Woman runs over non-voting husband because Obama won election

Holly Solomon runs over husband

A woman enraged that her husband didn’t vote in last week’s presidential elections, ran over him with the family Jeep on Saturday.

Witnesses told police that Holly Solomon, of Scottsdale, Arizona, chased her husband around a parking lot before gunning the gas and hitting him as the Jeep jumped a curb.

Solomon apparently believed her husband’s vote was the deciding factor in the close race.

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Obama Reelected President in Bittersweet Victory Over Mitt Romney

Obama Reelected President

President Obama survived a close race with Mitt Romney to win reelection Tuesday night. Obama didn’t win by a landslide like he did in 2008, but it was a decisive victory.

“Four more years,” the president wrote in a caption under a photo of himself and wife Michelle Obama locked in an embrace.

Obama and Michelle embrace

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