This story made headlines all over the world this weekend, and by Sunday morning, the sleuths over at People mag were on top of it. It turns out that former British child star Mark Lester was being the attention whore and opportunist that we all thought he was when he laid claim to Michael Jackson's kid, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, saying the 11-year-old was his biological daughter.

Lester told a British tabloid over the weekend that he donated sperm for his longtime friend Michael Jackson so he could start his own family. It seems Michael was enamored with Lester's 4 blond haired, blue eyed children and wanted some of his own to raise.

Now Lester's reps are saying the tabloid twisted his words. Yeah, right.

Sources say that while Lester had donated sperm, he is not Paris' biological dad. "They twisted his words around. He's not claiming to be the father of Paris Jackson," says one close family source. "He has known Michael for many years and his children play with Michael's children," says longtime Jackson family associate and past lawyer Brian Oxman. But in all the years he has known Lester, Oxman says Lester never indicated he was Paris's father.

Us Weekly reports that the L.A. County coroner returned Michael Jackson's brain to his family last week and he was buried in an intimate ceremony last Thursday at Forest Lawn cemetery.

Will the circus atmosphere surrounding Jackson never end?

Former British child actor Mark Lester is now claiming to be the sperm donor of his Goddaughter Paris Katherine Jackson, 11, one of the 3 children raised by his longtime friend Michael Jackson, who passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest on June 25. Lester, who met Jackson 25 years ago, says Jackson asked him to donate sperm so he could raise his own family. Lester said he complied with his friend's request by going to a London clinic to make a deposit.

Mr. Lester has injected himself (literally and figuratively) into this story from the moment the news broke of Jackson's untimely death. Lester, 58, who gained worldwide fame as the star of the classic 1968 movie "Oliver!" pointed out how closely Paris resembles his own 15-year-old daughter Harriet (they don't resemble each other at all). Lester says he's willing to take a paternity test to prove his claims.

But even if it's proven that Lester is the sperm donor, he signed away any parental rights to Paris when he donated his sperm to a London clinic. Lester claims he's speaking up now because he wants to remain in contact with the children -- and because he has concerns about the way Jackson's mother -- and the children's guardian -- Katherine Jackson, is raising the kids.

Lester said he took action after he saw a pic of Paris carrying a Jehovah's Witness book on her way to a study hall. Katherine Jackson is a lifelong Jehovah's Witness. Lester told a British tabloid that he had "concerns about the welfare and upbringing of the children." "It's a contact issue," he said. "I dearly want to remain in contact with those kids and I feel now this is the only way I can ensure that."

Jackson's longtime dermatologist and friend Arnold Klein also claims he donated sperm at Jackson's request because Jackson clearly did not want black children. Jackson has always insisted that he fathered the Caucasian children with his then wife Debbie Rowe, who worked as Klein's nurse.

Source: HuffPo via NOTW

Can someone email OK! magazine and inform them that this is not Jermaine Jackson, it's his older brother Jackie. Don't you wish that mainstream mags like OK! would at least consult with the one token black on their staff to make sure they put up the correct photo of a Jackson brother? They do this all the time and it's annoying. They probably figure their audience can't tell one Jackson brother from the other unless his name is Michael.

Taped recordings of telephone calls between Michael Jackson and a woman named "Glenda" are all over the Internets. In these audio tapes recording at the beginning of the Dangerous Tour in 1992, Michael talks about his childhood, his lack of a love life, Tatum O'Neal and his strained relationship with his domineering father Joseph Jackson.

Michael can be heard cursing like a sailor as he recalls the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. The tapes are authentic according to The interesting part to me is when Michael repeatedly refers to Glenda as "girl" instead of by her name.


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According to, a California judge has just named Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson permanent guardian over the 3 children her son raised since birth.

Katherine will also receive 83.5% of the monthly allowance she had requested for the children's support and maintenance. The exact amount wasn't discussed in open court.

The judge gave the order after stifling objections from Debbie Rowe's attorney. Rowe's attorney had asked the judge to delay granting permanent guardianship to Jackson today. Earlier, Rowe and Katherine Jackson reached a custody agreement outside of court for the two kids she gave birth to.

