LeBron James

LeBron James is taking off the rest of the regular season to prepare to defend the Miami Heat's NBA title when the post season begins on April 20. LeBron captioned the photo: "Somebody call 911. The weight room just got murdered! Lol. Off day training. #strivingforgreatness #focused".

Miami will sit their starters tonight as the 2nd string faces the Boston Celtics at home.

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  • LeBron Jr

    Months ago we heard rumors that NBA superstar LeBron James and his baby mama Savannah Brinson had hit a rough patch in their longterm relationship. In fact, I hear that the high school sweethearts have hit quite a few bumps along the road to matrimony -- which is why they still haven't tied the knot.

    Over the weekend, LeBron posted this cute photo of his oldest son, Bron Bron, on his Instagram page. The photo is assumed to be part of the marketing for the new Samsung Galaxy Note (LeBron is the device's spokesman).

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