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Andy Cohen's guest list for his late night talk show is getting shorter after he banned a number of guests from ever coming back on his show. The sensitive host of Bravo TV's 'Watch What Happens Live!' revealed he's banned a number of stars because they're "not worth the trouble".

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Chris Brown

Troubled singer Chris Brown failed to convince the Australian government that he won't bitch slap any women while he's on tour down under.

In September I told you Brown was banned from touring the entire continent of Australia due to his felony domestic violence conviction when he assaulted ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

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Rapper T.I. spotted leaving NBC Studios in NYC

Rap tycoon T.I. Harris, 33, was seen leaving NBC Studios in NYC where he taped an appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon LIVE on Thursday. T.I. performed "About the Money" with non-conformist Atlanta rapper Young Thug. Fashion wise, T.I. doesn't pinhole himself into any particular style. He just wears whatever his stylist throws at him. Here T.I. is seen wearing a pair of retro Nike Air Raid sneakers in Atomic Mango turbo green colorway that came out in May ($135).

What do you think of T.I.'s youthful style?
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Tyga mom raps

Rapper Tyga's mom recited the lyrics to her son's song "Rack City" during a segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live's show called "Words from Your Mother." The segment attempts to homogenize rappers by utilizing their moms to soften the blow of their sometimes violent and misogynistic lyrics. Watch the video after the break.

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Gabrielle Union

Actress Gabrielle Union, 41, is still struggling to overcome the public ridicule and shame she endured when it was revealed that her NBA boyfriend, Dwyane Wade impregnated a groupie.

In an appearance on Conan O'Brien's Show, Union said she is staying in shape with an exercise and diet regimen called the "Porn Diet." Gabby said she's taking exercise and diet advice from a few adult film stars she met at a local gym.

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Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel tests the public's knowledge of the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.

"They're the same thing," noted Kimmel during his opening monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night. "Lo and behold, we found people who did not know that," he said as the audience chuckled.

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  • Lil Wayne Plans to Retire

    It looks like our prayers have been answered: rapper Lil Wayne, 30, plans to retire after he releases his final solo album, Carter V, reports

    “I want to retire after the Carter V, which I hope would be my last album," he said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday.

    Weezy said he plans to spend “quality time” with his 4 kids including Reginae, his 14-year-old daughter with former wife and reality TV personality Toya Wright.

    Wayne has plans to release other albums prior to the release of Carter V including Like Father, Like Son 2 with Birdman.

    His well-publicized health problems also play a part in Lil Wayne's retirement.

    He said Miami heat star LeBron James reached out to him during his latest hospitalization for recurrent seizures. But he doesn't plan on attending any Miami Heat games if the NBA Finals returns to Miami where he owns a home.

    “They did tell me that I’m allowed back whenever I want, but I don’t think they want me there, so I won’t make it hard on either of us,” he said.

    Weezy also addressed his comments about sleeping with Chris Bosh’s wife (“I was too turnt up that night”) and his love for skateboarding.

    Watch the interview below.

    Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

    The other day when sometime model Amber Rose was in Atlanta, a BET rep reached out to her people with an offer to pay her hotel and expenses for an additional day if she would commit to going on Oscar winner Mo'Nique's talk show.

    From what I was told, the response from Amber's rep was a terse, "no, thank you. She doesn't do interviews." The BET rep reminded her people that in order for Amber to be considered a celebrity (pseudo or otherwise), she should appear on Mo'Nique's talk show so the people could at least hear what she sounds like. Particularly in light of the fact that Amber's looks alone isn't pulling patrons into the clubs where she's paid $5,000 a pop for 30 minutes to an hour.

    A local club promoter who I spoke with said he barely recouped the cash he laid out for plane tickets and hotel rooms for Amber and her small entourage of lesbuns and her brother.

    But again, Amber's people politely declined the invitation for her to appear on Mo's show.

    I'm told Amber also turned down an interview request from TV talk show Diva Wendy Williams, who had actor Lance Gross on her show yesterday. Which proves that the pool of available (real) celebrities to interview is a very shallow one if you're not paying them to sit on your sofa.

    But I would like to believe that the reason Amber turned down Mo'Nique and Wendy's requests for an interview, is not because she's greedy for money or anything like that. But because Amber knows the limitations of her (no talent) fame. She knows that if she goes on those shows and opens her mouth she will remove all doubt that she's nothing more than an airhead and an opportunistic, professional beard to troubled rapper Kanye West.

    Photo: Splash News Online