A bedraggled looking Whitney Houston was spotted after arriving in Los Angeles where she is scheduled to sing at the Kin of Pop's Memorial today. The Jackson family had a change of heart and now Michael's body will be present at the Staples Center for a public memorial service following a private memorial service held for 1000 of his friends at Forest Lawn last night.
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Just a few days ago an industry friend asked whatever happened to Dondria, aka Phatffft, the gifted young singer JD found on YouTube.

I knew my industry friend was joking since we both know what happened to Dondria. Poor Dondria suffered the same fate as other new singers who don't fill a particular niche.

Her first single didn't make an impact on iTunes, and the industry buzz that's so necessary for new artists just wasn't there.

So JD shelved the young singer's debut album and moved on. Hey, he has problems of his own what with his wifey Janet being let go from his own label -- and rumors floating around that he's next and all.

So Dondria has returned to doing what she does best: singing in her bedroom, with her talented friend Broadway, making YouTube videos and hoping that JD realizes she's still waiting.

Poor Dondria sounds so despondent as she pours her heart out to JD begging him not to forsake her:

    I'm sitting in my room making YouTube videos
    and I am waiting on a deal
    yes I am
    from JD -- Jermaine Dupi
    and I call him Chi Chi
    and I m waiting, waiting, waiting, WAITING
    to do something else with my life
    other than working in the day care

Thanks to loyal reader Jazmyne for the tip!

Thanks to JD's personal assistant Dorma Davis for sending this video of Jermaine Dupri celebrating his 36th birthday in NYC a few days ago. JD's wifey Janet directed and shot the first part of the video (yes, JD, Janet has a steady hand).

There's also a shot of the hardest working PR Diva in the biz -- Patti Webster -- doing her thing on the red carpet. The party looked bananas! Wish I was there.

Happy Birthday JD!

Island Records president of Urban music Jermaine Dupri posted a video on his YouTube channel of himself undergoing LASIK eye surgery recently.

This is a procedure that I've wanted to have done for many years, but after watching JD's cornea being peeled like an orange, I think I'll pass.

JD didn't make it to his regular Saturday night gig on Atlanta's V-103 radio station tonight. So we're hoping he's OK. This video isn't easy to watch if you're the squeamish type. By the way, JD forgot his wallet and his girlfriend, Janet Jackson, had to leave rehearsals to put his surgery on her credit card.

6 months ago this story about Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri getting married would have made headlines. But, today, not so much:

JANET Jackson is taking the marriage plunge again. Although the pop star has remained mum on her engagement to rapper Jermaine Dupri, she recently hit up designers like Badgley Mischka, asking for bridal gown samples. "She's preparing for her private nuptials," said one source. Good luck, Janet! Just last week, she confessed to Parade magazine, "After two divorces, I thought I was jinxed. Maybe marriage isn't for me? Maybe it's my fault it never works." (Source)

Courtesy: Think Tank Marketing

Janet Jackson's Discipline is set for release on February 26, but her hard core fans are questioning why Island Records isn't promoting their icon enough. "2 weeks to go before Discipline is released. Where are the promotions?" wrote one poster on a Janet Jackson forum.

It is hard to tell when you're a consumer on the outside looking in and you are not privy to the inner workings of record labels. But the good folks over at Think Tank Marketing are working overtime to promote Janet's CD - and I hear the marketing machine at Island is running on fumes.

For instance, if not for Think Tank Marketing, I wouldn't know that on Feb. 26:


And she will be at BEST BUY (between 43 and 44th streets in NY) for an IN-STORE SIGNING AT 6PM!

The problem is not a lack of promotion on the label's part. The problem is the lack of interest on the part of the target audience of the promotional material - radio stations, media outlets, etc. Entertainment editors are writing scathing reviews of the album, and 8 tracks have already leaked onto the Internets with very little mention in the mainstream press.

So don't blame the record label which is doing the best it can. Blame an industry that has been lulled into apathy due to the unspoken blacklisting of Janet for that unfortunate Super Bowl halftime incident that she says wasn't planned. Much will be made of Janet's failures if Discipline doesn't make cash registers sing on Feb. 26. But as far as Janet's hard core fans are concerned, Miss Janet cannot lose.

