Morning Wood: Mr. Seduction


Mr. Seduction is gaining fame due to his appearance on Miss Jia’s other blog, If you’re not familiar with his particular talents, you probably shouldn’t be. A few of these photos have been edited to fit within our strict standards of good taste and decency. This is, after all, a family-oriented blog. But if you want to see the unedited versions, visit his Instagram page @atlmrseduction. CAUTION: NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Update: Mr. Seduction’s Instagram followers have no sense of humor. I edited my post where I JOKINGLY said he broke up marriages. Obviously I meant his photos and videos were salacious enough to break up marriages. But whatever… It’s sad that reading and comprehension is a lost art in the black community.

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Morning Wood: Tahy-Reyl **NSFW**

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Loyal reader Tamara T. writes:

Hi Ms. Sandra Rose,
I am writing to submit Tahy-Reyl for a Morning Wood Post. Tahy-Reyl is a 25
year old aspiring fitness and underwear model in Chicago.

Tahy-Reyl is extremely dedicated to his craft. He spends countless hours in the gym and experiments with different types of food to live an overall healthier lifestyle. He does this in addition to his full time job as a Behavioral Specialist at an alternative high school in the heart of the Englewood neighborhood…one of the worst in the city. Not only is he a counselor and confidant for these young men with troubled pasts, but he’s a role model as well. As a product of Englewood, Tahy-Reyl has accomplished so much beyond the statistics. He earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice, pursuing a Master’s Degree, and has performed countless hours of community service as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.
His social media handles are in the signature and he has coined the hashtag #TahyTuesday where he recently started posting a weekly treat for his followers!

Instagram: @tahy_reyl
Twitter: @TahyReyl

*Post edited for length

MEN: If you would like to be considered for MORNING WOOD, please email 5-6 of your best studio quality photos, including SHIRTLESS shots, to sandra @ (remove spaces). Please keep your emails short. Emails will be edited for length, and to remove promotional spam.

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SHOCKER: Beyonce’s *NSFW* Photo Shoot


A loyal reader sent in a Not SAfe for Work image which she alleges is part of a racy photo shoot done by Beyonce recently. In the photo, which was leaked from the photo shoot, a seductive Beyonce peeks from behind a door. Her body is partially obscured behind the door, but the graphic photo still leaves nothing to the imagination.

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Caught On Video: DMX Streaking in Hotel Hallway


For some odd reason, troubled rapper DMX decided to impress a hotel maid by stripping nekkid and racing up and down the hallway in his Detroit area hotel. DMX forgot one thing: that 4-star hotel surveillance cameras are usually positioned directly at the hotel rooms of certain high risk hotel guests.

Watch the video after the break. The video is ***NOT SAFE FOR WORK***

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Morning Wood: Method Man

Method Man

Another week, and yet another set of bathroom mirror peen pics have leaked all over the Internet. This time, the “victim” is Wu Tang Clan rapper Method Man, who has to explain to his mother that he knows she didn’t raise him to be dumb like other rappers, but somebody hacked his cell phone, blah blah blah.

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Joe Budden Responds

Joe Budden Responds

Earlier today, rapper Joe Budden’s intimate parts debuted online to poor reviews. Usually, leaked photos of naked rappers get generally positive reviews. Budden was swift to respond to the ruckus caused by his body part circulating on and social networks. In one Twitter missive, he wrote: “#1. That picture is altered. #.2 I have no issue leaking my own dick, lol #3. 2 the men commenting, who raised u n….?”

I am willing to consider the possibility that the photo may have been altered to shortchange Mr. Budden — especially in light of the fact that Budden has never bragged about being particularly gifted in that area. But it’s doubtful that the image was Photoshopped.

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Morning Wood: Joe Budden’s lil’ buddy ***NSFW***

Joe Budden exposed

A graphic photo exposing rapper Joe Budden‘s little buddy is on the Internet. That must mean a new season of a reality show is about to get underway?

For those of you who don’t know, Budden (along with “video model” girlfriend Tahiry Jose) is a new cast member on season 3 of Love and Hip Hop New York.

The reality TV series, produced by Mona Scott-Young, features returning cast members Erica Mena, pseudo-singer Olivia and her mentor/manager, Rich Dollaz. Cast member Yandy Smith introduces her baby daddy Mendeecees Harris to the show’s viewers.

Newcomers to season 3 include media personality Raqi Thunda, former G.O.O.D. Music rapper Consequence and his baby mama Jen “The Pen” Bayer.

Season 3 of LHHNY premieres on January 7, 2013.

A loyal reader writes:

while he was out in cali we got in that nigga’s phone. now we see why all his girls end up cheating on him. is a family-oriented blog. However, I am publishing this pic because it falls under the category of humorous news. You must be 18 and over to view the pic.

There is no need for you to email me complaining about NSFW photos. You have to make an extra effort to scroll all the way down just to see these pics. So don’t blame me for your curiosity. Please consider your co-workers and your job status before clicking the link!

The following image is NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Proceed at your own risk!

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