scored an interview with the legendary Janet Jackson who reveals a little more of her family life than in previous interviews. Parade really got Janet to open up more and show her human side. On growing up the youngest Jackson and getting dumped on by big sister LaToya:

"When my brothers were on the road, I'd be the one taking out the garbage because my sister La Toya would say to me, 'Mother wants you to do this.' I'd think, 'I'm sure doing a lot of the chores all by myself'. When I'd ask Mother, 'Do you want me to do this myself?' She'd go, 'No, baby, I said for both you and La Toya to do it.' La Toya was putting all her chores on me!"

But unlike many black women in today's society, Janet learned a very valuable lesson from her mom - cooking.

"After school, I'd come home and get in the kitchen and cook up a meal for myself. Because I was too little to reach the oven or the stove, I'd stand on top of a swivel chair, cut up onions, garlic, butter, chicken or a little steak and put it in foil and make it. We children worked and still went to school. Mother made sure we still had a little playtime."

To read more of the interview, go here.

Janet's listening party for her CD "Disclipine" is today at a private location in New York. I have a spy attending so I'll give you the highlights from the party later.

Photo: Splash News

It looks like there is no love lost between Jermaine Dupri and According to SOHH Soulful's Kevin, who at one time was JD's boy, Jermaine flipped when he read Kevin's review of Janet Jackson's "Feedback" remix featuring Ciara.

On Saturday, Kevin wrote a post titled "Janet Jackson's Ship Must Be Sinking If She Collaborated With Ciara" which prompted JD to email another SOHH blogger expressing his extreme displeasure at Kevin's review.

JD wrote, among other things, "this is why people don't like doing interviews with SOHH.

Well, Kevin caught wind of JD's tantrum from the other staffer and put JD on blast calling the president of Island Urban Music "shorty."

JD, imma fan of your work. A big fan... but lemme say this. If you are balling out of control as you say and you got everything under control as you portray... then why the hell are you spending the better part of an hour -- on a late Saturday night-- emailing us about a blog entry posted on a site you claim to have depleting regard for.

JD also claimed Janet hasn't even heard the remix, to which Kevin responded, "and to say she hasn't heard it is garbage. It's the lead single to her 10th CD... come on!" This is all very funny to me because I thought JD had a publicist to handle these sorts of things. But knowing JD, this could also be another publicity stunt to bring attention to Janet's album which goes on sale next month.

Def Jam chairman LA Reid hosts a private listening party for Janet in New York tomorrow. I hear both JD and SOHH Soulful's Kevin will be in attendance. The outcome should be interesting.

According to a report on, ousted Def Jam president Jay Z did not drop his Roc-A-Fella artists as some have suggested.

"Beans and Freeway didn’t get dropped," says Beanie Sigel’s manager, Mark Byers. "I just got off the phone with L.A. Reid talking about the next video for ‘Rain’ featuring Raheem DeVaughn that we’re about to release. We’re re-launching Beanie’s project and releasing a ‘Rain’ remix with State Property."

I have a few questions:

  • When is LA Reid going to be bounced from Def Jam like a bad check for wasteful spending?
  • Is his contract that iron clad that they can't break it?
  • Who's going to watch a Beanie Sigel video?
  • And finally, aren't the brass at Island Records tired of LA Reid throwing good money behind bad rappers?

V-103's king of afternoon radio Ryan Cameron is branching out with a new TV show debuting next Monday on Starz Network. The new late night show features guest appearances and live performances by music's heavy hitters. As you know, urban shows need our support to keep the lights on. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you don't already have it, please order Starz Network at 800.313.8108 even if for only one month!!!

Make sure you mention you're calling to order "the Ryan Cameron Show" and specifically use this number (800.313.8108) because the network is tracking how many new subscribers the show attracts vs ratings. PLEASE SUPPORT AN URBAN SHOW... you know we need it - and, it's actually a really good show. For a preview clip, go to

Addicts of HBO's hit series The Wire know Maestro Harrell as Randy Wagstaff, the kid who hustled candy during the 4th Season. When Randy Maestro isn't acting he plays the piano and sings a little. His crooning caught the ear of Jermaine Dupri who signed him to So So Def/Island Records in 2005.

JD and Island Records held a showcase last week where he put his new roster on display for executives of the label including LA Reid. Of course I wasn't invited, of course.

