Singer Solange Knowles attended OP's "OPen Campus" Fall Ad Campaign launch at Mel's Drive-In in Hollywood, CA yesterday.
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Rapper Khia and a friend were in the house at Tongue & Groove nightclub last week.
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Rapper Lil Kim, left, and socialite LisaRaye were spotted arriving at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel following Michael Jackson's memorial in L.A. yesterday. Word is they're BFF's now. We didn't know Kim and LisaRaye knew each other like that.

Hunky Tyrese Gibson was also seen at the Beverly Wilshire after leaving the Staples Center where he attended Michael Jackson's stirring public memorial yesterday.

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A British tabloid is questioning the authenticity of little Paris Michael Katherine Jackson's mournful dry eyed tribute to her guardian, Michael Jackson during his public memorial at the Staples Center yesterday.

Britain's The SUN newspaper accused the Jackson family of pushing little Paris in front of the microphone after she was forced to live her entire life behind a veil.

Taking children to a funeral is one of the most difficult decisions a parent will ever have to make.

But the King of Pop's young daughter speaking as the climax of the memorial just wasn't right.

Paris didn't look comfortable and more importantly, capable, of doing it.

As the family gathered on stage I was surprised to see the children being paraded in front of a gold coffin holding the remains of their beloved father.

Then, as JANET Jackson struggled to lower the mic stand for her niece's tiny frame, I just couldn't believe my eyes.

Apparently, The SUN wasn't impressed with the sobbing Paris crying a river of air. The rag even went so far as to label the entire event a "macabre circus."

Though we here at are inclined to agree that tearless crying is a mite suspicious -- even we are willing to give the kid a break.

To those of who who are still in denial about the paternity of Michael Jackson's Caucasian children: don't pick up tomorrow's issue of US Weekly magazine.

From US Weekly:

Michael Jackson celebrated his final Christmas with his three children -- and with dermatologist Arnold Klein, the biological father of Paris, 11, and Prince Michael I, 12. Us Weekly reports in its new issue (on newsstands tomorrow) that Klein brought Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher, a close friend, as a surprise guest for the kids to Jackson's $100,000-a-month Holmby Hills, Calif. rental.

Fellow guest Stephen Price, a close friend of Klein's, tells Us Weekly that Jackson had mentioned to Klein that Paris, Prince and Prince Michael II (a.k.a. "Blanket"), 7, were fans of Star Wars and would like to meet Fisher.

As for Klein, who had employed Paris and Prince's mother, Debbie Rowe, for 23 years, Price would only say "no comment" about his longtime pal's status as their biological dad.

Oh, and the youngest kid, Blanket, doesn't look a bit like Michael. Stop imagining things. Michael wanted Caucasian children to raise as his own. He wouldn't have it any other way.

Mariah Carey took to her Twitter account yesterday to apologize for her dreadful rendition of the Jackson 5 classic "I'll Be There" with Trey Lorenz.

Dreadful is an understatement. Carey was absolutely horrible. She was subpar as she stumbled and faltered from the opening note. Even Trey's soaring high notes couldn't save her.

“Trying to sing today was basically impossible for me. I could barely keep myself from crying,” Mariah later Tweeted.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to pull it together and really do it right, but I was literally choked up when I saw him there in front of me….One thing I know is, we will never really have to say goodbye to MJ. His legacy lives on through his music and the millions of people he inspired with his timeless music. He will be forever in our hearts.”

According to MSN, 50% more Americans watched the Michael Jackson Public Memorial service than Barack Obama's presidential Inauguration.

In that first of what's sure to be many online traffic reports to come, MSN is reporting record-setting numbers during Michael Jackson's memorial.

According to, the site received its biggest traffic spike ever during the Jackson event, with 50% more people watching the memorial than watched Barack Obama's presidential inauguration. READ MORE...

This is a touching image of the original Jackson 5 members + Randy (on the far left), carrying their brother Michael's golden casket to the stage at the Staples Center.

