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Megan Thee Stallion is off the market. The 26-year-old Aquarius recently hooked up with rapper Pardison Fontaine, best known for his 2018 single "Backin' It Up" featuring Cardi B.

The internet was abuzz with rampant speculation that Megan and her new man are already fighting.

A viral video clip sparked rumors that Megan is involved in yet another abusive relationship.

In the video, a man is heard yelling at Megan to come out of a room. "Don't make me come through the door," he yelled. "Y'all got five seconds before I come through this sh*t!"

A few seconds later he tells someone to "tell Megan to come to the door."

According to bloggers, Megan and Pardison have only dated for a few weeks.

"It's unfortunate that some women don't see their own value. They are better off being single because they lack the discernment to find a good man who won't devalue them.

Do better, Megan.


Dr. Dre and a mystery woman were spotted arriving for a romantic dinner at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood. The couple was swarmed by paparazzi as they arrived and again when they departed the restaurant.


The 20-something beauty was scantily dressed in a sheer lace bra with a houndstooth coat and matching leggings, with houndstooth matching heels and a black face mask.


Dre wore a black hoodie, black jogging pants, white sneakers, a black ball cap and a black mask.

Dre's estranged wife Nicole Young wants to examine the financial records of 3 of Dre's ex-girlfriends to determine how much cash he spent on them while he was married to her.

Nicole says one of the women bought a $2.15 million house with cash in 2019, and she wants to know if Dre provided the cash for the home purchase.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Nicole claims the women's lawyer is trying to delay their depositions until the validity of her prenup is decided by a judge.

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Dr. Dre agreed to pay Young $293,306 monthly until a judge rules on the validity of their prenup, according to TMZ. In addition, he gave her a $2 million one-time payment from his hospital bed when he reportedly suffered a brain aneurysm. The money was for temporary support and she is responsible for paying her attorney's fees.

If you recall, Dre has an ironclad prenup that Nicole wasn't aware of until she filed for divorce in the summer of 2020 after 24 years of marriage.

Nicole claims Dre ripped up their prenup in front of her a few months after they initially tied the knot. Nicole says the delay in seeking depositions from Dre's ex-girlfriends could potentially affect her spousal support.

Nicole's lawyers say any money that flowed from Dre's bank accounts to his extramarital affairs would be community property and Nicole presumably would be entitled to half of the other woman's mansion. Which means she could evict the woman from the premises.

There is also a rumor that Dre and the other woman have a child together -- which explains the extravagant home purchase.

Dre and Nicole share two adult children - son Truice Young, 24, and daughter Truly Young, 20. He also has a plethora of children from previous relationships.

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Rumors are running rampant that Michael B. Jordan paid Atlanta socialite Lori Harvey for discrete beard services.

These rumors have cropped up about Lori before. Lori's beard services are legendary. The 24-year-old has a history of briefly dating effeminate rappers, music moguls, and pro athletes.

Rumors have plagued Jordan for his entire career. Then there's this from a young man on TikTok:

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Internet sleuths claim the paparazzi is paid to leak photos of Jordan, 33, and Lori to the Instagram blogs to improve his public image -- particularly among Black women who despise him for certain comments he made back in the day.

The sleuths also point to Jordan's body language in the photos as proof that he is not that into her.

They're saying the couple is going overboard with all the trips, vacation photos and public displays of affection. It all looks absolutely staged, they say.

But, according to the actor's rep, there is no deception or beard services: just a young couple that is really in love.

The rep told HollywoodLife that the paparazzi pictures do seem a bit excessive, but "Love is in the air."

"No one should anticipate an engagement between Lori and Michael this year, although it would not be a bad thing. But, they are enjoying being a couple, traveling and celebrating birthdays together. Things are really positive between them both and they have a really deep connection. They both respect each other’s work ethic as well. Michael would like more privacy and will not be talking about his relationship much or at all, but to say it’s going well would be a drastic understatement. Love is definitely in the air for them both."

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey made their unlikely relationship official on Instagram over the weekend.

The "Black Panther" star shared a series of professional photographs with Lori on the social media app over the weekend. Michael, 33, captioned the post with a black love heart and exclamation marks, seemingly confirming he is heterosexual.

Lori, 23, also took to her own IG profile to post a series of polaroids from the same shoot of the pair looking loved-up in front of a Christmas tree.

Romance rumors were swirling around the couple during the Thanksgiving break, when they were seen together in Lori's native Atlanta.

The day before New Year's Eve, they were spotted stepping off a private jet together in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they reportedly rang in 2021 together in the wintery ski resort.

Lori - who was adopted by radio and TV host Steve Harvey after he married her model mother Marjorie - has previously been romantically linked to entertainment mogul Sean Combs, his son Justin Combs, rapper Future and singer Trey Songz. She was also engaged to Dutch footballer Memphis Depay in 2017.

After being named their Sexiest Man Alive last year, Michael told People magazine of the attributes he was looking for in a girlfriend.

"A sense of humor, true understanding - because (an actor's) life is not conducive to a relationship, it’s really not," he told the publication.