There's a video floating around the Internet of Randy Maestro and JD's other acts performing during the showcase. Time will tell if Maestro, 16, has the pipes to make us forget him as Randy the candy kid on The Wire.

Read more »

Former Public Enemy front man Chuck D released a venomous response to the news that Universal Records would not be replacing ousted president Jay Z with him or anyone else. "Its sort of expected, and a primary reason why the music business has collapsed," said Chuck D.

Chuck D placed the blame for the demise of Hip Hop squarely on the shoulders of 10-15 "buzzards" who are "trusted" by the clan of execs who really run Hip Hop (Jews and Israelis). In his statement, Chuck D went further calling the inner circle of usual suspects "incestuous."

The same thing that happened to MOTOWN is DEF JAM's fate. In my opinion, the fact that 10 -15 individuals in the guise of hovering buzzards are given keys to the culture based on their alliances with these corporations, is a partial reason for the troubled condition it's in. Hence music, and especially this urban, black, whatever you wanna call it, is an incestuous inner circle of usual suspects that are financially trusted over black culture by a select 'other few.' It's evident that we are not the same people.

Chuck D didn't name the 10-15 "buzzards" who are eating off the rotting flesh of Hip Hop, so I decided to give it a crack myself:

  1. JAY Z
  2. SEAN COONS, SEAN JOHN, PUFF, or whatever the hell he's calling himself these days
  4. LA REID
  6. 50 CENT
  12. NAS
  14. DRE 3000

As I told you earlier, there will be no replacement for Jay Z at Def Jam. You read this here first because, as you know, the same industry people who work closely with Jay are loyal fans who whisper in my ear on the low low.

The move not to replace Jay Z is "disappointing," according to Chuck D who (lol) thought he was in line for the position. Island Records president of Urban Music Jermaine Dupri who was out of the country when Chuck D released his statement, was also rumored to get the top job.

The reality is L.A. Reid decided not to replace Jay Z with his arch nemesis Damon Dash because Jay's fragile ego couldn't take the resulting snickers from the industry - and L.A. needs Jay in his corner - so this might end up being a sound business decision for all involved.

Johnta Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Ne-Yo and singer London


Rocko Da Don

Princess and Pastor Troy

Rapper Oowee
Mr. Plush (Plush Blue Ent) and Jebron F. Kennedy

Bola (Xtaci), Baby D and Sunshine (Xtaci)
Glenn Twins

See more pics from the party

Photos: Fred Anderson Exclusively for

UPDATED: Def Jam Chairman LA Reid is in town to attend this party tonight. They say there will be no replacement for Jay Z for months. I think I will stop through the party to get the info straight from the horse's mouth :)

Wednesday's night most memorable and star studded exclusive party known as "The Hollywood Hide Out" has come to an end at the spot that Mr. Plush of Plush Blue Ent and Juan Farmer aka Jebron F. Kennedy from Rowdy Records, made famous - "The Royal Lounge" in Atlanta, GA.

Mr. Plush and Juan Farmer were killing it on Wednesday nights - but it ain't over!

From the expensive cars and stretch limo's, huge stars to the most exclusive parties with entertainers from Nas, Terrance Howard, Tony Rock, Chris Tucker, AKON, Allen Payne, Keyshia Cole, Jermaine Dupri, Young Jeezy, Chingy, Joe Johnson, NSYNC, New Edition, The Dream Listening party, the Glenn Twins Lingerie b-day party with Rich Boy and Slim Thug in attendance, Chris Webber & Evan Ross just to name a few have all been spotted partying with Mr. Plush & Juan Farmer at the Royal on Wednesday nights.

I guess you can say that the Hollywood Hide out just outgrew the Royal Lounge.

The Good news is, the party has been moved to the new, sexy and more spacious spot NOIR Lounge on Peters Street. NOIR has two rooms - an all white room and a separate VIP Lounge and it's right up the street from Royal Lounge on Peter St. Word is, NOIR is now the new spot on Wednesday's starting this Wednesday (1/23) for the grand launching of the Hollywood Hde Out.

This Wednesday's Grand Launching will be hosted by Jermaine Dupri and the entire Def Jam family. Rumor has it Ludacris and Jeezy will also be in the house along with several other major stars.

Don't just hear about it, BE about it!