David Conley  Nathaniel Conley Valerie Jackson

A serial woman beater was arrested and charged with killing 2 adults, their 5 children, and his own son during a shooting rampage in a Texas home.

David Conley, 49, (pictured above left) was taken into custody after a one-your standoff with police at a home in Houston on Saturday night.

Police won't say how Conley and the children's mother, Valerie Jackson, 40, (pictured right) are related.

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Customers and employees Brawl at Chachos Restaurant

Normally the participants in restaurant brawls are hood rats with no proper home training. Rarely do you see restaurant employees engaging in a free-for-all with customers. But the employees who work for Chacho's restaurant in Houston had no concerns about company policy regarding fighting with customers.

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Deandre Davis-Williams

A Houston man is accused of sexually molesting and impregnating an 11-year-old girl who he allegedly raped almost daily, ABC Houston reports.

Deandre Devon Davis-Williams, 21, would wait for the girl's mother to leave for work before going over to the neighboring apartment and forcing himself on the girl.

"It was about a year that this abuse was occurring continuously, very often," District Attorney Sara Marie Kinney said. She added that the little girl is about to give birth.

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