Michael's sister Janet Jackson and the children Michael raised as his own, Prince I, Prince II and Paris

The public memorial was beautiful. My mom (who is almost 80) was most impressed with Usher whom she calls "Russia" no matter how many times I correct her.

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I just got a call from an industry friend in L.A. who urged me not to believe the hype. She said Michael Jackson's body won't be at Staples Center for the public memorial service as previously reported.

She said Michael's private memorial was held last night for over 1,000 family and friends and that his body (minus his brain) will be interred in a crypt at Forest Lawn Cemetery this morning.

According to UK's Daily Mirror, the L.A. coroner's office is withholding Michael's brain as evidence in an ongoing potential homicide investigation -- although no charges have been brought.

His brain will either be cremated or placed in the crypt at a later date. The family will make that ultimate decision. has the live feed of the motorcade (sponsored by Rolls Royce and Range Rover) that left the Jackson residence in Encino on its way to Forest Lawn for the funeral -- not a memorial.

She said a casket will be onstage at Staples, but the public is being duped into believing his body will be at Staples. I don't know what to believe. Judging from the pics, it sure looks like a funeral to me.


Add Brooke shields to the long list of clueless celebrities who continuously ignored the fact that Michael Jackson wasn't into females.

Shields told the Rolling Stone magazine that she and Michael became close friends in the 80s, but sex wasn't involved in the equation. She claims Michael was "asexual" because he didn't try to go to first base with her.

Shields said that as Jackson grew up, "the more asexual he became to me."

"He was like a little kid who talked about the bases _ what first base was, what second base was," Shields said. "It sounded very odd to the outside, I can imagine, but to the inside, to someone who's never really left his bubble, you can understand how he would be curious."

No, sweetie, he just wasn't that into you because you were the wrong gender and age.


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A bedraggled looking Whitney Houston was spotted after arriving in Los Angeles where she is scheduled to sing at the Kin of Pop's Memorial today. The Jackson family had a change of heart and now Michael's body will be present at the Staples Center for a public memorial service following a private memorial service held for 1000 of his friends at Forest Lawn last night.
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Long Island Congressman Rep. Peter King is mad as hail. In this clip from a news broadcast, King discusses his disapproval at the media's blanket coverage of Michael Jackson's sudden death two weeks ago.

King refers to Michael as a pedophile and hurls other choice insults intended to inflame Jackson's fans. It's King's opinion, of course. But sadly, many in the media share his sentiments -- they're just not admitting it publicly.

Last night, Bill O'Reilly & friends let their feelings be known about the wall-to-wall Jackson coverage. O'Reilly claimed not to understand why there was a "racial component to all of this" since the adult Michael so evidenty did not want to be black anymore.

O'Reilly mentioned the fact that Michael drastically changed his appearance to look more European (read:white) and even paid a white woman to breed white children that he then claimed he sired.

O'Reilly has a point there. How many black men would claim to have sired obviously Caucasian children -- or go to the bizarre lengths that Michael did to erase his blackness.

The media won't touch on any of this right now out of respect to Jackson's fans -- and because the network ratings are just too high.

But I predict the media's white gloves will come off tomorrow or in the days following Jackson's memorial. And it won't be pretty.

Michael Jackson's funeral plans are set for tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., according to online reports. The superstar who died of a heart attack two weeks ago, will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

According to L.A. police, fans will not be allowed to attend the private funeral. Upwards of 1 million Jackson fans are expected to swarm into L.A. for the King of Pop's memorial service.

Some fans expressed disappointment that Michael's body won't be at the Staples Center for his Memorial service tomorrow. But they say that won't stop them from going to celebrate his life.

Another loyal reader is disappointed in Barack Obama's apathetic response to the passing of pop icon Michael Jackson two weeks ago.

Loyal reader Cheryse wrote:

This is a letter, I sent to the White House that I wanted to share:

I am a little disappointed with President Obama right now regarding his lack of interest with one of the greatest musical icons ever. I am speaking of Michael Jackson. [Obama] recently stated in a recent interview yesterday that he was unaware that the black community was displeased with the fact that he has not taken time out to pay his respect appropriately.

