Hope Solo Marries Her Abusive Boyfriend One Day After He Assaulted Her

Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens

Soccer star Hope Solo married her abusive fiance Jerramy Stevens one day after he was arrested for assaulting her.

Stevens, the former Seattle Seahawks tight end, was arrested for fourth-degree domestic violence assault early Monday. He was released for lack of evidence after Solo refused to press charges.

Solo’s older brother, Marcus, told police he called 911 after using a stun gun to immobilize Stevens.

The U.S. women’s Olympic soccer goalkeeper, 31, had been dating Stevens, 33, for about two months before they applied for a marriage license Nov. 8, Fox News reports.

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Former NFL player arrested on charges of beating Olympic star

Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens

Who knew Olympic soccer star Hope Solo had a thing for the brothas?

According to the Daily Mail, Solo’s fiance, Jerramy Stevens, was arrested and charged with domestic abuse.

The former Seattle Seahawks tight end was arrested Monday after Solo’s older brother, Marcus, used a stun gun to subdue him during the battle.

Coincidentally, Monday was the wedding day of Solo, 31, and Stevens, 33.

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