Porsha Williams

Reality TV and radio personality Porsha Williams may have purchased over 1 million followers on social media platform Instagram.com. But she's not the only one.

According to lifestyle blogger Tami of Talkingwithtami.com, an app is exposing celebrities and companies on Instagram who may have padded their follow count by purchasing followers. Williams seems to be one of the main offenders on IG. Her 1,100,000 followers are mostly bogus accounts that she (or her rep) purchased along the way.

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Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim

Who can forget when Nicki Minaj was a young stud who had the hots for rapper Remy Ma? In case you did forget, you can watch the video of Nicki professing her love and affection for Remy after the break. Nicki was crushed when Remy spurned her advances and basically told her to kick rocks.

But prison has a way of changing people like Remy Ma, who had a lot of free time to think about Nicki's meteoric rise to the top (and how she can ride Nicki's coattails now that's she released).

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Mr Papers

Lil Kim's alleged baby daddy, Mr. Papers, revealed himself on his Instagram.com page today by posting a message that read: "I heard everybody looking for me????" Papers is an independent record label owner who rolls with established rappers such as Rocko Da Don and Lil Scrappy. His "wife" Lil' Kim revealed her baby bump at a NY Fashion Week event last night. Kim, who looks to be 6 months pregnant, stated she was "a few months along," which means she's either lying or she really doesn't know how far along she is.

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Lil' Kim Sighting, NYC

Tongues were wagging when rapper Lil' Kim showed up at a NY Fashion Week event on Wednesday night with a distended abdomen. Kim's appearance sparked rumors that she was pregnant. The 39-year-old rapper's abdomen was so distended she had difficulty walking and had to be carried by a member of her entourage.

Abdominal distention means swelling or bloating of the abdominal cavity but not of the stomach itself. The swelling can be caused by overeating or swallowing large amounts of air, such as when chewing gum.

Abdominal distention in a female is often mistaken for pregnancy.

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Lil Kim

Rap artist Lil Kim, 40, exited the Andaz Hotel on Liverpool Street in London, England after her appearance at the 2013 LOVEBOX festival was cancelled. The festival organizers released a statement blaming Lil Kim for showing up late for her performance. Kim's publicist, Lizzie Grubman, denied Kim was late. She tweeted: "NEWS ALERT: Due to circumstances that were out of Kim's control, her performance at #LoveBox was cancelled. Kim was on-site and on time for her performance and apologises to all of her fans for the inconvenience."
Photo: WENN.com

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Lil Kim

Rap icon Lil Kim dragged talk show host Wendy Williams on her Twitter timeline today.

The online assault began after someone on Wendy's staff tweeted this on her official account earlier today: "Wendy dishes on @LilKim's dramatic new look..."

Well, Kim took offense to that tweet -- particularly the part about her "dramatic new look". Kim body slammed Wendy on her timeline, saying "B*tch Y didn't U show the side by side pic. This pic is photoshopped & U know it. U hating B*tch"

Then Queen Bee delivered the knockout punch when she accused Wendy of swallowing the late Notorious BIG's unborn babies.

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You know you're 15 minutes are up when the wire services no longer include your name in the photo captions. Former First Lady of Turks & Caicos, LisaRay McCoy, needs a new acting gig fast if she has any hopes of reclaiming her C-list status. These pics of LisaRaye and her BFF Li'l Kim were listed by the wire service as "Lil Kim and friends." The two ladies frolicked in the surf on Miami Beach and let their weave catch the wind on the back of a Jetski.


Is it just me, or is rapper Lil Kim starting to look normal again? It's obvious Kim has abandoned her skin lightening regimen to once again embrace her brown complexion. We're so happy that Kim has kicked her self-hating habits.

Last night, Kim was spotted at the VIP room in NYC. She stepped out wearing a cute shimmering dress with gold embellished detail, and a gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag that Tiny would die for!

Isn't it amazing that Kim has stepped her style game way up while Beyonce's has fallen off tremendously?

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Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland tossed the pigskin around during an X-Box 360 event in Malibu, CA on Friday (7/24). Kelly displays good throwing form, doesn't she?

Singer and heartthrob Ginuwine struck a pose before performing live at Central Park's SummerStage event on Sunday in NYC.

MORE pics of celebs out & about after the break!

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