Diageo Presents BET Hip Hop Awards Kick Off Powered By Samsung (104 of 124)

Last night Diageo powered by Samsung Kicked off the BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend with a Live performance by rappers 2 Chainz (pictured above), Jermaine Dupri and and the world's greatest entertainer Doug E Fresh. DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon were on the wheels.

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Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri part ways

Songbird Mariah Carey seems to be blaming her manager and producer Jermaine Dupri for the poor performance of her current album.

Mariah's unfortunately named album, Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse, sold a measly 83,000 total albums in the US. That wasn't good enough for the 45-year-old Diva who has 17 top ten albums to her credit.

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Not to be outdone by rappers T.I. (who is currently serving time in an Arkansas prison) and Ludacris who each donated $10,000 cash out of their own wallets for flood relief, rappers JD and Nelly plan to get other celebs to donate to flood victims.

Jermaine Dupri, Nelly, & V-103 join forces for a charity celebrity bowling tournament entitled, Atlanta Stand-Up. JD and Nelly have invited all their celebrity friends to come out and bowl (and hopefully open their wallets) tomorrow night (10/1) at Red Carpet Lanes located at 4500 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, GA 30096.

Expected celebrity guests include: Big Boi, Bryan-Michael Cox, Zaytoven, Devyne Stephens, Polow Da Don, Lil’ Ronnie, Nitti, Mike Bigga (formerly Killer Mike), Sammie, Rozelle, NBA superstar Derric Anderson, Grand Hustle Records and many more celebrities, athletes and entertainment professionals.

Doors open at 8PM, and of course the Red Carpet begins at 9PM.

Source: Tamiko Hope | Word Ink

Most of you know Janet Jackson confirmed to Harper's Bazaar magazine that she and producer mogul Jermaine Dupri had split after 7 years together.

Not surprisingly, no one seemed to care. That's probably because everyone knew it was just another publicity stunt cooked up by the duo whose stars are fading fast. Maybe that explains why they dropped the facade in Milan, Italy and attended Donatella Versace's afterparty together over the weekend.

The reality is that there is very little industry buzz concerning these two breaking up or staying together. Which does not bode well for either of them. As I told you in an earlier post, for years I heard rumors about JD stepping out on Janet and how she even moved into a condo here in Atlanta to be closer to him.

Industry folk often called me and after some small talk they would say something along the lines of, "Isn't it a shame that JD is dogging Janet out?" But there are certain rumors that I won't write about especially if they concern certain Atlanta celebs. But since Janet let the cat out of the bag in that Harper's Bazaar interview, I figured the coast was clear to spill the dirt. After viewing the pics in Milan, it seems I spoke too soon.

Image source

Since the news broke about Janet Jackson's split from producer and longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri, does she seem happier to you? I can't help but notice how youthful and content she seems in these pics taken in Milan, Italy yesterday.

I've always thought of Janet (and her older sister Rebbie) as the most stable Jacksons. So it seemed odd that she would want to be with a cheating dog like JD who obviously was using her to elevate his own status.

When Janet and JD were together she looked tired, old and wary in her pictures.. She also looked like she had reconciled herself to the fact that he just wasn't going to do right by her -- and she couldn't do any better. She displayed the same stoic resignation in her longterm relationship with her ex-husband Rene.

Suffering in silence while your man sows his wild oats is a learned behavior that she obviously picked up from her mom, Katherine.

The entire industry knows that it was JD who (along with MTV) helped ruined Janet's career by orchestrating that disastrous nipple stunt during halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004.

But love, like alcohol and drugs, is a very unrelenting addiction. You really can't see the damage it causes until you kick the habit for good.

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The legendary Janet Jackson covers Harper's Bazaar magazine's October 2009 issue two times. I like the one cover in B&W. It's very tastefully done. And, for once, janet dresses age appropriately.

Inside, Janet confirms rumors of her break-up with longtime boyfriend, music mogul Jermaine Dupri:

Janet is also now single, recently breaking off her seven-year relationship with music producer Jermaine Dupri. Does she still believe in marriage? "For [some] people, sure! I don't know if I'll get married again. [She's been married twice, as a teen to James DeBarge and to choreographer Rene Elizondo.] I'll put it like this: If God wants me to, then I will." Dating? "Yeah, I've had people ask me out. I haven't entertained any offers thus far, but I'm locking myself in my work right now." Some might say boys smell anyway. "Yeah, they stink," she chuckles, "and they're dirty." Read more...

I'm sure they will remain friends. But poor JD, whose coattail is he going to ride to keep him relevant now?

Thanks to loyal reader Joyketa for the tip!

Footage of so-called "ballers" Jermaine Dupri, Nelly and troubled former NFL corner back Adam "Pacman" Jones making it rain in a Las Vegas strip club before the shooting that left 3 people injured.

The footage was filmed in 2007 at Minx Gentlemen's club during the NBA All-Star weekend. At one point you see the rapper Nelly wave off the cameraman as he holds 10 stacks in his hands.

Trouble broke out when overzealous dancers bent down to pick up some of the $40,00 in cash being thrown by Nelly and Pacman.

Former music mogul Dupri stopped the music and grabbed the mic to rebuke and reprimand the girls for picking up the money too soon. The reason for that is: some of the cheddar goes back to the so-called ballers and the club at the end of the night. The girls get to divvy up what's left over from the loot that was thrown -- but you're not supposed to know that.

The eventual shooting outside the strip club -- and the media avalanche that followed -- helped expose the truth behind the "making it rain" deception.

Maybe US Weekly didn't get the memo? In its current issue on stands now, the magazine is reporting that music mogul Jermaine Dupriu, 36, and pop icon Janet Jackson, 43, have split up after 7 years.

The mag quotes an inside source as saying the two have been "moving in different directions for a while."

Oh really? According to my sources, Janet and JD are still very much together. But if they have been moving in different directions for a while, what should we make of those paparazzi shots of the Superstar couple buying burgers and drinks just last week in Malibu, California? Body doubles?

Rumors of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri going their separate ways have been swirling for months now. JD repeatedly denies the rumors on his Twitter page and in the local media. And still the rumors persist.