American Idol winner Jordin Sparks has a stalker. The "Battlefield" singer revealed her secret during an interview with a British newspaper.

The star, who duetted with Chris Brown on last year's massive smash hit No Air, said the problem had arisen has she'd kept the same mobile number from before she was famous.

As a result, it leaked online - and now she's getting creepy messages from someone saying things like "why don’t you pick up, I know it’s you..." READ MORE...

The solution to this problem seems simple enough: why doesn't she change her number?

Speaking of Sparks, she's rumored to be dating up and coming singer Steph Jones, but he's been stepping out lately with Jessica, the cousin of Angela and Vanessa Simmons. She appeared on their short lived reality series on MTV.

In fact, Steph and Jessica seem to be much closer than Steph and Jordin -- at least on Twitter.

Photos: Getty Images and courtesy of Steph Jones