The actor continued, "Somebody that's nurturing .... That's probably why my a*s is still single, but yeah, it's a list."

The "Just Mercy" actor has previously been linked to Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra, model Cindy Bruna and actress Kiki Layne.

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There's an old saying that goes: "Every rumor has a kernel of truth to it."

But a source close to Kanye West's camp said the rumor that he's in a same-sex relationship with beauty influencer Jeffree Star is just flat out false.

Jeffrey, 35, fueled the rumors last month when he posted a photo of himself in Casper, Wyoming, along with the caption: "It's Mrs. Wyoming to you... #jeffreestar #casperwyoming #wyoming."

Casper is about a 3-hour drive or 21-minute flight from Kanye's ranch in Cody, WY.

After teasing his 14 million followers with more photos from Wyoming, Jeffree sent the gossipmongers into a frenzy when he shared an IG image of himself wearing a pink bathrobe, along with the caption, "I'm ready for Sunday Service."

A source close with Kanye and his estranged wife Kim Kardashian told E! News that "there is absolutely no truth to Jeffree and Kanye rumors".

The rumors that Kanye and Jeffrey were an item were started by TikToker Ava Louise, who claimed she had insider information.

Ava teased that Kanye left his wife and moved way out to Wyoming in the middle of nowhere because he was ashamed of his true sexual identity.

"i can't say WHO cuz he’ll sue me hint hint but it's part of the reason Kanye's so religious now it's his self hatred .... my source is legit I promiss [sic]"

Kanye and Kim are reportedly in counseling to help repair their broken bonds of matrimony. But it's going to be tough going because both are seeing other people.

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Kim, 40, is reportedly dating CNN reporter Van Jones, 52, who can't stop gushing about her to his friends.

Van met Kim at the White House when she asked President Donald Trump to pardon Alice Johnson in 2018.

Kim has been studying law, and she hopes that Van, who graduated from Yale Law School, will help put her on the fast-track to obtaining a law degree.

Van reportedly told friends that Kim will make "a great lawyer" because she is "incredibly persuasive and persistent."

Jeffrey responded to a Wendy Williams segment about the rumors on Thursday.

"If she only knew about the actual rappers who have visited my mouth. Taking that sh*t to the grave miss thing."

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Rumors are running rampant that Kanye West invited influencer and makeup artist Jeffrey Star to his Wyoming ranch -- and Jeffree never left.

Kanye is reportedly "sad, but okay” while he waits for his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, to serve him with divorce papers.

Jeffrey, 35, fueled romance rumors last month when he posted a photo of himself in Casper, Wyoming, along with the caption: "It's Mrs. Wyoming to you... #jeffreestar #casperwyoming #wyoming."

Casper is about a 3-hour drive or 21-minute flight from Kanye's ranch in Cody, WY.

Kanye, 43, purchased his sprawling ranch with its 10-bedroom mansion with 2 underground garages for $14 million in 2019. That's around the time Kanye emotionally checked out of his "cold" marriage with Kim.

Jeffrey left no doubt whose bed he shares when he posted an IG image of himself wearing a pink bathrobe, along with the caption, "I'm ready for Sunday Service."

He included an emoji of a pigeon that is a symbol for Rest in peace (RIP). Some IG followers speculated that his use of the RIP emoji signified the death of Kanye and Kim's marriage. The post drew over 20,000 comments.

Kanye and Jeffrey have a lot in common: Jeffree prefers his chocolate dark, while Kanye prefers androgynous women who could easily pass for men in drag.

Kanye was raised in Chicago and Atlanta by his single mom, Donda West, who died following a botched breast reduction procedure in 2007. The aspiring rapper's dad, Ray West, was a former Black Panther in the 1960s and a photojournalist for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Donda and ray divorced in 1980 when Kanye was only 3. In her memoir Raising Kanye: Life Lessons from the Mother of a Hip-Hop Superstar, Donda recalled how hesitant Ray was to raise a child.

"I don't know if I can be a good father. I don't know if it's in me. That's why I don't want to do it," she quoted him in her book. Donda and little Kanye moved to Chicago while Ray stated in Atlanta.

The youngster didn't have a strong father figure in his life to teach him how to be a man growing up. He struggled with mental illness as an adult, which resulted in at least two emergency admissions to mental wards.

Kanye had difficulty maintaining stable relationships with androgynous women, such as bisexual socialite Amber Rose, 37, who spread rumors about Kanye's sexual preferences in an explicit tweet.

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Page Six reported this week that celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser, who handled Kim's previous divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries, is drawing up the papers for Kim's divorce from Kanye.

Wasser also negotiated mega producer Dr. Dre's temporary spousal support check for $2 million to his estranged wife, Nicole Young, that will be paid on Monday, Jan. 11.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Kim is reportedly delaying the divorce proceedings until she figures out how to break the news about daddy's new girl/boyfriend to their four children.

According to multiple sources, the children, North, 7, Saint, 5, Chicago, 2, and 1-year-old Psalm, have already met Kim's new man, CNN reporter Van Jones.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Van met Kim at the White House when she asked President Donald Trump to pardon Alice Johnson in 2018. Kim has been studying law, and she hopes that Van, who graduated from Yale Law School, will help put her on the fast-track to obtaining a law degree.

