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Ciara Shares Photo of Her Real Hair On Instagram

Ciara Wilson is one of the many sistas taking back their beauty and taking pride in their natural hair. Thanks to inspiration from famed IG photographer Suliman Facet Hasan, black women are walking into 2018 wearing their natural crowns of glory. In a series of posts on, Facet urged black women to take back…

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Open Post: Michelle Williams

A loyal reader sent in these shocking photos of former Destiny’s Child background singer Michelle Williams with and without her signature Tranny Glam makeup on. Whoa! What a big difference! I hardly recognized the 36-year-old without 7 coats of paint on her face. Ok, I’m kidding. The chick on the right is social media blogger…

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Facebook Bans The Shaderoom for Copyright Violations

Popular Instagram blog The Shaderoom lost its 4 million Facebook followers in one fell swoop on Monday. Facebook pulled down the influential social media gossip blog for “intellectual property” violations. In other words, TSR was banned for publishing copyrighted paparazzi photos.

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