Then he should start listening to the black radio stations a little more because people are displeased. The same passion that blacks had for rallying around his campaign are the very ones that are just as passionate about losing Michael Jackson. Sometime Mr. President, you have to stop being so "political" and be a little more real.. Stop getting your advice regarding the entertainment world from people like Oprah. Because she can be real clueless at times too. You lose mass points with me on this one Mr. President. Oh but good job on everything else you are doing so far.

As most of you know, pop icon Micahel Jackson passed away after a possible prescription drug overdose two weeks ago.

It turns out that his sister Janet Jackson was also addicted to painkillers. Dr. Allan Metzger of Beverly Hills was reprimanded by the board of medicine in September 2000 for writing prescriptions for Janet in her chef's name.

According to, the letter states, "You engaged in fraudulent medical practice based on prescriptions written for an international entertainer, using a false/fictitious name." TMZ identified the entertainer as Janet Jackson.

Dr. Metzger told TMZ he simply prescribed diuretics (water pills) and a Hepatitis B injection in the late 80s for Janet, who may have been using the diuretics as a dangerous substitution for dieting. But the board of medicine usually doesn't threaten a doctor's license for writing scripts for water pills and a shot.

So it's safe to assume that Janet was also hooked on prescription meds like her brother.

Dr. Metzger is an autoimmune disease specialist. Supposedly Michael Jackson had lupus in addition to the skin disease vitiligo, which we sincerely doubt. Dr. Metzger traveled with Jackson during the HIStory Tour in 1996. sent their paparazzi airborne in a helicopter to capture the first pics of Joseph Michael Jackson Jr., aka Prince, 13, the eldest of the three children Jackson raised as his own.

Last week a judge granted Michael's mom Katherine Jackson, 79, temporary guardianship over Prince and his siblings Paris-Michael Katherine, 9, and Prince Michael II, 7, aka Blanket.

The three kids are with Mrs. Jackson at the Encino mansion where Michael grew up after moving from Gary, Indiana.

According to, Prince and Paris' biological mother, Debbie Rowe, is making noise about fighting for custody of the kids she once said she didn't want. The identity of Blanket's biological mother is unknown.

Prince's urban street style is drastically different from the nerdy way Jackson used to dress him.


The well-spoken staffer who called 911 from Michael Jackson's rented mansion the day he died has been identified.

The caller was Jackson's bodyguard Alberto "Tippy" Alverez. Alverez's voice can be heard on the 911 tape pleading for emergency medical assistance for his stricken boss: “We have a gentleman here who needs help, he’s not breathing, we’re trying to pump him but he’s not breathing,” said Alverez.

According to, Alverez's wife Anna spoke with the media outside her home yesterday. She said her husband was "distraught" and in hiding. "My husband is very upset and he needs some time. He won't be home for a while," Anna said.

L.A. police have already interviewed Alverez as part of their ongoing investigation into Jackson's untimely death.

Meanwhile, questions abound over the L.A. police department's investigation tactics. Why didn't the police seal the scene? Why were movers allowed to disturb the scene and remove property from Jackson's house the day after his death?

There were reports that police confiscated bags of medications from Jackson's home on June 25, the day Jackson died of a cardiac arrest, but those reports have not been confirmed. What we do know is there was a delay of at least four days before police arrived back at the residence with search warrants for prescription medications and other evidence.

"If I was the chief detective on the case, I would have said, 'We don't know what's going on. We should seal the scene,'" said defense attorney Harland Braun, who has represented celebrities including Robert Blake, Roseanne and Gary Busey. "You always have to think of the worst-case scenario and you have to think fast. I would have sealed the scene just because it was Michael Jackson." [link]

According to the AJC, Jean Rosenbluth, a University of Southern California law professor, said investigators might be looking into whether drugs came from out of state. Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, had offices in Houston and Las Vegas. He had a license to practice medicine in Texas, Nevada and California.