Van, 52, reportedly told friends that Kim, 40, will make "a great lawyer" because she is "incredibly persuasive and persistent."

He separated from his wife of 14 years, Jana Carter, in 2019. Their union produced two sons, Cabral and Mattai.

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Solange Knowles is off the market. The 34-year-old singer shared an intimate photo of herself and new love, musician Gio Escobar, on Instagram over the weekend.

LionsShareNews / BACKGRID

Solange keeps her man close. The happy couple was spotted catching a flight out of LAX on Sunday.

Beyonce's little sister denied cheating on her second husband Alan Ferguson before they separated in 2019. She was linked with Gio when a video surfaced that showed them getting cuddly at lunch in 2019.

LionsShareNews / BACKGRID

Speaking to the New York Post's gossip column Page Six, a source said:

"(He) is her boo. People know. It's not a new thing, but it's new for the public. It's a big deal that she shared the photo because she's so private."

Said Elatab / Splash News

Solange was previously married to Daniel Smith in February 2004 and they share a son named Daniel Jr. They divorced in 2007. She then married music video director Alan Ferguson (pictured), who is 23 years her senior, in 2014. They announced their split last year.

The source said Solange couldn't be happier with her new man, Gio, an American-Puerto Rican rapper, Jazz composer, songwriter, DJ, and radio host -- who is about 10 years her junior.

"She's super happy and they're a happy couple," the source insisted. "They're very cute together."

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Former reality TV star Evelyn Lozada is dating Grammy Award-winning singer Marc Anthony, The Blast reports.

Sources tell The Blast, the couple has been spending time together and met each other's kids.

Marc, 52, and Evelyn, 44, have been "talking" for a couple of months. They have been enjoying getting to know each other and having a good time.

Evelyn recently flew out to Miami to stay with Marc at his mega-mansion. Her children, 27-year-old Shaniece Hairston, and 6-year-old Carl Leo Crawford, also visited and they hung out with Marc, who shares 12-year-old twins, Max and Emme, with singer/actress Jennifer Lopez.


Marc (pictured at Madison Square Garden in February) is also dad to five other children from previous relationships. Marc has three ex-wives - Dayanara Torres (2000-2004), Jennifer Lopez (2004-2014), and Shannon De Lima (2014-2016).

After divorcing De Lima, Marc dated fashion model Raffaella Modugno, 32, who was voted Miss Curvy Italy in 2011.

Evelyn, a Sagittarius, is best known for her role as a cast member on the VH1 reality series Basketball Wives from 2010 to 2012.

She was previously married to NBA player Antoine Walker.

Prince Williams/

She married former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson in 2012. Their marriage ended in divorce after he assaulted her.


She became engaged to MLB player Carl Crawford and he fathered her son. But that relationship also failed.

Evelyn recently shared a photo that shows her relaxing in Marc's Olympic size swimming pool.

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After being voluntarily single for months, model and socialite Draya Michele finally landed another NFL player with deep pockets.

Over the weekend, Draya was spotted leaving Catch in West Hollywood after dining with rumored boyfriend, Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Draya, 35, ditched her fiancé Orlando Scandrick, 33, last December after dating him for years. The two exes share a son, Jru Scandrick.

Now she's happily dating an NFL quarterback who seems to be drama-free.

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The 31-year-old Virginia Tech standout was the sixth round NFL draft pick in 2011 and signed with the Los Angeles Chargers in 2019 after playing for the Ravens, Bills and Browns.

There was confusion about how his name is pronounced (his teammates called him "TIE-rod" for years). Tyrod's mother finally confirmed his name is pronounced "tuh-ROD."


Draya and Tyrod were rumored to be dating each other, but they kept their romance under wraps because social media can be cancer to a new relationship. The two decided to finally go public with their relationship on Oct. 24.


Draya showed off her natural curves in a Zara full leather tan suit paired with Fendi boots and a Louis Vuitton bag, BACKGRID reported. Tyrod Taylor donned a Socai shirt paired with Cos pants, Filling pieces shoes and Tom Brown glasses. They both wore PPE face masks per California's strict Covid 19 regulations.


On Sunday, Draya was spotted shopping for the perfect pumpkin at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood. She dressed casually in a Vanilla colored sweatsuit from The Frankie Shop.


Draya paired her outfit with colorful SB Nike dunk sneakers and a Chanel purse. She gracefully removed her face mask for the paparazzi. Draya proves a woman can still be sexy without exposing an inch of skin below the neck.

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Sean "Puffy" Combs is off the market. The 50-year-old semi-retired music mogul was spotted kissing Australian model Tina Louise on a beach in Malibu.

The couple shared a steamy kiss and disappeared under a beach blanket in paparazzi photos [See photos here].

Tina, 39, showed off her body art in a colorful thong bikini. Fans were surprised that she is dating Combs. She is a departure from the women Combs normally dates.

According to The Blast, Tina previously dated actor Brian Austin Green.