Rowe, 50, and Michael Jackson entered into a bizarre agreement in 1996 to provide children for him in exchange for millions of dollars in spousal support. The two were briefly married, but Rowe told friends they never consummated their marriage. Rowe has admitted she was artificially inseminated.

Rowe and Jackson were granted a divorce in October 1999 and Rowe recived an $8-million settlement. The judge ruled today that she will continue to receive payments under the settlement. Rowe was also granted visitation rights.

Jackson died at age 50 on June 25 after suffering a cardiac arrest. His death has been ruled a homicide and is under investigation by local and federal authorities.

The kids Prince Michael, 12, Paris Katherine, 11, and Blanket, 7, whose mother is unknown, will be be raised mainly by Katherine and Joe Jackson's eldest daughter Rebbie. The children will continue to live with Katherine on her sprawling Hayvenhurst estate in Encino, California where Michael and his siblings were raised in the 70s.


According to the British Sun newspaper, an aide administered an injection of the narcotic painkiller Demerol to pop singer Michael Jackson in the early morning hours of June 25 while Jacko's doctor slept.

This adds plausibility to earlier reports that Jackson was given a shot of Demerol that preceded his cardiac arrest on June 25th. The Sun claims Jacko's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray administered the short-acting potent sedative Diprivan (Propofol) a drug that is used to induce anesthesia.

After starting Jackson's infusion of Diprivan, Dr. Murray told the LAPD he went to sleep. This goes against medical protocol since a patient receiving Diprivan IV requires constant monitoring of his breathing and blood pressure in a hospital setting.

According to The Sun, the Diprivan ran out during the night, and because Diprivan is short-acting, Jackson awoke soon after. Supposedly, Jackson then pleaded with an aide to give him a shot of Demerol.

Jackson's death was recently ruled a homicide. Earlier in the investigation, Jacko's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, admitted prescribing Demerol for Jackson. Federal agents and local police raided Dr. Murray's Las Vegas home and Houston office last week. The agents were armed with search warrants listing Diprivan and other items related to the homicide case.

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry acted like she didn't want to be photographed with her sperm donor model Gabriel Aubrey over the weekend. Halle should be happy to cheese for the cameras whenever she's out with her man, which is on very rare occasions.

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Only an idiot would believe anything that comes out of Joe Jackson's mouth these days. And I guess the interviewer sitting across from Joe is just such an idiot. When Joe says dancer Omer Bhatti -- one of the young boys Michael befriended in the 90s -- is Michael's son, the interviewer believes him without question.

He doesn't even ask Joe if a DNA test was performed. Of course, the truth is Omer is not Michael's biological son -- Omer said so himself in an interview with a British paper. So did which quoted a friend of Bhatti's as saying Michael referred to the young performer as "Liltte Monkey." Michael apparently had such a weird disconnect with other humans that he often objectified them. Michael named one of the children he raised "Blanket."

The friend said Bhatti, nicknamed "Little Michael" met Jackson when the kid won a contest impersonating him in Europe in the mid-1990s. Jackson was "blown away" by the little performer and got in contact with Bhatti's family. Bhatti is one of numerous boys who shared Jackson's bed over the years at his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

I'm sure Omer's biological parents don't find any of this amusing. Rumors like this one will never be taken seriously because we all know Jacko was not into females.

According to online reports, federal agents, armed with search warrants, raided Dr. Conrad Murray's Las Vegas home today. As you know, Dr. Murray is the last person to see pop icon Michael Jackson alive before Jackson died of a heart attack on June 25.

Police believe Dr. Murray fell asleep after infusing Jackson with IV Diprivan (Propofol) and then awoke to find Jackson dead.

Diprivan is a potent short-acting sedative used to induce anesthesia in a hospital setting. Patients receiving Diprivan intravenously should be carefully monitored for a drop in blood pressure/and or decreased respiratory rate that could lead to respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest.

It is recommended that Diprivan be administered slowly to prevent a dangerous drop in blood pressure. The rate of infusion should ideally be controlled by an IV machine or Diprivan can be titrated slowly by hand. But under no circumstance should the patient be left alone while the IV is infusing.

