The other day when sometime model Amber Rose was in Atlanta, a BET rep reached out to her people with an offer to pay her hotel and expenses for an additional day if she would commit to going on Oscar winner Mo'Nique's talk show.

From what I was told, the response from Amber's rep was a terse, "no, thank you. She doesn't do interviews." The BET rep reminded her people that in order for Amber to be considered a celebrity (pseudo or otherwise), she should appear on Mo'Nique's talk show so the people could at least hear what she sounds like. Particularly in light of the fact that Amber's looks alone isn't pulling patrons into the clubs where she's paid $5,000 a pop for 30 minutes to an hour.

A local club promoter who I spoke with said he barely recouped the cash he laid out for plane tickets and hotel rooms for Amber and her small entourage of lesbuns and her brother.

But again, Amber's people politely declined the invitation for her to appear on Mo's show.

I'm told Amber also turned down an interview request from TV talk show Diva Wendy Williams, who had actor Lance Gross on her show yesterday. Which proves that the pool of available (real) celebrities to interview is a very shallow one if you're not paying them to sit on your sofa.

But I would like to believe that the reason Amber turned down Mo'Nique and Wendy's requests for an interview, is not because she's greedy for money or anything like that. But because Amber knows the limitations of her (no talent) fame. She knows that if she goes on those shows and opens her mouth she will remove all doubt that she's nothing more than an airhead and an opportunistic, professional beard to troubled rapper Kanye West.

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Comedian turned TV talk show host Mo'Nique became only the fourth black woman in history to win a coveted Oscar award last night during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards held in Hollywood. The other 3 actresses to win Academy awards are Hattie McDaniel (the first black male or female to win an Oscar), Whoopi Goldberg, Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson.

Mo'Nique, who won for her searing dramatic portrayal of an abusive welfare mother in 'Precious', also became the first stand up comedienne to win an Oscar. After a rumored falling out with down low director Lee Daniels, Mo'Nique, 42, refused to help promote the film last year leading to speculation that she wanted to be paid to promote the film along with co-stars Gabourey Sidibe and Mariah Carey.

Some say it may have been Daniels diva attitude and egomania that cost him the Oscar. Backstage at the Indie Awards on Friday, Daniels said, "We've won already," when asked about his Oscar chances.

Mo'Nique's deliberate omission of Daniels' name in her acceptance speech drew this side eye glance from veteran actor Samuel Jackson which lit up last night and became a trending topic.

Sadly, Sidibe, 26, failed in her bid to become the youngest Oscar winner in the Best Actress category for her leading role in 'Precious'. It just wasn't her time as she lost to Sandra Bullock who took home the trophy for her heartfelt performance in the tearjerker 'The Blind Side.'

Bullock also won a Razzie for the same performance, and made history by becoming the first actress to win both the Razzie and an Oscar on the same weekend.

Surprisingly, a movie that nobody saw, 'The Hurt Locker' upset 'Avatar' for the Best Picture Oscar. In what will certainly be viewed as a snub to the legendary director, James cameron -- his ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow, won the Oscar for best director. Cameron, who sat behind Bigelow, said, "Yes, yes" and gave her a standing ovation as she accepted her first ever Oscar.

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'Precious' star Mo'Nique didn't let the weather rain on her parade at the 67th Golden Globes 2010 last night in Hollywood. Mo'Nique took home the first Golden Globe statuette presented for her portrayal as a sadistic, abusive mother.

As most of you know, Mo'Nique caught flack for refusing to help promote the film and being a no-show at awards ceremonies last year.

But on Friday, things didn't go so well for Mo'Nique. While backstage after accepting her Critics Choice Award for Best supporting actress, one reporter grilled Mo'Nique and pressed her to explain why she snubbed the movie's promotional events.

Rather than rip the newshound apart with her razor sharp tongue, Mo'Nique stood back and allowed her husband to handle him.

Mo'Nique called her husband Sidney Hicks to the press room stage to answer the question on her behalf.

He calmly told the media, "She's the first woman of African-American descent to ever have a late-night TV show, she's also a comedienne... In conjunction with that, she's a mother, she's also a wife.
"She hasn't been at all of them, but she has been at some... She'd rather portray a bad mother in the movies than actually be one in real life."

That's a beautiful thing! The mainstream media got a rare opportunity to see a black man standing by his wife's side and defending her the way a husband should.


According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Maureen Allaben, the spunky set stylist for comedian Mo'Nique's talk show was killed by her husband who stuffed her body in the trunk of his vehicle and drove around with it for 2 days.

After killing his wife, Dennis Allaben drove from the couple’s home in Tucker to Virginia and told his relatives there on Monday about the murder. Allaben dropped off the couple's two children at the relatives home before returning to the Atlanta area. It isn't clear if the children were aware their mother's body was in the trunk.

The AJC reports that Allaben walked into the Clayton County Police Headquarters on Tuesday and turned himself in.

“He just showed up at [Clayton County] police headquarters and said he’d killed his wife,” Police Chief William O’Brien said.

Police recovered 43-year-old Maureen Allaben’s body, which had been wrapped up, from her husband’s blue Ford pickup. Dennis Allaben, 46, who tested underground storage tanks, is now in custody at the DeKalb jail and charged with murder.