As I told you earlier, I spoke with both Keyshia Cole and Jay Jenkins aka Young Jeezy last night by phone. Both Keyshia and Jeezy were humble and pleasant and they wanted my readers to know that they are very devoted to one another.

I first spoke with Keyshia's manager Manny Halley who put me in touch with Keyshia. Keyshia is on the West Coast preparing for the Grammy Awards which airs this weekend. After exchanging pleasantries, Keyshia told me she was a frequent visitor of She suggested calling Jeezy so he could offer his input on a post I wrote alleging Jeezy said they were no longer a couple. Both Keyshia and Jeezy denied any knowledge of the other woman who claims to be Jeezy's longtime girlfriend. "Me and Jay spend everyday together except when we're on the road," said Keyshia.

Jeezy denied saying he and Keyshia were not together anymore. "We're not tripping," said Jeezy, "but when we hear things like that, it's just crazy. Why would I have a conversation about anything personal with a random person in the club?"

Keyshia added, "I would like for you to let [your readers] know that that was false information. That was never said. We are keeping our business our business. It is what it is. When we're seen they know what it is. At the end of the day, we're just focused on our careers right now but at the same time, I'm not saying I'm not with him and he's not saying he's not with me. So he didn't say that."

Keyshia also cleared up the confusion regarding her sister Neffy who Keyshia said was not the person who contacted me last year offering an interview. "Neffy has never been on your site," said Keyshia.

In the end, what impressed me most about the couple was the passion they both have for each other. "He's my dog right there, always," said Keyshia.

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I found this pic on Wireimage with the caption "Singer Keisha Cole performs during the 4th Annual Peapod Foundation Benefit concert..." It doesn't look like her to me.

Anyway, I spoke with both Keyshia Cole and Young Jeezy by phone last night. Keyshia was in LA preparing for the Grammys and she wanted my readers to know the truth so check back for that post in a minute.

So yesterday I receive an email from Young Jeezy's publicist Tracy Nguyen of 5WPR denying a relationship between her client Young Jeezy and Keyshia Cole. Tracy, who lives way up yonder in New York, said my spy couldn't have spotted Keyshia and Jeezy shopping together for shoes in Little 5 Points because, well, they're just friends.

In her email to me, Tracy wrote: "As far as their rumored status of being a couple, to my knowledge they are just good friends and anything that you hear about otherwise is gossip."

Despite the recent sightings of Jeezy and Keyshia all over the map - even dining together with his young son - we stand corrected on the rumor that Jeezy and Keyshia are a couple. So that brings us back to the woman friends say Jeezy is still making time with - his longtime girlfriend Mialy. We wonder how she's holding up through all this?

It must be hard for Jeezy - who is always a gentleman to me when I see him out - to juggle women who frequent the same blogs and run in the same circles. That would explain the email from Jeezy's publicist asking me to "set the record straight" on the alleged relationship.

Of course I'm always happy to help out. :)

Read the full text of Tracy's email after the break...
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My spies tell me that Keyshia Cole and Young Jeezy are still an item. The couple were spotted shopping for shoes at a trendy shoe store in Little 5 Points. I can't name the store because I don't want the sista who works there to lose her job.

But she said Keyshia and Jeezy came in by themselves and Jeezy chatted on his cell phone while Keyshia tried on shoes. My source said if Jeezy's boy on the other line only knew how whipped Jeezy looked holding Keyshia's bags as she shopped. All that tough talk is hard to back up when your woman's got your nose wide open, huh Jeezy?

UPDATED: Def Jam Chairman LA Reid is in town to attend this party tonight. They say there will be no replacement for Jay Z for months. I think I will stop through the party to get the info straight from the horse's mouth :)

Wednesday's night most memorable and star studded exclusive party known as "The Hollywood Hide Out" has come to an end at the spot that Mr. Plush of Plush Blue Ent and Juan Farmer aka Jebron F. Kennedy from Rowdy Records, made famous - "The Royal Lounge" in Atlanta, GA.

Mr. Plush and Juan Farmer were killing it on Wednesday nights - but it ain't over!

From the expensive cars and stretch limo's, huge stars to the most exclusive parties with entertainers from Nas, Terrance Howard, Tony Rock, Chris Tucker, AKON, Allen Payne, Keyshia Cole, Jermaine Dupri, Young Jeezy, Chingy, Joe Johnson, NSYNC, New Edition, The Dream Listening party, the Glenn Twins Lingerie b-day party with Rich Boy and Slim Thug in attendance, Chris Webber & Evan Ross just to name a few have all been spotted partying with Mr. Plush & Juan Farmer at the Royal on Wednesday nights.

I guess you can say that the Hollywood Hide out just outgrew the Royal Lounge.

The Good news is, the party has been moved to the new, sexy and more spacious spot NOIR Lounge on Peters Street. NOIR has two rooms - an all white room and a separate VIP Lounge and it's right up the street from Royal Lounge on Peter St. Word is, NOIR is now the new spot on Wednesday's starting this Wednesday (1/23) for the grand launching of the Hollywood Hde Out.

This Wednesday's Grand Launching will be hosted by Jermaine Dupri and the entire Def Jam family. Rumor has it Ludacris and Jeezy will also be in the house along with several other major stars.

Don't just hear about it, BE about it!