Diprivan is not available by prescription, therefore, the feds are searching for the source of the drug and how it came into Dr. Murray's possession.

According to, feds also served a search warrant on a storage facility in Houston where associates of Dr. Murray stored files and other items. Dr. Murray's staff removed items from the storage locker the day Jackson died.


According to, paramedics say pop icon Michael Jackson, 50, was already dead when they arrived and they failed to recognize him after working on him for 15 minutes.

When paramedics arrived at a rented Bel Aire mansion, they found an unresponsive "frail, old, sickly looking man" who whose heart rhythm was flatlined when they hooked him up to an EKG monitor.

Sources told TMZ that "there was no electrical activity in his heart and Jackson showed no sign of life." Sources also say paramedics wanted to pronounce Jackson dead at the scene, but Jackson's friend and personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, insisted that they transport the body to the hospital.

But that doesn't jibe with established medical protocol. Paramedics can't pronounce anyone dead in the field. They must transport the body to a hospital where the ER doctor (or the patient's doctor) calls the time of death.

In the case of hospice patients who die at home, a nurse can pronounce the patient dead.

Singer Mel B and her daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown, daughter of Eddie Murphy, attended Dodger Day in L.A. yesterday. Mel is so wrong for cutting that baby's hair in a mohawk. Now the kid has to wear pink every day so she's not confused for a boy.
Photo: Splash News Online

Jermaine Jackson, brother of the late Michael Jackson, blocks out his wife Halima and son Jermajesty, far right, with a giant umbrella at the Save The World Awards in Vienna, Austria on Friday. Peep the Louis Vuitton his other son Jaffar, far left, is holding.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

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Loyal readers of already knew that Michael Jackson's death was a result of criminal activity on the part of his doctor or doctors.

As you know, toxicology results from samples collected during Michael Jackson's autopsy the day after he died already came back weeks ago. Which explains the increased police activity in L.A. and Houston where Dr. Conrad Murray -- the last doctor to see Jackson alive -- has an office. has more info:

The L.A. County Coroner is scheduled to release the autopsy results in Michael Jackson's death next week, and the cause of death will "almost certainly" be homicide -- death at the hands of another.

We're told the Coroner himself will make the call mid-week, after he gets the final toxicology report from an outside consultant. But based on the draft report as well as what has become "clear evidence," causes other than homicide -- natural, accidental, accidental overdose, and suicide -- have been ruled out.

We've already reported that for weeks, the LAPD has treated Jackson's death as a homicide. They have served multiple criminal search warrants -- most recently at Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston medical office. Dr. Murray is actively being investigated as the person who may have administered the powerful anesthesia Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

We're told both the Coroner and LAPD have significant evidence that Propofol caused Jackson's heart to stop.

According to, the Feds have raided the Houston office of the last doctor to see Michael Jackson alive.

It is believed that Dr. Conrad Murray, a cardiologist with offices in Texas and Nevada, unlawfully dispensed and administered the potent sedative Diprivan to Jackson without a license.

Diprivan is used in anesthesia and is rarely administered outside of a hospital setting.

Jackson had reportedly begged doctors over the years to administer Diprivan -- a short-acting sedative -- to put him to sleep. Diprivan was used during his numerous plastic surgeries.

Dr. Murray was with Jackson when he went into respiratory and cardiac arrest on the morning of June 25 in his rented Bel Air mansion.

After speaking with the LAPD on two occasions following Jackson's sudden death, Murray ceased all communications with the police. The LAPD asked the local DEA office to help them serve the sealed warrant on Murray's Houston office today.

According to Page Six, there was no body in the golden coffin at Michael Jackson's public memorial at the Staples Center last week.

"The coffin was empty. There was no body there at all," a source told Page Six.

Earlier that day, an insider emailed me to tell my loyal readers not to be fooled by the shenanigans going on in California. She said the casket was empty and that Jackson's body -- minus his brain -- was already in a crypt at a cemetery in L.A.

My source said the brain would be placed in the casket at a later date when it was released by the L.A. coroner's office. Despite denials by the Jackson family, my source's words rang true when, after the memorial, Jackson's "body" went missing sending paparazzi on a mad scramble around L.A. in search of his mortal remains.

