To everyone who said the Lakers would sweep the Orlando Magic: how does Dwight Howard's A** taste now?

You should have known the Lakers couldn't sweep the Magic on their own home floor.

Anyway, as most of you know, our baby Dwight poured in 21 points and snatched down 14 rebounds to help his team spank Kobe Bean and the Lakers 108-104 last night in Orlando.

Game 4 is on Thursday night and the Magic will win that one too.

Watching the slaughter at courtside were the usual suspects, Tiger Woods, Ludacris, Omarion, Lil Wayne, Spike Lee, and others.

Lil Wayne looks like he has a garbage disposal in his mouth

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Rihanna looked stunning at courtside wearing ripped designer jeans, high heel Converse (a throwback from the 70s), a black cropped leather jacket accessorized with silver jewelry -- and of course that hair!

By all rights, Dwight "Superman" Howard and his Orlando Magic should have coasted to a game 2 win in the NBA Finals, taking home court advantage away from Kobe Bean and the Lakers at the Staples Center last night. But it was a dirty trick by the lakers that ultimately did in the Orlando Magic as they lost the game in overtime.

What Superman and the Magic didn't know was the Lakers organization had a secret weapon -- one deadlier than kryptonite: they had Rihanna sitting at courtside!

The Orlando Magic couldn't buy a three-point shot or a layup last night as Rihanna did her best to distract the team. It worked too. The Magic didn't know what hit them! Orlando went down in flames as the Lakers took a 2-0 series lead with a 101-96 win. Let's just hope Rihanna doesn't travel to Orlando for game 3 Tuesday night, or the Magic will really be in trouble!

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