Beyonce Bill Whitten Michael Jackson

Sir Keith Holman writes in to correct my earlier post on Beyonce Knowles presenting Colin Kaepernick with the SI Muhammad Ali Award.

Beyonce wore a black sequined dress similar to the sequined jumpsuit worn by pop icon Michael Jackson in his "Rock With You" music video. I incorrectly stated MJ's jumpsuit was designed by Michael Bush (of Tompkins & Bush).

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Denzel Watkins by Michael Brager Photography

Loyal reader Cam Montgomery, Jr. writes:

Denzel Watkins is 22 years old and was raised in Detroit, MI on 7 Mile, just a mile down from where Eminem filmed his classic movie, 8 Mile. An only child, DENZEL has relocated to Hollywood to break into acting, but lately spends more time in Miami and Vegas for modeling assignments.

Denzel's Instagram: @Denzelmwatkins

As always, SANDRA, THANK YOU!!!!!

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Video of mother fighting kid in store

It's shameful what people will do for 15 minutes of Internet fame. Loyal reader Jeniefrumdabloc was so concerned over the violence depicted in this video that she sent me the link. "This is awful Auntie," she wrote in her email. The video shows a mother fighting with her son after a shopper accused the boy of stealing grapes. But after viewing the video for a minute or so, it became apparent that the action in the video was totally staged. The mother's reaction to the grape stealing is over-the-top and comical.

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Bu Thiam family at Disney World

Loyal reader Becca writes in about friend of the blog Bu Thiam (Chris Brown's manager)

Hi Sandra!
I was surfing through instagram the other day when I noticed that Rihanna liked a picture that "Bu" Thiam (Traci Ross' ex/Akon's little brother) had posted. It was a beautiful picture of himself, his daughter, and his daughter's mother at Disney world. It looks like they went to Disney world to celebrate his daughter's birthday. I'm not sure if he and his daughter's mother are back together or not, but I just thought the pictures were really nice. With so many black parents at each other's throats, it's always good to see two parents be able to come together and get along and have a healthy relationship, even if they are no longer together... I found a few more photos on her IG. Enjoy.
: )


Not So Blind Item

The following are not my words. This information was emailed to by a well-connected source. The email is the author's personal opinion and is not the opinion or views of Sandra Rose or her advertisers, affiliates and associated companies. The email has not been edited or altered. takes no responsibility or liability for the assumptions made by our readers.

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Omar Slim White

Local nightclub promoter and personal fitness trainer Omar "Slim" White is a strict vegan who limits processed food or products that goes in or on his body. Slim, who once dated actress Vivica A. Fox, says he doesn't drink tap water and he even filters the water that he showers with.

Check out Slim's guest post after the break!

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Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

Several readers took issue with my write up on the death of actor Paul Walker, 40, who was incinerated along with a friend in a single car crash in California on Saturday. Officials are investigating to determine if Roger Rodas, 38, was drag racing when his $450K Porsche Carrera GT hit a pole and a tree and burst into flames.

But this email from former reader Tiffany Coleman was especially vile and vindictive. She writes:

Tell me, how much of your blog money do you donate to anyone or anything? I am sure you make a nice set of change too but not because you are such a stellar writer (because you really are not) but because of your Rose Garden...I am sure that THEY know were it not for their commentary I and countless others surely would have stopped coming to your site long ago.

Tiffany is blissfully ignorant of my generosity to my readers. I have given away countless high end bags, shoes and accessories. I have paid rent and car notes for my readers. Not to mention the thousands of dollars worth of gift cards I paid for out of my own pocket, and the Christmas shopping sprees for kids.

But this is not about my benevolence and generosity. Let us take a moment to remember the victims in Sunday's deadly NY commuter train accident. Those innocent victims were not drag racing in a half million dollar sports car. They were just trying to get home to their families. Rest in peace.