She also told me, among other things, that AEG, the firm that booked Jackson to perform 50 concerts in London was also organizing the public memorial fiasco -- and they wanted the show to go on, body or no body. AEG originally planned to charge Jackson's fans a grip to attend the public memorial. But the Jackson family nixed those plans.

Phot: Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

Maybe US Weekly didn't get the memo? In its current issue on stands now, the magazine is reporting that music mogul Jermaine Dupriu, 36, and pop icon Janet Jackson, 43, have split up after 7 years.

The mag quotes an inside source as saying the two have been "moving in different directions for a while."

Oh really? According to my sources, Janet and JD are still very much together. But if they have been moving in different directions for a while, what should we make of those paparazzi shots of the Superstar couple buying burgers and drinks just last week in Malibu, California? Body doubles?

Rumors of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri going their separate ways have been swirling for months now. JD repeatedly denies the rumors on his Twitter page and in the local media. And still the rumors persist.


Old photos taken of Michael Jackson before he died appears to show a necrotic ulceration on his lower right leg that may have been caused by an IV extravasation that occurs when caustic IV fluid leaks out of the vein and into the surrounding tissue.

This usually happens when an IV catheter is not inserted properly in the vein or the catheter (needle) becomes dislodged from the vein.

The photos obtained by ABC News were taken in 2002. "On the photographs of Michael Jackson, it looks like there was necrosis on his lower leg where there might have been fluid that went into his lower leg," a possible result of an IV that had leaked into the leg, Dr. Debra Jaliman, a leading dermatologist and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology, told ABC News.

"If, in fact, he had an IV here, and the IV fluid, which may have been acidic fluid, went into his skin, it might may have, in fact, destroyed the skin," she said. "That's all dead skin that would then make an ulceration underneath that skin."

There are reports that Jackson was self-injecting narcotics.

Jackson's skin also show signs of discoloration, possibly as a result of the skin lightener/bleaching cream that he used to turn his skin white. If the skin lightening cream is discontinued, his natural dark pigment (melanin) would return.



Multiple law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD is already treating Michael Jackson's death as a homicide, and they are focusing on Dr. Conrad Murray.

Law enforcement sources tell us the evidence points to the anesthesia Propofol as the primary cause of Jackson's death. As we first reported, vials of Propofol were found in Jackson's home after he died.

Law enforcement sources say there is already "plenty of powerful evidence" linking Dr. Murray as the person who administered the drug to Jackson. The evidence includes various items found in Jackson's house, including the Propofol, an IV stand and oxygen tank.

Dr. Murray's lawyer would neither confirm nor deny if his client administered the Propofol.

And we've learned the LAPD has had "multiple conversations" with the L.A. County District Attorney's office, although the case has not been formally presented to the D.A.

Former British child star Mark Lester recently spent some time with Michael Jackson's three children following the emotional public memorial for Michael in L.A.

Lester, 50, who flew over from London where he resides with his own four children, is Godfather to Prince Michael I, 12, Paris Katherine, 11, and Prince Michael II, aka Blanket, 7. Lester and Jackson were friends for 30 years before Jackson passed away after suffering a heart attack on June 25.

Lester told that the children Jackson raised as his own are sorting through their grief in their own unique ways.

"The kids seemed to be coping quite well and they are surrounded by their family right now," said Lester. "They are very polite and quite quiet kids and despite all the publicity surrounding them and their family they are trying to keep things as normal as possible at home."

He said, Paris "loves to draw and paint and has been spending a lot of time with those hobbies" while Prince "loves playing video games to try and keep occupied." As for Blanket, he is "like most seven-year old kids who simply loves to play with his favorite toys and run around a little 'crazy' at times."

"They are getting strength from each other and the other family members that are supporting them while the whole family mourns Michael's death," Lester added. "I actually got strength from them after Michael's death and I think it was very important for Paris to speak at the Memorial service."

In 1968 Lester was chosen from among 2,000 young hopefuls to star in the Oscar Award winning musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel Oliver!. He became an overnight sensation when he uttered the immortal line, "Please, sir, can I have some more?"

