Kylie Jenner and Tyga

Odd couple Kylie Jenner and washed up rapper Tyga grabbed lunch at a cafe in Los Angeles on Thursday. The 25-year-old Compton native is facing backlash after one of his old songs surfaced online. I wish I could rate the track for you but I don't listen to garbage. According to those who did listen., Tyga makes reference to “Kardashian p*ssy” and robbing cradles, saying “‘bout to catch a felony for it.” As you know Kylie is only 17, and there is evidence that they started copulating when she was only 15. According to Tyga, the song is 2 years old. You do the math.
Photos: Jacson/Splash News

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Rihanna goes from casual to fancy for early morning TV appearance Rihanna arrives to "Good Morning America" wearing a fur coat

Troubled singer Rihanna was seen arriving and departing "Good Morning America" today wearing a fur coat over grey sweatpants and New Balance sneakers. She departed the studios wearing a fashionable skirt and high heels.
Photos: North Woods, Jackson Lee and 247PapsTV for Splash News

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Aging rapper Nas was seen walking talking on his cell phone while strolling the streets of NYC on Wednesday. Rapper J. Cole's recounted how he acted like a groupie the moment he played his Born Sinner track "Let Nas Down" for the god MC. The encounter took place at a Houston airport at 6:30 a.m. "My homeboy's like can I hear that song you just did?" Cole recalls. After letting his friend hear "Let Nas Down" they spotted Nas, 39. "He's handing me the laptop back and he says 'Yo is that Nas right there?' I never run into this dude, I had only met him like one other time" said Cole. "I ran on the plane. He was in the seat directly behind me" Cole then played him the song, "He went nuts!"
Photo: Blayze / Splash News

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Photo of the Day: Nas

While strolling the streets of NY, old skool rapper Nas ran into a young boy with the same close shaven haircut as his. Nas uploaded this touching photo to his Instagram account along with this caption: "In the streets of NY... I ran into a kid with the same hair cut as me."


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  • Hip Hop's 2nd most dysfunctional couple are back together and the world can breathe easier. The two (along with their baby) attended the opening of a salon in NYC yesterday. This is not news anywhere outside of NY. But judging from the pics, Kelis needs to hit up a gym asap to get rid of that spare tire around her midsection. She looks like she's pregnant with twins.

    Photos: Wireimage/Getty

    Congrats to Kelis for parlaying her broken marriage to rapper Nas into a financial windfall for herself and their newborn son, Knight. I'm surprised they didn't name the baby "N*gger."

    Now watch Nas file for bankruptcy...


    Kelis just hit the jackpot in court today -- a judge awarded her a ton of money in her bitter divorce battle with estranged hubby Nas.

    A judge decided Nas has to pay Kelis $55,000 a month in combined spousal and child support -- plus the mortgage on their L.A. residence.

    Nas also has to pay Kelis -- who gave birth last night to the couple's only child -- for the baby nurse, prenatal expenses and medical insurance.

    The rapper also has to pay $35,000 to his worst nightmare -- Kelis' lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser.

    In the early 90s, Nas garnered major buzz as the second coming of the God MC Rakim. His thought-provoking rhymes and intense delivery put him in a class by himself at a time when the Internets was in its infancy. Hip Hop magazine editors tripped over themselves trying to find the words to describe Nas' critically acclaimed debut album Illmatic. I guess you could say the world was his.

    Then Nas opened his trap and stuck his big foot in it by suddenly announcing he was an atheist. He made sure to bring up his atheist views during every interview he gave while promoting Illmatic. He even debated journalists on the existence of God. For a boy who thought he was smarter than the company he kept - the atheist ploy backfired on him.

    Most of you don't remember Nas' "atheist" days because he quickly abandoned that soapbox when Illmatic was released and flopped like a fish out of water. Since then, Nas' entire career has been based on gimmicks and shock wordplay - classic signs of a man with zero confidence in himself and his abilities.

    I won't waste my time going on about the current Nas self-flagellation that will end up destroying his already fading rap career. But I did get a chuckle out of this commercial which is intended to poke fun at Nas' current desperation grab for publicity.

    Photo: Jay e

    Jay Electronica: Move over Jay Z. The who's who in Hip Hop say Jay e's the Second Coming. The hype for this talented rapper with a burgeoning underground cult following has swelled to mammoth proportions since he announced he would release new music on Christmas day.

    Fiends anticipating the release of Jay's Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) stayed up all night refreshing their browsers only to be disappointed when the free download never materialized.

    The rapper is signed to Erykah Badu's boutique label and he has the stamp of approval from heads of state such as Nas, Just Blaze, Young Guru (Jay Z's engineer) and more.

    He's a talented photographer too! Woot!


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