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Just one month ago the mainstream news media downplayed the coronavirus threat. A Washington Post headline on Feb. 1 read: "Get a grippe America. The flu is a much bigger threat than coronavirus, for now."

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6 weeks later, the flu is still a much bigger health threat to Americans than the coronavirus, also known as Covid-19.

The common flu virus has killed over 30,000 Americans since October 2019. Last month the death toll was 20,000. That means 10,000 people lost their lives to the flu in just one month.

In that same one month timeframe, about 40 people died from Covid-19.

Yet the media continues their fear mongering coverage as if the C-virus is the biggest health threat to Americans currently.

Now some Democratic cities are closing bars and nightclubs and considering declaring martial law - to stop the spread of the virus, or to conceal the real numbers?

The numbers don't add up.

Two months after Covid-19 breached America's shores, the disease kills an average of 2 people per day. If everyone infected with the C-virus was tested, the mortality rate would fall well below 1%.

The Covid-19 death toll in America is so low that conspiracy theorists point to death tolls in other countries as confirmation that America's extreme response to the C-virus is justified.

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Drastic measures are being undertaken to contain the coronavirus, while the flu goes on a rampage, killing 60,000 Americans per year. Up to 80,000 Americans are expected to die this flu season.

In America's history there has never been school closings, social distancing campaigns, cancellations of major sports leagues, and entire cities shut down to contain the flu virus epidemic that killed millions of Americans over the last half century.

Unlike Covid-19, the influenza virus does not discriminate. The flu kills everyone young and old. Nearly 100 children have died from the flu this season. Not a single child has died from Covid-19 anywhere in the world.

As the news media presses the panic button, nurses and doctors are not seeing a spike in respiratory distress cases in their hospitals.

People who are in respiratory distress typically rush to a hospital emergency room. But doctors and nurses on Twitter say they are seeing emergency rooms packed with patients who have asthma, flu symptoms or the common cold.

But news outlets report that hospital emergency rooms are packed with coronavirus patients.

So who's lying?

Question: Are you prepared if martial law is declared in your area?

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Dr. Drew Pinsky, also known as "Dr. Drew", slammed the national news media for overreacting to the Coronavirus, leading people to panic buy food and medical supplies.

"We're not overreacting, the press is overreacting, and it makes me furious," Dr. Drew said during an appearance on Daily Blast Live last month.

"The press should not be reporting medical stories as though they know how to report it," he continued.

"If we have a pandemic, I won't know how to tell that we're actually having a pandemic because everything is an emergency."

"The press needs to shut up because you're more likely to die of influenza right now."

In a follow-up call to Daily Blast Live this week, Dr. Drew questioned why the press is ignoring the flu epidemic that killed 16,000 people so far."

"Let me frame it this way: We have in the United States 24 million cases of flu-like illness, 180,000 hospitalizations, 16,000 dead from influenza. Why is that not being reported? Why isn't the message: get your flu shot?"

"There are people walking around out there with the virus that don't even know they have it it's so mild," said Dr. Drew.

"Where was the press during the Mediterranean corona[virus] outbreak where the fatality rate was 41%? If they wanted to get crazed about something, why didn't they get crazed about MERS or SARS? This is an overblown press-created hysteria."

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Wednesday confirmed "the more elderly and medically frail" are the ones more likely to "succumb" to the virus.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel's "America's Newsroom" Azar said, "For most of us, the risk of getting the Coronavirus is low and it remains that way. We're learning more every day, every hour."

Most healthy people who get the Coronavirus will have mild to moderate symptoms. Azar cautioned those with respiratory symptoms to stay home and wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.

The people most at risk are the elderly population and those with weak immune systems or chronic illnesses.

Military mom wiping her daughter's runny nose

Americans are panicking as the potentially deadly H3N2 flu virus sweeps across the country. The aggressive strain of flu virus is behind the worst flu epidemic in history.

The flu epidemic is sweeping America as hospitalizations of children under 5-years-old has doubled in one week.

The flu epidemic is wreaking havoc on America's most vulnerable citizens -- children and the elderly. The child death toll is up from 13 to 20 deaths in one week.

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Kelly Rowland

A severe influenza outbreak in California is creating panic as the death toll rises and hundreds are sickened statewide.

According to the Los Angeles Times, health department officials say 27 people younger than 65 have died of the flu in California since October. Only 3 people died from the flu at the same time last year.

Doctors say a statewide shortage of flu medicine and packed emergency rooms led to a general sense of panic among all residents, including singer Kelly Rowland, pictured above right, who wore a surgical mask to her doctor's office on Thursday.

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