Dr. Arnold Klein, the dermatologist most responsible for disfiguring Michael Jackson's features, is officially under investigation for overprescribing medications illegally to the singer for years.

According to, an official with the L.A. County Coroner's office just showed up at Dr. Klein's office to confiscate medical records pertaining to Michael Jackson's care. We're sure most of those records have either been destroyed, altered or gone missing.

It doesn't matter because Dr. Klein will most certainly lose his license to practice medicine anywhere in the country. And he might even do jail time, though that's unlikely.

You can add Dr. Klein's name to the list of disgraced medical practitioners who chose money over the welfare and safety of their patients.

In an interview with CNN reporter Don Lemon, Minister Farrakhan breaks down the psychology behind Michael Jackson's lifelong struggle with self hate and the multiple surgeries he underwent to erase his blackness. Farrakhan says "the evidence is there" that Michael didn't have love of himself.

LaToya Jackson, the older sister of late pop legend Michael Jackson, told a British newspaper that her nephew Prince Michael II, aka Blanket, is not her brother's biological son.

We already knew that, but there are some who choose to ignore reality and stubbornly cling to the hope that a black man can sire Caucasian babies.

"Blanket is adorable and is coping fine." La Toya reveals how Jackson's youngest son came from a donor egg and donated sperm.

She says: "Michael didn't want to know who the biological parents were. They took eggs from a donor and I believe the sperm came from one of five donors picked from a book. I don't know who carried the child and if the surrogate knew whose child she was carrying.

"Michael was proud of Blanket and of all of his children. They were his prime concern." READ MORE...

Michael Jackson's sister LaToya Jackson has concerns about Michael's former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, who worked for Jackson for 17 years until she was fired in 2008.

Rwaramba was the only nanny Jackson's three children -- Prince Michael, 12, Paris Katherine, 11, and Blanket, 7, -- ever knew until her employment was terminated by Jackson. But she's back in the fold now after Michael's mom Katherine Jackson invited her to visit the children.

A judge granted Michael's mom Katherine temporary custody of the kids after the King of Pop died suddenly of a cardiac arrest on June 25.

"The family has mixed feelings about her," LaToya told British newspaper The Mail on Sunday. "Mother says [Grace] wants to be with the kids but I warned her to be careful. It's not like the children like or dislike her. They like everyone. Mother is gullible and feels sorry for her."

LaToya said Rwaramba just showed up one day to see the kids and she never left.

"I have a lot of questions about Grace," said LaToya, who is convinced her brother was murdered by people in his trusted inner circle. "She was instrumental in keeping the family away. All of a sudden she is back, listening and watching the family. I think her behaviour is odd."


According to, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's, executing a search warrant, found a virtual pharmacy set up inside Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch back in 2003.

What the sheriff found were heavy duty narcotic painkillers and sedatives, hypodermic needles, IV supplies and oxygen tanks, among other items.

Among the drugs found were several intravenous IV bags containing a milky white fluid. Although the potent sedative Propofol is a milky white emulsion, Propofol is packaged in vials. The milky white fluid could also be Lipids, a source of nutritional calories which is administered via IV. That would explain Jackson's scarecrow appearance and the fact that no food was found in his stomach during autopsy.

Among the items seized were:

  • A vial of Versed -- a powerful sedative
  • Several IV bags containing "a milky white fluid, located in a small cardboard box on top of the bathtub."
  • A vial of Promethazine -- an antihistamine with strong sedative effects
  • A bottle of Alprazolam (generic for Xanax, a powerful anti-anxiety drug)
  • A bottle of Percocet -- a painkiller
  • A syringe
  • A vial with Demerol in it
  • Numerous loose pills outside bottles
  • A bottle of Prednisone -- a steroid
  • Ery-tab -- an antibiotic
  • Prescriptions for Xanax that had been filled
  • A prescription for Alprazolam
  • Oxygen tanks
  • IV stands
  • Interestingly, no IV infusion pump was listed among the items seized from the house. An IV pump would be necessary to administer both Diprivan and Lipids safely.

    That's what some in the media are whispering. They say little Paris Jackson, 11, was pushed to the forefront before she was ready. They may be right. Paris' speech seemed forced -- like she was under a lot of pressure to "perform." She seemed to be under duress and anxious to please her new caretakers. A sure sign of duress was when she cried but no tears fell.

