publicly). She writes on her Instagram page: “Bob Marley Nail Art hand painted by @naominailsnyc…SICK!!!!!”

What’s her name?

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fanMAIL: Derek J Total Makeover Winner Wendy

Loyal reader Sherese writes:

Hi Sandra,

Wendy went to see Derek J and the Jspot salon crew today and she had an amazing experience. They are a good crew. Here are the pictures from her experience and we cant thank you enough for this opportunity. I am still happy!!

Many thanks to Derek J, Lisa McCall, and J Spot Salon!

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The Winner of the Derek J Total Makeover is….

Based on the results of the poll, my readers have decided the winner of the Derek J Total Makeover is ASHLEY with 832 votes!! Congratulations!

Ashley, Derek J and his team of talented stylists will craft a perfect new look for you! Derek will use 12-14 inch Positively Unrefined 100% Virgin Indian hair from Derek J’s new hair line called “The J-Curl by Derek J.”

Special thanks to Derek J, Lisa McCall, the J Spot Salon and everyone who participated in the contest!

Loyal reader Ashley writes:

Hi Sandra!

This makeover isn’t for me but hopefully you will accept my request to do the makeover for my aunt. Her name is Wendy and she is one of my best friends. Over the past 2 years she has gotten laid off and had a new baby who is one now (she also has two older children). She inspires me with her persistence in trying to find a job of some sort, but you never see her sweat even though I know she is going through a personal struggle. I occasionally do her hair (nowhere near a hair stylist) because she doesn’t have the money and her guy pays the necessary bills so they can have a roof over their heads. She is down to earth, shy, and good people. This will make her day if she can just get pampered and feel like a refreshed woman.

Pleading for your consideration,

Sherese, but I like to be called Ashley!

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