Rosenbluth said the police failure to seal the scene will work against them if charges are brought against a doctor for over prescribing medications for Jackson.

"If you can get even one juror think, I don't know, maybe somebody fiddled with the medicine before the police came in and collected it, that's reasonable doubt," she said. "All that the defense attorney needs is one juror."


Michael Jackson's older brother Jermaine Jackson, the original lead singer of the Jackson 5, speak with CNN's Larry King at Neverland Ranch. Plans to bury Michael at Neverland were canceled due to a California law that prohibits burials on private land.

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About 1 minute of footage from MiJac's final rehearsal at the Staples Center the night before he died of a heart attack at age 50. The footage was released by AEG Live, the company that booked Jackson for 50 concerts at the 02 Arena in London. Despite taking out insurance policies on Jackson, AEG plans to return $85 million to ticket holders. AEG will most likely sell all the footage from the final rehearsal to the highest bidder just to break halfway even.

In an interview on NBC's "Today" show, a grieving Jermaine Jackson said he wished he had died instead of his brother.

Jackson, a practicing Muslim, said his younger brother Michael was a "gift from Allah." Michael reportedly converted from Jehovah's Witness to the Muslim faith a few years ago.

"He went too soon," said Jackson, 54. "I don't know how people are going to take this, but I wish it was me."

When asked why he felt that way, Jermaine Jackson said he always felt that he was Michael's "backbone."

"Someone to be there for him. I was there and he was sort of like Moses. Things he couldn't say, I would say them. During the trials, during everything ..."

Jermaine Jackson said that when he rushed to UCLA Medical Center last Thursday, where the 50-year-old pop singer was pronounced dead, "I wanted to see Michael, and I wanted to see my brother, and seeing him there lifeless and breathless was very emotional for me, but I held myself together because I know he's very much alive."

"His spirit is, and that was just a shell, but I kissed him on his forehead and I hugged him, and I touched him and I said, `Michael, I'll never leave you. You'll never leave me.'" READ MORE...

Jermaine also said he would like to see Neverland Ranch as Michael's final resting place. A public memorial service was planned for July 3 on the estate in the rolling hills of Santa Barbara, CA. But the billionaire who co-owned the property with Jackson wasn't able to get a permit in time.

Blogger Waset (a self-proclaimed truth seeker, writer and part security guard), wrote a thought-provoking piece about Barack Obama and his failure to pay proper tribute to Michael Jackson at a time when everyone else in the world tripped over each other to honor the great one.

Me thinks Waset forgets that narcissists like Obama hate to give any shine to another famous figure, even in death. Too bad Michael Jackson wasn't a terrorist.

Waset's post is very lengthy (and hilarious) so I'm providing a couple of excepts and you can go here to read the rest.

CNN found themselves on the red carpet [at the BET Awards] reporting live before the show began. I know right? If you had asked somebody a month ago what it would take for CNN to actually broadcast from the BET Awards, that person would have laughed, bent their wrist forward and said, “Chile, Michael Jackson would have to die for that to happen.”

And what about the President of the United States – Barack Obama? What the fu*k was that *****’s excuse? Yeah, I said it. The most famous person in the entire world died and he couldn’t even utter two words about it. Meanwhile, people cried rivers of tears throughout the world.

“Mr. President, you couldn’t recognize an American treasure? I thought you were the leader of the free world? He’s not coming back either dude, it was a now or never moment and you blew billions of us off. Whether you like him or you don’t is irrelevant. The relevancy lies in the fact that so many people cared about him and his contributions to the world. The fact that a multitude of other world leaders publicly recognized Michael Jackson’s passing; while you let your Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, parrot some rather unflattering commentary that you made under what seemed like duress is an outrage. Not only did you fail to follow the most basic rule of PROTOCOL, you managed to break the whole code. Please turn in your badge at the front desk because you’re feeling real BET to me right now. Your Black is wack. Michael Jackson was my civil rights movement, but clearly you don't get it. Maybe you’re waiting for somebody more famous than Michael Jackson to die before you address your subjects, followers and constituency? Oh wait, there is no one more famous than Michael Jackson.” --WASET

For those who believe Obama didn’t have 10 or 20 seconds in his busy day to address the world in regards to the King of Pop, he was on CNN for 34 minutes the day after Mike died.

