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Just yesterday I received an email from a loyal reader asking me if I thought Kelly Rowland was a lesbon since she's never seen out with a man. Well, I guess not.

Kelly and Eve were spotted out recently accompanied by men who may or may not be their boyfriends. It certainly looks that way though.

I can't say I blame the ladies for stepping over to the other side where the grass looks greener. The current crop of available black men are a sorry lot indeed.

If they aren't undercover fags, they're creeping with your best friend, they can't pull their pants up, smoke too much damn weed, refuse to get a job, or won't pay their child support.

I know industry women right here in the A who stack plenty cheese but refuse to date brothas because they're so triflin'.

We have to do better with raising our boys to be men.

Not all of us are blessed enough to be able to leave the house without makeup on. Kelly Rowland proves that she can skip sessions with her makeup artist anytime she wants to. Her face is positively glowing!

The paparazzi snapped Kelly as she arrived at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC to promote the re-release of her album "Ms. Kelly."

Photos: Splash News

Thanks to my readers for alerting me to Kelly Rowland's presence at the BRIT Awards in London, England. Although Rihanna is the "It" girl for the moment, Kelly Rowland was hands down the most gorgeous star at the awards. Her dress, while beautiful, was a knock off of the Zac Posen-designed ostrich feather dress worn by Rihanna at the Grammy Awards.

That doesn't take anything away from Kelly who was stunning on the red carpet. Now if only she had a real manager and real producers behind her, she could give Rihanna a run for her money.


Photo: Splash News

While we're on the subject of Rihanna, here's another shot of the diva being swarmed by British paparazzi and fans. She deserves all the glory!


Photo: Splash News

And speaking of diva's, here is fellow blogger Perez Hilton wearing a shower cap with a full mink coat on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards. I have no words for this.

Beyonce Knowles caused quite a stir at the Emporio Armani, Autumn/Winter 2008/2009 fashion show in Milan yesterday. The striking beauty kept hundreds of paparazzi waiting for an hour before she finally appeared and took her seat in the front row with her boyfriend Jay Z and her former band mate Kelly Rowland in tow.

Beyonce looked amazing wearing an Armani dress under a black leather coat which match her plentiful black curls, and her favorite shoes by Christian Louboutin. Bee's flesh colored makeup and lipglass looked natural yet elegant with just a hint of mascara and eye liner. Every woman in the room was envious of Beyonce who some accuse of going for the Kim Kardashian look now that Rihanna has stolen some of her thunder.
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