Pregnant woman drives minivan into ocean

A pregnant woman dove out of the window of her minivan after driving into the ocean with her 3 children still inside.

The harrowing incident happened at Daytona Beach in Florida. The video, which was captured by a Canadian tourist, shows the black minivan bobbing in the rough sea as bystanders race to save the children.

A bystander can be seen rescuing 2 of the children as a lifeguard battles the waves to save a baby still inside.

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Cop shooting at minivan

CBS News aired a shocking video showing a New Mexico cop firing gunshots at a minivan full of children.

The incident took place last month during a traffic cop, when police pulled over a minivan driven by Orianna Ferrel. Ferrel, 39, was stopped for speeding at a blistering 71 in a 55 mph zone, according to the cops.

Ferrel was ordered out of the vehicle, but she sped off instead. Cops gave chase and Ferrel eventually pulled over. The soccer mom was dragged out of the vehicle and taken behind the van, where the cop attempted to cuff her in view of her hysterical children. For some reason, she ran back around to the driver side door with the cop in pursuit.

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