    It was too much pressure brought to bear on a child who lived her entire life under a veil.

    One industry friend that I spoke with last night remarked on the fact that Michael Jackson would be appalled if he were alive to see his family exploit his daughter in such a manner. The child that he shielded from public scrutiny all her life -- being used for some cheap publicity.

    This is from

    Though it seemed like 11-year-old Paris Jackson was the one who wanted to deliver that heartbreaking eulogy at her father's funeral, E! Online is reporting that Paris was seen and heard backstage at the Staples Center telling family members that she did NOT want to make such a public statement. A source tells E!, "She was crying and screaming that she didn't want to do it. But the family was telling her she had to."

    Shame on the Jackson family.

    The majority of pop icon Michael Jackson's so-called "friends" who spoke at his public memorial barely knew him. Maybe that's why his true friends made the decision to avoid the public spectacle.

    According to US magazine, "friends" such as Brooke Shields and Corey Feldman haven't seen or spoken to Michael in years. Shields was a 18-year-old teenager when she met Jackson in the 80s. But the last time she saw him was at Elizabeth Taylor's wedding 18 years ago.

    Feldman last spoke to Jackson a few years ago after they had a falling out. Yet, when interviewed, Feldman said he felt drained by Jackson's death.

    Singer Usher, who broke down in tears onstage has only met Jackson once. Rapper-turned actress-turned singer, Queen Latifah, who delivered a eulogy to Jackson said, "I never actually got to meet him. My [business] partner met him because we managed Naughty by Nature and they did a remix with him. He thought I had beautiful cheekbones."

    Jennifer Hudson, who sang a soaring rendition of Jackson's hit "Will You Be There" -- also never met him. Neither has John Mayer, whose instrumental version of "Human Nature" was not very well received.

    On the other hand, Jackson's lifelong friends such as Diana Ross -- who met Jackson when he was a 10-year-old musical prodigy -- was a no-show. As was the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, who took to her twitter to say she wished to avoid the Hollywood "whoopla."

    Meanwhile, the city of Los Anegeles is begging for donations to cover the event's $1.4 million cost. And word is another "memorial" to Jackson is in the works.

    Dr. Arnold Klein, a dermatologist who treated Michael Jackson until his death, has admitted to prescribing the narcotic painkiller Demerol for Jackson.

    In an interview that aired on CNN's Larry King Show last night, Klein brought up Jackson's old burn injury sustained during a Pepsi commercial shoot in the early 90's, as an excuse for continuing to prescribe the narcotic to Jackson.

    As for fathering Jackson's two older children, Klein admitted to donating sperm -- once -- to a sperm bank, but not specifically for Jackson's use.

    Klein's flip flop admission comes one day after he denied overprescribing narcotic painkillers to Jackson. He also denied being one of the doctors currently under investigation. But acording to, the Jackson family gave L.A. police a list of doctors who overprescribed meds to Jackson -- and Klein's name was on it.

    Kelin, who is responsible for Jackson's ghastly white appearance, said he treated Jackson for Lupus, an inflammatory response to the body's immune system attacking the body's cells.

    Klein recalls meeting Jackson for the first time when a friend brought him to his office. Klein described a red "butterfly rash" on Jackson's face -- a classic sign of Lupus, and his "severe acne" at the time. Klein does not mention the vitiligo skin disease that Jackson frequently hid behind -- and that his fans continue to repeat despite there being no evidence to that fact.

    Klein also remarked on the fact that Jackson thought his face was "a work of art."

    Fox News host Bill O'Reilly questions the racial component to the Michael Jackson story, and ponders why so many blacks are compelled to watch 24-hour coverage of his sudden death when Michael didn't even want to be black.

    O'Reilly points out that MJ bleached his skin white and chose white men to sire his children.

    College professor, the very annoying Marc Lamont Hill, engages O'Reilly in a healthy debate on this subject. Although Hill admits that Michael "disfigured his face to resemble white people," he argues that Jackson is undeniably black. "You can't take black from him just because he has white kids," says Hill.