Australian Female Rappers Protest Luxury Tax On Tampons

tampon protest

A group of Australian women are protesting Australia’s 10% luxury tax on “non-essential” items such as tampons. To get the Australian government’s attention, the ladies created a music video, rapping over American rapper Snoop Dogg’s hit song “Drop it Like it’s Hot.”

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Outrage at Houston Chronicle Over Sandra Bland Parody Cartoon

Quannell X

About two dozen officers on horseback stood guard outside the apartment where State Trooper Brian Encinia lives in Katy, Texas.

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Everybody Hates VH1’s Sorority Sisters

Sorority Sisters

About 50 advertisers have pulled their ads from VH1’s new reality TV series titled ‘Sorority Sisters’ after fielding complaints from angry sorors who strongly disapprove.

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