Keyshia Cole Blackballed by Beyonce

The last person who dissed the almighty Beyonce was singer/songwriter Keri Hilson. Soon afterwards, Hilson's career sank like the Titanic. Hilson found herself blackballed throughout the industry when music producers loyal to Beyonce refused to work with her.

Now it appears that R&B Diva Keyshia Cole will meet the same fate as Hilson.

Update: Keyshia responds:

Keyshia Cole Blackballed by Beyonce

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Daniel Gibson Shuts Down Rumors

Cheating men usually don't seek professional counseling to save their marriages. Instead, they seek therapy of a different kind -- in the arms of another woman.

Rumors that R&B Diva Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel "Booby" Gibson were breaking up began swirling online after Keyshia tweeted song lyrics.

But according to Gibson, the rumors are false. At age 26, the Cleveland Cavaliers star shooting guard is a mature family man who knows that marriage is an ongoing work in progress.

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Keyshia Cole

Shortly after Beyonce performed what will be the most talked about halftime in Super Bowl history, R&B singer Keyshia Cole took to her Twitter page to dissect the performance of Beyonce's group mate Michelle Williams.

At first everything seemed normal. Like so many millions of sports fans watching the Super Bowl, Keyshia was swept up in the fever of the moment as Beyonce owned the stage.

keyshia Cole tweet

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Keyshia Cole Frankie Mama Dee

Singer Keyshia Cole's biological mother, Frankie, and rapper Lil Scrappy's mother, Mama Dee, got into a fist fight live on the air during Ryan Cameron's brand new Morning Show on V-103 Thursday. R&B legend Keith Sweat was also in the studio, when Frankie snapped on Mama Dee during the live broadcast.

Not one man in the studio stepped up to separate the warring women. We have to do better, people.

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Tameka Harris new hairstyle

Here's a gentle reminder that Tameka "Tiny" Harris reads the blogs. She sent this message to the cluck-clucks out there who have something to say about her loyalty to her bestie and favorite hairstylist Shekinah. "Back with my Luv @thatshekinah she know I ain't never going no where! I love her & her work!" Nice!

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Last night a graphic image circulated the Internet purporting to be singer Keyshia Cole orally pleasuring an unidentified man. Without even searching the Internet for the photo, I knew it couldn't be Keyshia. She's too classy to lower herself to the level of a hoodrat.

Keyshia Cole responds

Keyshia didn't have to respond to the nonsense, but as a mother and a daughter herself she felt that she needed to clear the air.

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Tamar Braxton

The 2012 Soul Train Awards paid homage to the currents stars and the legends of Soul Thursday night in Las Vegas. Tamar Braxton and her chewed up weave hosted the red carpet as everyone from Faith Evans, Bobby Brown, Karyn White, Keyshia Cole, Fantasia Barrino, SWV, and more, graced the red carpet at the BET Soul Train Awards 2012 at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. The SOul Train Awards airs November 25th.

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Keyshia Cole

Everyone was raving about Keyshia Cole's performance of "Trust and Believe" on 'Black Girls Rock'. She killed it! No one can sing about heartbreak and hurt and make you feel it the way Keyshia can. "You had my heart, but then you blew it," Keyshia croons with such emotion.

When Keyshia tells her best friend (Tae Heckard) that her boyfriend didn't call her back after she paged him, Heckard says "He really loves you. You know this."

But Keyshia, like few young women today, is much more aware of what true love is. She knows that true Love is not what a man says, it's what he does.

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Keyshia Cole

Grammy nominated R&B singer and songwriter Keyshia Cole is set to release her fifth studio album, Woman to Woman. And she has given us the EXCLUSIVE release of the next single off her album, titled "Zero" featuring rapper Meek Mill!

"Zero" is a great song that tackles sensitive relationships between men, women, and the other woman.

"It's about me leaving him with zero, basically, said the 31-year-old Oakland native describing her single "Zero".

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Keyshia Cole is pregnant according to Sister2Sister magazine:

A source close to the “Trust” singer told S2S that Keyshia is expecting and the baby is due in March. There’s no word on what the baby’s gender is at this time.

This news confirms rumors that Keyshia is pregnant. She’s also been spotted several places sporting a prominent baby bump. Most recently she was seen courtside at a Cleveland Cavaliers game cheering on her man, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

Although, the couple is having a baby together, they’re not planning to jump the broom just yet. Put simply: Daniel hasn’t put a ring on it yet.?That isn’t the only new addition to Keyshia’s family, though. We found out that Frankie has located another of her long-lost children, a 17-year-old daughter, who is also expecting.


In case you've been wondering what singer Keyshia Cole has been up to lately since she's no longer touring or starring in her own reality TV series.

According to TaSh:

Keyshia was at Walmart in Cleveland, OH on Friday Sept. 11. She was there promoting the Luster’s Pink Collection, and signed autographs as well as took pics with the fans. Her man Daniel “Boobie” Gibson was there as well.

Awww, don't they make the perfect couple?

