Paul George Daniela Rajic

Indiana Pacers star forward Paul George was slapped with a paternity suit by an ex-stripper who says he fathered her infant daughter.

The NY Post reports exclusively that Daniela Rajic, 24 , filed the paternity papers in Manhattan family court on Wednesday. George and Rajic dated for only a few months last year. She gave birth to daughter Olivia on May 1.

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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union visit Burano Island in Venice, Italy

Over the weekend, Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade, 31, popped the question to on-again, off-again girlfriend Gabrielle Union. The 40-year-old actress posted a photo of her ring on social media. One person who took notice was the woman rumored to be Wade's shoulder to cry on.

If you recall, Union told Wade to free himself and go sow his wild oats. The mama's boy did just that by wooing a Miami groupie who reportedly has more miles on her than an Enterprise rental car.

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LeBron's Mom Gloria Dating a Miami Rapper

LeBron's Mom Gloria is off the market. After dating a number of NBA bench riders, the 40-something Cougar landed a young rapper by the name of Da Real Lambo, according to TattleTailzz blog.

Judging from all the photos posted on Lambo's social media website, Gloria seems to be smitten with Lambo, but Lambo may be more smitten with Gloria's son, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James.

Someone should tell Gloria that men can be groupies too.

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Brittany Bryant Brandon Jennings

Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jenning's baby mama is featured in today's edition of "Gold Diggers Behaving Badly." Brittany Bryant thought she hit the jackpot when she got pregnant by the NBA star. But her joy was short lived when she found out he dumped her for another groupie. Brittany spends most of her time stalking Jennings on social networks and trying to imagine what life would be like if she was a real basketball wife.

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Not so blind item

This NBA star can't seem to keep it in his pants. They say he loves his wife, but he's a man who is having difficulty ignoring his primal urges. This NBA star is allegedly linked to a reality TV star who shall remain nameless. The following Blind Item was snatched from a message board that is overrun by bitter jump offs with axes to grind. So take this tea with a grain of salt.

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Kimberly Chandler

Is it any wonder NY Knicks' troubled center Tyson Chandler has a chip on his shoulder? Chandler is one of the most penalized basketball players in the NBA. And now we see why. What man wouldn't have problems on the job if he had a cheating wife?

According to, Chandler's wife, Kimberly Chandler, was seen in the arms of another man outside Milk Studios -- while her husband is out of town traveling with the Knicks.

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A loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous, has a friend who is married to a NBA player. The friend just recently found pics of her husband's jump off on his cell phone where, no doubt, he thought the pics were safe.

Here's a tip fellas: your wives know how to unlock your cell phones. The tips to unlock your phones are all over the Internets.

These pics are typical of the types of jump off/gold diggers who lay up with a rich man and don't want him to forget her. I decided to obscure the jump off's face to protect her innocence.

You can tell this is legit because the hotel room is definitely a large luxury suite with a huge master bath. And peep the TV remote on the tub. How many hotel rooms have TVs in the bathroom?

You can also tell that the baller is taking the pics with his phone. Notice what part of the female anatomy he focuses exclusively on. Is it any wonder that clueless chicks with low self esteem rush to the hood clinics for butt injections?

Expect this NBA player's name to hit the blogs real soon.

I have a friend that has been with this NBA guy for some years. They just got married. She happened to find these pictures in her "mans" creep phone? Is this sexy for real? Dropping your pants and holding cellulite ass cheeks together? Then what makes this shit worse is the bitch knows that dude is married! And then is going behind him ironing the shit the wife packed him. I'm sorry but its 2010 niggas have got to be a little better. You couldn't buy your jumpoff lingerie? My girl just filed for divorce from her no good athlete.
Bet it won't be this bitch he wifes up next. Who does this shit? The outfit is out who wears this shit. Minnesota groupies get down! I would give names but it might not be good for her divorce that is in the process. But I did want YOU to see what GROUPIES DO!

Uncensored pics after the break. *Not Safe For Work*

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