Morning Wood: Teddy Tee

Teddy Tee

Loyal reader Rovella Williams writes:

Hey Sandra,

I hope you’re well. Please consider featuring Teddy Tee, an aspiring rapper in the morning wood section of your site. He is a former contestant on Jamie Fox’s reality show G’s to Gents on MTV hosted by Fonzworth Bentley. Teddy is from Camden, AL a small town near historic Selma and Montgomery. Since the show he’s moved to Honolulu, HI and obtained his real estate license, investing in properties, a towing service and a club promotions company.

Teddy has several EP’s and albums available on iTunes and his recent mixtape HorsePower hosted by DJ Scream is available on The mixtape features the song “Alabama” an ode to his home state with former Hustle Gang artist Doe B, who was from Montgomery. The video they shot a few months before Doe B passed has close to 200k views on YouTube. Teddy recently released a song with Columbia Records recording artist Dej Loaf called Ride for Me. His twitter and instagram is @iamteddytee.

Finally, thank you for informing and entertaining me on your site daily and for all your support of my clients over the years. Have a great day!

Photos by Drexina Nelson.

Thank you,

Rovella Williams
Verseus Entertainment Group

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Redaric Williams Wants You to Know…

Redaric Williams email

These celebrities today are so ungrateful. Instead of thanking me for featuring him in the wildly popular “Morning Wood” section of my blog, hunky Soap opera star Redaric Williams cussed me out for having an opinion. Read his salty email after the break.

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A New Study Says Women’s Preference Contributed to the Length of Men’s Penises

Natural Selection

A new study that shows women prefer well-endowed men also suggests that women’s preferences may be responsible for the lengthening of men’s penises. The study shows that, over time, women mate with well-endowed men who produced well-endowed spawn.

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Jon Hamm wishes we would stop staring at his junk

Jon Hamm

Actor Jon Hamm covers this month’s issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The well-endowed “Mad Men” star is a bit defensive about his impressive member that has launched Internet memes.

When asked about his predilection for walking around without underwear, he snapped: “They’re called ‘privates’ for a reason. I’m wearing pants, for f*ck’s sake. Lay off.”

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Morning Wood: Darryl Chambers

Darryl Chambers

Loyal reader Darryl writes:

Hi, My name is Darryl Chambers and I am sending these pics in pursuit of trying to be The “Morning Wood”.

Follow Darryl on Twitter @onenonlydc

MEN: If you would like to be considered for MORNING WOOD, please email 5-6 of your best studio quality photos, including shirtless shots, to sandra @ (remove spaces).

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Morning Wood: Kalvin Tyrone

Kalvin Tyrone

Ladies, this Morning Wood is not for you. Loyal reader Brandon writes:

Miss Rose, gurl!!

I’m Brandon and I’m from Detroit! I live for ur blog DOWN!!! Anyway, I have a model submission for you. His name is Kalvin Tyrone and he lives in New York. That’s where I met him and he was so polite and down to earth. Not like some of the shadey pretty boys I met before, OKAY! His webpage is Also I think you should have more post on spilling the tea I live for those DOWN!! It be a kiki, Miss Rose. I know you are busy but please write me back because I am your number one fan, yaassss ma’am!! *flips hair and dips to the floor*


BM (Not baby mother *hehe*)

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Olympic Wood: King James

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James tweeted this pic of himself wearing his gold medal after Team USA defeated Spain 107-100 in final round play at the 2012 Olympics on Sunday. The win didn’t come easy for the world’s #1 team. They had to come from behind to secure the win against Pau Gasol and Spain’s best playmakers.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be easy. We didn’t want it easy,” LeBron James said. “A lot of teams have won gold easy. We didn’t want it that way. We’re a competitive team, and we love when it gets tight. That’s when our will and determination kind of shows. It was the same way in ’08.”

The United States won the gold race, taking home 46 of the precious metals.


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