From Talking With Tami:

Awh isn’t bringing life into the world wonderful! Reality tv star, Neffe went into labor today! She was whisked off to the hospital to give birth to her baby girl that I reported to you, in an earlier post. I now she will be a great mom and im sure Soul Low is right by her side. The lil angel name is Nyla Noel Awh to cute!

I wonder will Keyshia Cole fly in to Atlanta to see her new niece! Childbirth is no joke but Im sure Neffe is recovering well! I wonder was Frankie there cussing out folks lol? Lets all say a prayer and send congrats to the new bundle of joy and couple!

According to DrewReports, the other kids names are Brianna, Starr, Cierra, Jalen Weluv Cole. Drew suggests that Neffe tie her tubes while she's in the hospital this time (it was funny when he said it).

Not one local celebrity showed up for the Frankie & Neffie premiere party in Atlanta last night. Not one -- unless you call Ms. Sophia, co-host of the Frank & Wanda Show on WVEE, a celebrity.

According to Tami of, the club was packed, but it doesn't take much these days to get folks to attend an event where there is the potential for mess to happen. Everybody loves mess and that's why the airwaves are full of nig-norant shows like this one.

R&B Diva Keyshia Cole has to be happy she is no longer contributing to the ignorance. I'm sure she didn't expect her show to give birth to this ghetto travesty.

Tami has more pics from the premiere on her blog.

Video source: Straight From The A

Last week's Secret Society Thursdays at Door 44 was poppin! There were so many celebs and patrons in the house that Alex Gidewon had to cut the line at 2 a.m. Keyshia Cole's mom Frankie was all over rapper Yung Joc, who she might have confused for her man since they're about the same age. In fact, she was all over quite a few men in the club. We hope she wasn't driving.

So much for the down low rumors... Actor Malik Yoba and his LSLH girlfriend looked very cozy at AG Entertainment's Secret Society Thursdays party at Door 44 last week. The two held hands and snuggled all night long in a darkened corner (there are no VIP areas at Door 44). As you know, Mr. Yoba is in town filming a Tyler Perry flick with Janet Jackson.

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I have more info on Keyshia Cole's new boy toy with whom she was spotted leaving the very exclusive Villa club in Los Angeles. According to insiders, he may be one of Keyshia's producers working on her new album which is set to drop in December.

Keyshia is said to be "turning over a new leaf" in her life and establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

It's apparent that she's changed her style up and has taken on a new, more mature look.

One well-traveled insider that I spoke with last night expressed surprise that Keyco was able to get into the very exclusive Villa club. He said the club normally doesn't cater to "us" - even if one of us is an urban Superstar.

We both speculated on whether Keyco used her boy toy to get her in the door of the club which only allows bonafide A-listers inside.

Club Villa is housed in a former mansion. There is no sign outside and the club does not advertise.

Here's what Metromix had to say about the club last year:

Villa doesn’t have a velvet rope. Instead it has a big, heavy door, and you most likely won't get in—even if you name-drop. In fact, the valet won’t even park your car until the discerning doorman has given the thumbs-up.

It looks like our girl Keyshia is on her way to A-list status!


Jada Pinkett-Smith is surely battling with Keisha Whitaker for the title of Hollywood's Hottest Crackhead. In an earlier post I pointed out how Jada Pinkett looked terrible, like she was losing it - literally. But as usual, you guys dismissed me for the hater that I am.  Pic spotted at Drew Reports.

How's it hanging, Lola? That B*tch points out how video "model" Angel Lola Luv recently inspired some young boys to stay in school at a Back To School Jam in Albany, NY. The nurse in me can't help but notice how Lola's azz resembles a tumor growing out of her thigh that needs to be surgically extracted. I can't believe men find this look sexy, but whatever.

According to Brown Sista, Keyshia Cole was interviewed by Cathy Hughes’ in a TV One on One interview set to air Sunday, Sept. 21st at 10pm. The 26-year-old singer, songwriter and record producer talks with Ms. Hughes about her childhood, her future aspirations, her faith and what inspires her music in the revealing interview.

This message goes out to Keyshia's peoples who reached out to me a few days ago: I'm still waiting for that info you promised me. :)

Frankie celebrated her 84th birthday at a special party hosted by Porsche Foxx, Monica, Frankie's daughters Neffe and Keyshia who arrived late from Indianapolis. Keyshia surprised Frankie who thought she wasn't coming. When Frankie saw Keyshia she burst into tears. 3/4 of the club had already gone home by the time Keyshia arrived. Also helping Frankie to celebrate were Kandi (Xscape) and Snoop Dogg

Frankie's son Sammy proudly wears his LV man purse. It's great to see confident young men with a sense of style.

Frankie celebrates with her 24-year-old boyfriend

Photos by Freddy O Exclusively for

Young Jeezy is on the cover of VIBE magazine's August issue on stands now. Inside, Jeezy talks about sharing a hug with Republican presidential hopeful John McCain on Saturday Night Live:

No disrespect to my man Barack [Obama].... [McCain] greeted me like a G. … The fact that he acknowledged me was crazy. I said, ‘I’m Young Jeezy, and it’s rough out here.’ He blew me off at first. I was like, ‘Nah, for real. It’s rough out here, so what you gonna do to change it?’ ... I like Barack, but at the same time I wanted to see what McCain was talking about.

