A Minneapolis cop is under fire for pointing an assault rifle at the son of a U.S. Congressman on Thursday.

Twitter.com user Wintana Melekin tweeted the photo showing a cop pointing his rifle at Jeremiah Ellison, the son of U.S. Represensative Keith Ellison.

Ellison was peacefully protesting outside a Minneapolis police precinct at the time.

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Two independent experts hired by Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty have reached the same conclusion in the tragic police shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

The experts conclude that the officer who shot and killed the boy in a Cleveland park "acted reasonably" when he opened fire on 2 seconds after getting out of his police cruiser.

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The tide in the left wing media is slowly turning against the online social media justice group Black Lives Matter.

Once the darlings of liberal media outlets, Black Lives Matter are now feeling the cold steel of a disaffected media in the wake of a spate of cop killings.

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