Twenty years is a milestone by just about every standard. But 20 years for a club is like a lunar eclipse or Haley’s Comet striking. Still, that’s exactly how long The Masquerade has been around. And what better way to celebrate than to join forces with another Atlanta institution.

If you're not from Atlanta, then you may have missed the news about the Goodie Mob reunion concert. Just let this serve as your notice. In fact, Sept. 19 just might be accompanied by a city proclamation. That’s how much of an Atlanta treasure the Goodie Mob is.

While the Goodie Mob guys may have had their disagreements, demonstrated by the fact that all four of them haven’t recorded an album together since "World Party" dropped in 1999, they are brothers from another mother and it was only a matter of time that they found their way back home in an official capacity. Although official word of a breakup, which they don’t really use now to describe their time apart, came in 2002, the group reunited for an appearance at a Gnarls Barkley Atlanta concert in 2006. Last year, at the free Nelly show at The Tabernacle, fans got an unexpected surprise when Goodie Mob hit the stage. On Sept. 19, there’s more than a taste in store. It’s a full-out Goodie Mob concert. Read more...

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Khujo Goodie lost his right leg in a car accident in 2002

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Remember KeKe Wyatt, the R&B singer who sank a steak knife multiple times into her husband's back on Christmas Day 2002? Well, she was in town last night to give a performance at Club VICE downtown. Keke first burst onto the scene in the 1980s when she dropped the sizzling hit single "My First Love" with singer Avant. Keke's career took a nosedive when she was arrested for attempted murder.

Despite being stabbed five times, her then husband-manager Rahmat Morton refused to press charges. Keke wound up doing no jail time, but she ain't been right ever since.

Keke, a stunning beauty of multi-racial heritage, grew up with a white mother who constantly referred to Keke and her siblings as niggers. "Hell, I thought my name was “n---er” for a long time," Keke said in an interview with Essence magazine.


Keke Wyatt sings to a patron at Club VICE last night. Keke ain't been quite right since she sliced and diced her ex-husband on Christmas Day 2002.

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