Former Michael Jackson nurse, Cherilyn Lee, who specializes in herbal or alternative medicine, is telling anyone who will listen that her friend was not a prescription drug addict.

She claims Michael was simply an insomniac, a tormented soul who just wanted to get a good night's sleep.

She also claims that Michael recently begged her for Diprivan, a powerful short-acting sedative that is only administered intravenously in a medical facility. This was her proof that Mike only needed a little rest.

Nevermind that there are many powerful sedatives available by prescription that don't require starting an IV every time they're administered.

Note to Cherilyn: We don't believe you!

People don't spend $48,000 a month on sleeping pills. And they don't obtain thousands of scripts using aliases and employee's names unless they're addicts. Good try though.

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Oscar winning actress Halle Berry, her daughter Nahla and Him were spotted jetting out of LAX yesterday. It looks like Halle has packed on a little weight around her midsection. They say she's pregnant with her 2nd kid. Time will tell.
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According to Michael Jackson's last Will and Testament, good friend Diana Ross will raise his three children in the event of his mother Katherine's death.

The Will, which was drawn up in 2002 and a copy provided to Jackson's parents yesterday, leaves the bulk of Jackson's estate (about $200 million) to his mother and three children. The remainder of the estate will go into a Trust to be divvied up among several charities.

Jackson's father, Joseph Jackson, and his ex-wife, Debbie Rowe -- the biological mother of his two oldest kids, get nothing.

Meanwhile, sources say construction work has been halted on a crypt for the pop star at his massive Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California.

Dump trucks and heavy excavation equipment had been spotted coming and going from the ranch in recent days. But according to the AP, the billionaire who co-owned the property with Jackson wasn't able to obtain an exemption to bury Jackson on the land.

"The family is aware a Neverland burial is not possible. They are expected to make decisions about whatever funeral and memorial service" will take place, the source told the AP.

A planned public memorial scheduled for July 3 at Neverland has also apparently been scrapped.

It was Jackson's dream to be buried at Neverland Ranch in similar fashion to legendary Elvis Presley, who is interred at Graceland in Memphis along with his parents and grandmother.

Jackson hasn't lived at Neverland since 2005 when he was acquitted of child molestation charges. Friends say Jackson was paranoid and believed the prosecutor and law enforcement may have planted listening devices after searching the property for evidence in the trial.

Jackson's death has breathed life into a slumping music industry. Over 415,000 of his albums and 2.3 million digital downloads have sold in the four days since Jackson passed away. Additionally, Jackson music titles occupy the top 9 spots on the Billboard Top Pop Catalog Albums chart.

OK! Magazine editors are reeling from the backlash at its decision to run Michael Jackson's death photo on its cover.

The magazine has reportedly come under fire from advertisers and celebrities alike after paying $500,000 for the last known image taken of Jackson as paramedics continued CPR efforts on him inside an ambulance at his rented mansion in Holmby Hills on Thursday (6/25).

According to the NY Post, magazine staffers questioned the publisher's decision to purchase the death image (that was already published by last week) and they wondered if it was even worth the impending firestorm of bad press that would surely follow.

But OK! editorial director Sarah Ivens defended the magazine's decision to run the photo:

“It’s a photo that captures the surprise and the upset and the moment of this breaking news story. I hope the cover will provoke readers. It celebrated the man, but it also does expose that he was an eccentric character who lived a very controversial life.”

Rumors that media moguls Sean Combs and Jay Z were organizing a boycott against the tabloid have been denied. "Not true," said a rep for Combs.