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Once again, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is the subject of rampant death reports after he goes missing for a few weeks.

American tabloid TMZ reported Kim had died following a cardiovascular procedure in North Korea. But he's still standing, according to South Korea.

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in downplayed media speculation that Kim was dead.

"Our government position is firm," said Moon's special adviser on national security Moon Chung-in, in an interview with CNN on Sunday. "Kim Jong-un is alive and well."

U.S. President Trump also dismissed reports that his friend was dead.

Rampant speculation about Kim's health arose earlier this month when Kim missed one of the country's biggest events: the birthday of his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, earlier this month. Since then Kim has remained out of sight of cameras and the media.

This isn't the first time the West has killed off Kim after one of his disappearing acts.

In 2014 the dictator, who is in his mid-30s, dropped out of sight for nearly six weeks after having surgery to remove a cyst from his ankle.

The mainstream news media published Kim's obituary before he was pictured walking with a cane.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, left, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in have agreed to end the war that separated the two Koreas and to denuclearize the peninsula. While the U.S. media continues to distract with stories of porn stars, the Korean leaders have ensured that nuclear bombs won't land in our backyards.

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North Korean defector

The North Korean soldier who defected to South Korea last month lived a hard life and was forced to eat corn fertilized with human feces. It’s "a miracle that he survived,” said Dr. Lee Cook-Jong in an interview with CNN.

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If you live near an air reserve base or an Army base, you've probably noticed an increase in activity after President Trump hinted at impending war with North Korea.

During a dinner with senior military leaders and their spouses on Thursday, Trump summoned the press to the State Dining Room and told them the moment was the "calm before the storm.

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Otto Warmbier

Dennis Rodman is under fire for making his fourth trip to North Korea to visit with dictator Kim Jung Un. A petition has been launched to remove the 56-year-old retired NBA star from the Basketball Hall of Fame following his most recent visit to North Korea.

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President Trump

North Korea's days are numbered. President Trump invited the entire U.S. Senate -- all 100 senators -- to the White House today for a briefing on North Korea.

In an unprecedented move, the president ordered all 100 senators to board buses headed to the White House today to discuss military action against North Korea.

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USS carrier

As North Korea threatens to turn the United States into ashes, residents along the west coast are beginning to panic.

North Korea's leader Kim Jung Un claims he has nuclear-tipped missiles capable of reaching the United States, but military experts doubt his claims.

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Kim Jong Nam

It was like a plot straight out of a spy novel: 2 female assassins tracked the estranged half brother of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un through a busy airport in Sepang, Malaysia on Monday, Feb. 13. The women assassinated 45-year-old Kim Jong Nam in broad daylight without drawing attention to themselves.

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hydrogen bomb

Americans awoke to the alarming news that North Korea detonated a Hydrogen Bomb Wednesday morning. North Korea claims the detonation was part of a test of its nuclear capabilities.

The Korean Central News Agency announced the "the H-bomb of justice," was tested in "the most perfect manner."

But officials who examined photos of the so-called test say the mushroom cloud is too teensey-weensy to be a real hydrogen bomb.

A real hydrogen cloud is on the left. N. Korea's minuscule cloud is on the right.

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Kim Jung-Un and performers

North Korean man-child Kim Jung Un had his ex-girlfriend and 11 female performers arrested for violating pornography laws nine days ago. Their punishment? Death by firing squad.

Hyon Song-wol, a singer with the Unhasu Orchestra, was arrested on August 17 along with 11 other popular North Korean performers, UK's The Telegraph reports. All 12 women were executed by machine gun fire 3 days later.

An expert on North Korean foreign affairs theorizes that Hyon was executed because Jung-Un's current wife was jealous of her.

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