Stylists Issue Warning About ‘Weave Runner’ Hair Thief

weave runner

Detroit hairstylists have joined forces to catch a hair thief they have dubbed the “weave runner.” The woman is well-known for getting her weave done and running out without paying.

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The Real Story Behind Where Your Hair Extensions Come From

Riqua Hailes

You are probably among the millions of black women who buy your hair weave extensions from a salon, beauty supply store, or out of the trunk of a car. It’s no surprise that beauty supply stores that cater to black women are the #1 importers of hair weave from China.

But have you ever stopped to wonder where your hair weave extensions come from?

After noticing inconsistencies in the hair extensions she purchased for her clients, Riqua Hailes, owner of Just Extensions hair extension bar in Los Angeles, decided to go on an odyssey to Asia to see for herself where the hair comes from.

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Racist Casting Call Grades Dark Skinned Girls With Weave C/D

Racist casting call

Universal Pictures is casting black girls for its film Straight Outta Compton, a biopic which documents the rise of rap supergroup N.W.A.

The casting call by Sande Allesi Casting, which reflects the target audience of the movie, grades the women by skin color and whether they wear weave and extensions. “Fine” LSLH women (light skinned with long hair) are graded A/B, while dark skinned women who wear hair weave are graded C/D. Naturally the weave wearers are outraged by the degrading implications of the casting call.

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The Winner of the Derek J Total Makeover is….

Based on the results of the poll, my readers have decided the winner of the Derek J Total Makeover is ASHLEY with 832 votes!! Congratulations!

Ashley, Derek J and his team of talented stylists will craft a perfect new look for you! Derek will use 12-14 inch Positively Unrefined 100% Virgin Indian hair from Derek Jā€™s new hair line called ā€œThe J-Curl by Derek J.ā€

Special thanks to Derek J, Lisa McCall, the J Spot Salon and everyone who participated in the contest!

Loyal reader Ashley writes:

Hi Sandra!

This makeover isn’t for me but hopefully you will accept my request to do the makeover for my aunt. Her name is Wendy and she is one of my best friends. Over the past 2 years she has gotten laid off and had a new baby who is one now (she also has two older children). She inspires me with her persistence in trying to find a job of some sort, but you never see her sweat even though I know she is going through a personal struggle. I occasionally do her hair (nowhere near a hair stylist) because she doesn’t have the money and her guy pays the necessary bills so they can have a roof over their heads. She is down to earth, shy, and good people. This will make her day if she can just get pampered and feel like a refreshed woman.

Pleading for your consideration,

Sherese, but I like to be called Ashley!

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