Kim Kardashian made one marine’s dreams come true

I know you hate Kim Kardashian with a passion but these photos are for a worthy cause. Kardashian, 31, attended the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt Martin Gardner in Greenville, NC on Thursday. Sgt Gardner, who is on the ball’s planning committee, invited Kim months ago and she accepted. But like most celebrities who personally thank the marines by dancing with them, Kim was only there for the photo ops — and a quick bite to eat. After taking her photos, and hobnobbing with a few marines at dinner, she dashed out of a side door to a waiting limo. Kim wore a stunning floor length Roland Mouret red dress to the ball. You don’t have to be a body language expert to tell she looked very uncomfortable in the photos. If she leaned away from him any further she would break her neck. Then again, she always looks uncomfortable in her own skin.
Photo: Aaron St. Clair/ Splash News

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