Padge-Victoria Windslowe

A Philadelphia rapper on trial for murder testified that he administered liquid silicone butt injections to Hollywood celebrities including Amber Rose and “Chris Brown’s girlfriend.”

Padge-Victoria Windslowe, a 43-year-old transgender rapper who performed under the name “Black Madam”, is on trial for 3rd degree murder in the 2011 death of 20-year-old British dancer Claudia Aderotimi.

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I never heard of video “model” Keyshia Dior until yesterday when my loyal readers dragged her all over the comment section in this post.

It seems that Keyshia is a well-known video “model” whose ample, botox enhanced curves and numerous cosmetic procedures has earned her exclusive membership into that small community of elite video vixens who regularly appear in rap music videos. She has been featured in music projects for Lil Wayne, Young Money and Drake.

According to her “manager” Janero Marchand, a law student who prowls daily in search of “clients” — Keyshia is “100% Jamaican homegrown all natural.”

Here are the stats on Keyshia Dior from loyal reader Caprice:

@Sandra that chic in the white is a “stylist” sometimes video model but in reality she does hair in Boca Raton, FL not far from Miami in her house. Her video model name is KeyshiaDior. She has 3 kids, 2 baby fathers (both deadbeat). Industry age is 25 but her real age is like 31 or 32 something like that. Real Name Keisha Watson. Drive a black Escalade and Burgundy Benz and supposedly is ALSO sleeping with Kenyon Martin.

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I guess Kanye West’s beard, Amber Rose, is feeling some kind of way about my readers saying she’s white.

She had her publicist/manager/pimp Janero Marchand email me yesterday to say (I’m paraphrasing here): “Amber Rose isn’t all the way white. Her mama’s got some black in her. So please accept Amber into the tribe.”

Personally, I believe the only thing black about Amber is the sun tan lotion she bathes in. This tramp is not half black or even a quarter black. And just because one is born in a certain geographical location that is predominately black, doesn’t make them automatically black. If that’s the case then all the whites born in South Africa are mixed.

Janero writes:

Hey Sandra,

Just wanted to say that I read your blog daily and I must correct you on one of your Amber Rose posts where you corroborated with your readers claim that, “there’s no part of Amber that’s black”. Well actually that statement is inaccurate, I had the pleasure of meeting Amber’s beautiful BROWNSKIN mom who is from a country called Cape Verde which is an island off the coast of West Africa. The descendants from that country are usually of Portuguese and African descent and usually appear fair skin or white.

So actually Amber is half black and her father is Italian and Irish. So in correlation to your readers assumption, yes there is a part of Amber that is Black. Just thought I’d correct that statement for you and your readers.

I emailed Janero back and asked him for a pic of Amber’s mom to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Amber is mixed. Of course he couldn’t produce one. But he did offer that he was “sure in due time her mom will be accompanying her on red carpets.”

LOL! I’m still laughing!

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

The Game dropped an audio blog jewel dissin’ old man Jay Z, who fell off so far that Chastain Park cancelled his concert this past weekend because of a little rain (what’s a few rain drops if you’re trying to watch the God perform?)

The truth is Jay Z’s concert at Chastain Park was not sold out so he wasn’t showing up anyway. You still would have lost your money (more on that later).

The Game also goes in on that fraud Internet personality Amber Rose whose 15-minute timer keeps restarting (I wish I could take a hammer to her 15-minute clock).


Rapper and producer Kanye West confirmed rumors of a split from video vixen Amber Rose.

A rep for West confirmed the rumors to the New York Post, “They are no longer a couple.”

How about they were never a couple to begin with? Everyone knows that Amber Rose is a lesbian who is into S&M. So how does a gay fish fit into that picture?

I’m sure Kanye paid Amber well in bags and shoes to be his beard, but where does Amber go from here?

According to her pimp manager Janero Marchand, Amber will be featured on a cover and in a photo spread for two national magazines this Summer.

Also I’m told there’s a reality show along the lines of “I Love New York” in the works for Amber. She parlayed her 15 minutes into a possible career. Good for her.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Video model Dollicia Bryan made the double cover of KING magazine’s 3rd Annual Wet Issue. Reality show “star” Tila Tequila graces the other cover. Bow Wow must be so proud of his woman! If you don’t know who Dollicia Bryan is, click here.

Thanks to loyal reader Janero for the pic!