Rihanna and Katy Perry

Loyal reader Ernest O. writes:

John Mayer may be an epic douchebag but his shortcomings will NEVER be on the same level as your woman-beating man Chris Brown (aka Fist Brown). The two aren’t even comparable. A woman beater is a social pariah. Especially one who to this day has never shown the humility one would need to even begin to repair his image. Not to mention his communications skills are on par with a 12 year old but I digress.

When will Rihanna realize no matter how hard she tries to make America and the world love her pencil-dicked man-boy it’s never going to happen? She may get her way most of the time, but in this case it is NOT going to happen. Po thang – what a desperate, obsessive, insecure and immature woman. And I had such high hopes for her. Now she is just HIGH!

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