Pharrell Williams 41st Birthday Party

Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz attended the 41st birthday celebration of eccentric music producer Pharrell Williams, who threw himself a Spongebob Squarepants-themed birthday party at Bikini Bottom, Cipriani Wall Street in New York on Saturday, April 5, And no one thinks a grown man celebrating his birthday with a cartoon themed party is odd? Celebrities make strange bedfellows.
Photo: Derrick Salters/

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Mashonda Responds to Alicia Keys

Mashonda, the ex-wife of music producer Swizz Beatz, has responded to statements made by Alicia Keys who insists Swizz was a single man before she offered up her body to him.

Normally I don’t waste my time with drama between messy divas, but I take care to remember that my readers might be interested in this ongoing drama.

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This Mashonda chick just can’t seem to get over losing her cheating dog husband Swizz Beatz to Alicia Keys.

Mashonda, who is going through a divorce from Beatz, wrote this long letter on (using in response to some random tweet that Alicia Keys wrote last week that Mashonda felt was disrespectful.

She promises to keep posting that letter on Twitter until AK responds. But writing a book on twitter isn’t going to bring Tucan Sam back to her or make Alicia Keys respect her.

Her seeming desperation only gives the home wrecker that much more power over her. No doubt, Alicia Keys is somewhere laughing at Mashonda, who portrays herself to be a strong woman yet she comes off as weak, manipulative, bitter, clingy nag — the exact reasons why her man probably left her in the first place.

Still, Mashonda didn’t need a 10,000 character letter to say:

“I made a poor decision in marrying the wrong man. But thank God he is someone else’s problem now. Thank you Alicia Keys for opening my eyes. I once was blind, but now I see!

If you haven’t read Mashonda’s letter yet, read it after the break.

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