The majority of pop icon Michael Jackson's so-called "friends" who spoke at his public memorial barely knew him. Maybe that's why his true friends made the decision to avoid the public spectacle.

According to US magazine, "friends" such as Brooke Shields and Corey Feldman haven't seen or spoken to Michael in years. Shields was a 18-year-old teenager when she met Jackson in the 80s. But the last time she saw him was at Elizabeth Taylor's wedding 18 years ago.

Feldman last spoke to Jackson a few years ago after they had a falling out. Yet, when interviewed, Feldman said he felt drained by Jackson's death.

Singer Usher, who broke down in tears onstage has only met Jackson once. Rapper-turned actress-turned singer, Queen Latifah, who delivered a eulogy to Jackson said, "I never actually got to meet him. My [business] partner met him because we managed Naughty by Nature and they did a remix with him. He thought I had beautiful cheekbones."

Jennifer Hudson, who sang a soaring rendition of Jackson's hit "Will You Be There" -- also never met him. Neither has John Mayer, whose instrumental version of "Human Nature" was not very well received.

On the other hand, Jackson's lifelong friends such as Diana Ross -- who met Jackson when he was a 10-year-old musical prodigy -- was a no-show. As was the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, who took to her twitter to say she wished to avoid the Hollywood "whoopla."

Meanwhile, the city of Los Anegeles is begging for donations to cover the event's $1.4 million cost. And word is another "memorial" to Jackson is in the works.

R&B singer Usher was spotted arriving at LaGuardia airport in NYC yesterday. That makes the third time in two weeks that he's been spotted inside a NY airport. I wonder if his new lady Grace Miguel lives in New York? And has she filed for divorce from her husband yet?

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Someone dug up Dana Elaine Owen's old high school pics from back in the day before she became known as Queen Latifah. The Queen was a fearsome star basketball player at Irvington high school. Friend say she was very popular with the females both on and off the court.

Latifah was voted the most popular female pupil for more than just her basketball skills. Queen Latifah stars with Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton in the movie 'Mad Money'.

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Queen Latifah is pissed at bloggers and it isn't easy to get the Queen upset. Normally the media treats the Queen well, but she points out that certain bloggers took things too far.

In an interview with, the actress-singer warns certain bloggers that she is "ready to take it to their ass.

"'They are actually starting to p**s me off. I haven't been brutalized like some people... but you feel taken advantage of.

"I'm tired of hearing from my family members, `Did you say this?' When somebody calls my family, that's what concerns me. I have little brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews who are not so media savvy as me.

'They are not so thick skinned with this business, so these reports bother them. That's when I really want to go for somebody's throat, legally with lawyers and all. And I will.' (Source)