Jeezy said he asked McCain if he had any plans for the hood: 'You gotta fix it, you know that, right?' And he gave me a look back, like, 'I know.' "

Jeezy also opens up about his relationship with Keyshia Cole which ended on a sour note earlier this year when Keyshia dumped him for flamboyant ex-boxer Floyd Mayweather. Jeezy tells VIBE that Keyshia proposed to him and offered to buy the ring, but Jeezy turned her down.

There's no mention in the article of the fact that Jeezy paid cash for Keyshia's $750,000 Atlanta mansion or that he gave Keyshia the deed to the property. My source says Keyshia ultimately left Jeezy because Jeezy simply couldn't compete with Mayweather's substantial bankroll (after all, a girl has to eat).

In addition to that, my inside source tells me Mayweather dropped a cool $3 Mil on an Atlanta mansion for Keyshia and he also picked up the tab on Keyshia's swanky Buckhead condo (seen in her reality TV show).

All I can say is, it must be nice!

Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for

Keyshia Cole, her mom Frankie and her sister Neffie all looked beautiful on the set of Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is Reunion Show, this weekend. The show was taped at Turner Studios and is set to air on BET in the Summer. Special shout out to Manny Halley for the exclusive access to the set!

See more pics from the set

My spies tell me Keyshia Cole will be taping her reality show in Atlanta tomorrow (3/1). BET is set to tape "Keyshia Cole: The Way it is Reunion Show," featuring Keyshia's mother Frankie, and sister Neffe in front of a studio audience.

According to my source, "security will be very tight." Audience members must pass through multiple checkpoints, and "all bags and purses will be searched."

The show's producer, Tracey Edmonds, is not expected to be on the set. "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is" premiered on BET on July 12, 2006, and is BET's highest ranked reality show.

According to a source close to Keyshia Cole's camp, "Keyshia and Floyd Mayweather are not an item. They really don't know each other that well. She was in Vegas on vacation and attended his b'day party. That's all there was to it!

The media is just trying to make a big deal out of nothing."

Photo: FilmMagic/Getty

The rumors that plagued Young Jeezy's "Make Your Dreams Come True" contest will be settled tonight when Jeezy makes a North Carolina woman's wish come true.

Rumor had it that Jeezy, real name Jay Jenkins, refused to grant contest winner Tamara Jenkins-Wilson's wish for a wheelchair accessible van to transport her disabled son because he didn't want to pay for it.

Jeezy's camp strenuously denied the Internet rumors. Mrs. Jenkins-Wilson and her son, Davon Jenkins, 13, will be presented with the customized wheelchair accessible van tonight at a special dinner at Justin's restaurant.

In her winning letter, Jenkins-Wilson, who is no relation to Jeezy, wrote, "My ultimate dream would be for me to provide a Wheelchair Accessible Van for my son, Davon Jenkins. Davon is 13-years-old and has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair." Mrs. Wilson whose husband is currently serving his country in Iraq, continued, "I physically lift [Davon] in and out of our vehicle when we need to go to appointments and such."

Jeezy flew members of Jenkins-Wilson's family to Atlanta where they will join members of his own family for the special dinner and presentation at Justin's restaurant tonight. Jeezy's boo Keyshia Cole is not expected to attend.

Photos: Freddyo Exclusively for

Keyshia Cole made it a perfect Valentine's day for fans who packed Dreamz nightclub for her platinum party last night. Keyshia performed all her hits and left the crowd screaming for more. Keyshia's mom and sisters joined her on stage for the concert and afterwards, Keyshia led everyone up to the VIP to continue the party.

Also performing at Keyshia's platinum party were Plies, Peach Candy, Big Boi and JC from Block Entertainment. NFL star Pac Man was in the house, but understandably, he wasn't taking pics.

My photographer Freddyo said Keyshia was so nice to him and allowed him to take exclusive shots of her brand new $250,000 Ferrari - a gift from her future hubby Jeezy maybe?

I must admit I wasn't feeling keyshia's new hair color but I love the color and cut in these pics. She looks beautiful! The party was hosted by Mz Shyneka and Hot 107.9.

Some rumors are so dumb they defy all logic. The newest dumb rumor to hit the Internets claims Keyshia Cole is in the early stages of pregnancy and that the baby's father is some random executive. First of all, Keyshia made it clear to me that she and her longtime boyfriend, Young Jeezy, live together. So unless they had an orgy - which I highly doubt - this rumor is bogus.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Over the weekend I received emails from a few readers asking for audio of the phone call between myself, Keyshia Cole and her man Young Jeezy. Some people (not my regular readers) doubt the validity of the phone call. I don't normally record my phone calls unless a celebrity wants to make a statement - then I record it for accuracy.

So I'm posting a tiny snippet of the 19 minute phone conversation for those doubters who still don't believe Keyshia and Young Jeezy are a couple. On the snippet, Jeezy and Keyshia deny that he said they were not together. Please excuse the audio's very low quality (I'm not a journalist).