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Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung said "Shame is a soul eating emotion". Older millenials and some baby boomers are all too familiar with the burning fires of shame. The homosexual lifestyle is still considered sinful in the black community.

It is so sinful that some gays deny their homosexuality even to other homosexuals who live their lives openly.

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Fonzi Thornton sits with Mary Ida Vandross at her son's funeral on July 8, 2005

Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 21:50:17
From: Kristi
Subject: Mrs. Mary Ida Vandross

Greeting Friends & Associates!

I received a phone call today with the news that Mrs. (Mary Ida) Vandross, mother of Luther Vandross, is in a coma. Mrs. Vandross' is the sole survivor of her immediate family including all of her children. The family is faced with having to make some hard decisions right now. It is in this time that we ask for prayers of strength for the Vandross family and friends and that God's will - whatever it may be - be done.

Many Thanks & Bless You All,

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