I BOUGHT 10 ALBUMS OF DAMITO JO, AND 20 OF 2O.Y.O.....and now she tells me she knew they sucked?

- Random poster on Janet Jackson Forum

Janet Jackson has incurred the wrath of her hard core fans by admitting she knew her last two albums flopped because the song selection was lacking.

While the revelation is not something her fans wanted to hear, this may actually signal a new change of attitude for Miss Jackson. Maybe it means Janet has taken control of her career and selected better producers for her new album Discipline which drops February 26.

Or maybe some wise person at her new label sat her down and told her something she hasn't heard in over a decade: the truth.

Did NARAS, the Grammy Awards overseers, snub Janet Jackson during Beyonce's tribute to black female R&B legends? A writer for several national publications seems to think so.

In an email to Sandrarose.com, the writer pointed out the glaring omission of Janet's picture when Beyonce mentioned her name. "They showed all the pictures of everyone she mentioned, except when she mentioned Janet, they stayed on the picture of Gladys Knight. It was shady. Look at the replay," he wrote.

I totally agree. It seems Janet has been blacklisted throughout the music industry since her wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl. The blacklisting has affected Janet's record sales and popularity - though Jackson herself denies this.

All the more reason why Janet had better bring it when her album "Discipline" drops Feb. 26th.

In the meantime, Janet doesn't blame the backlash from the super bowl incident for her faltering record career. She tells Fox 411's Roger Friedman, "I think it was the music. The albums weren’t right."

Parade.com scored an interview with the legendary Janet Jackson who reveals a little more of her family life than in previous interviews. Parade really got Janet to open up more and show her human side. On growing up the youngest Jackson and getting dumped on by big sister LaToya:

"When my brothers were on the road, I'd be the one taking out the garbage because my sister La Toya would say to me, 'Mother wants you to do this.' I'd think, 'I'm sure doing a lot of the chores all by myself'. When I'd ask Mother, 'Do you want me to do this myself?' She'd go, 'No, baby, I said for both you and La Toya to do it.' La Toya was putting all her chores on me!"

But unlike many black women in today's society, Janet learned a very valuable lesson from her mom - cooking.

"After school, I'd come home and get in the kitchen and cook up a meal for myself. Because I was too little to reach the oven or the stove, I'd stand on top of a swivel chair, cut up onions, garlic, butter, chicken or a little steak and put it in foil and make it. We children worked and still went to school. Mother made sure we still had a little playtime."

To read more of the interview, go here.

Janet's listening party for her CD "Disclipine" is today at a private location in New York. I have a spy attending so I'll give you the highlights from the party later.

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It looks like there is no love lost between Jermaine Dupri and SOHH.com. According to SOHH Soulful's Kevin, who at one time was JD's boy, Jermaine flipped when he read Kevin's review of Janet Jackson's "Feedback" remix featuring Ciara.

On Saturday, Kevin wrote a post titled "Janet Jackson's Ship Must Be Sinking If She Collaborated With Ciara" which prompted JD to email another SOHH blogger expressing his extreme displeasure at Kevin's review.

JD wrote, among other things, "this is why people don't like doing interviews with SOHH.

Well, Kevin caught wind of JD's tantrum from the other staffer and put JD on blast calling the president of Island Urban Music "shorty."

JD, imma fan of your work. A big fan... but lemme say this. If you are balling out of control as you say and you got everything under control as you portray... then why the hell are you spending the better part of an hour -- on a late Saturday night-- emailing us about a blog entry posted on a site you claim to have depleting regard for.

JD also claimed Janet hasn't even heard the remix, to which Kevin responded, "and to say she hasn't heard it is garbage. It's the lead single to her 10th CD... come on!" This is all very funny to me because I thought JD had a publicist to handle these sorts of things. But knowing JD, this could also be another publicity stunt to bring attention to Janet's album which goes on sale next month.

Def Jam chairman LA Reid hosts a private listening party for Janet in New York tomorrow. I hear both JD and SOHH Soulful's Kevin will be in attendance. The outcome should be interesting.