College professor fired

A Florida college professor has been fired after a school investigation found that she ordered students to sign a pledge to vote for President Obama in the 2012 presidential elections.

The Board of Trustees at Brevard Community College (BCC) voted to fire professor Sharon Sweet. “The board voted 3-1, with one member absent, to dismiss professor Sweet,” school spokesman John Glisch told Campus Reform Wednesday afternoon.

“The termination took effect immediately, ending pay and benefits for Sweet who had been suspended with pay under provisions of the United Faculty of Florida collective bargaining agreement with the college, pending the board’s decision,” the school added in a press release.

Sweet had been placed on leave without pay while the investigation was ongoing.

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Hilton Botha dropped from Oscar Pistorius case

The lead detective in the murder case against Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius is facing 7 charges of attempted murder himself, the BBC reports.

Police confirmed that South African detective Hilton Botha was allegedly involved in a shooting two years ago. He was dropped from the sensational murder case that has generated headlines around the world.

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Six Miami police officers fired

Unlike Atlanta, Miami (Florida) does not have a cop shortage. The South Florida tourist mecca is flush with cash from drug seizures and confiscating drug money to keep their police forces fully staffed. Miami police are known to drive luxury vehicles once owned by drug dealers, and Miami officers are paid among the highest salaries in the country.

As a result of all that dough, there are literally cops on every street corner in Miami. Now comes word that six Miami cops have been relieved of their duties in one of the worst cases of dereliction of duties in Miami history.

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