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2014 Headshot

Good Evening Ms. Rose,
First and foremost I would like to thank you for featuring my client on your site back in Oct 2012, your platform and loyal followers have given him tremendous exposure and has helped him grow a huge fan base. My client is a fast rising television and movie star who is well on his way to becoming one of Black Hollywood's new leading men! On behalf of my client Thai Edwards,

Thai has been featured in just about every eye candy site on the web, all of his photo's went viral in the shoot he did in Feb beating out all his on screen colleagues (L.L. Cool J, Tyrese, Shamar Moore, etc.) in terms of overall likes and numbers.

Facebook: Theofficialthaiedwards
Twitter: thaiedwards
Instagram: thaiedwards

Respectfully Yours,

Jentrega H.
Personal Manager
Team Thaiga

*Email edited for length

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Morning Wood Ray

Loyal reader Sybil M. writes:

Hello Sandra,

I am sending these pictures of my amazing friend, hoping that you give him the privilege of gracing your wonderful site. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Ray possesses both brains and brawn. He is an aspiring model who has a good head on his shoulders but loves to use the “ POSITIVE things” he was given to look good in print. Ray is intelligent with an amazing sense of humor. During the day, Ray exercises his talents cleaning up the city streets of Los Angeles as an Policeman At night, he rips off his badge and transforms into an fitness entrepreneur. Ray posts healthy ideas, workout routines and motivational images onto his Instagram and Facebook accounts. This is RAY WOODS Sandra, One of LA FINEST! Morning Wood!!


MEN: If you would like to be considered for MORNING WOOD, please email 5-6 of your best studio quality photos, including SHIRTLESS shots, to sandra @ (remove spaces).

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  • Troubled singer Chris Brown

    Loyal reader Rasheedah Amaker writes:

    Isn't it called being a bully if you constantly keep calling someone something that they don't want to be called. His name isn't troubled singer Chris Brown, he is a singer, he should not be titled troubled, do you go around titling people poor friend John Doe, stop the bullying. I wonder if one can be held accountable for wrongful death of an artist if they keep reading your bullying crap and decide they don't want to live anymore. Could you stand yourself if something happened to him, or anyone else you titled troubled, Ms. Rose we all have our problems so get an f*cking grip lord knows you aren't perfect, Judgmental critic blogger Sandra Rose. -RT :)

    Yesterday, I told you the names of cast members of Mona Scott-Young's much talked about new reality TV series titled Hip Hop Gossip Girls. The information was passed on to me by someone who actually appears in one of the episodes. (She was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement). The names she gave me were correct (at the time). It took me a few days to write that post -- in which time, the names of the cast changed.

    So I was not wrong about a couple of the names -- I was just late. Anyway, celebrity blogger Tattletailzz has the names of a few of the cast members:

    Sharon Carpenter (Global Grind) Kim Osorio (known mainly for Source Magazine and a book about industry secrets exposed) and JasFly from Vibe. We believe more will be announced.

    We also hear that Sandra Rose was asked but she did refuse.

    Tattletailzz left out the other two cast members: Necole Bitchie and Angela Yee.

    According to VIBE, radio jocks Angie Martinez and Miss Info are no longer members of the cast (I'm told they quit).

    So there you have it. Warm tea is just as tasty as hot tea. Keep it here for more details!

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  • Last night, up-and-coming singer K. Michelle went on a Twitter rant calling out celebrity blogger Necole bitchie for being a bitter wannabe recording artist who blackballs successful studio artists such as herself.

    I thought K. Michelle's rants against NB were interesting considering that I've heard rumors about Necole (allegedly) accepting favors and perks from record labels to write favorable posts about lame singers, such as Trey Songz.

    Remember I told you last year that NB enlisted the aid of industry exec Michael Kyser to groom her into a recording artist? Many of you scoffed at me for saying NB took up blogging to better position herself to get a record deal.

    Well, here's what K. Michelle tweeted about that:

    Lets be real @necolebitchie u are one big head hatin ass blogger. U see me fightin 4these girls but u continue 2block my material cuz u ride dicks. U have a real problem with me 4 no reason. Its not my fault u didnt get a record deal. #stupidbitch @necolebitchie I love my job but hollywood people like u R sad. All I wanna do is help women do better. U R a blogger not a artist. Remember Im not kissing yo ass for a post on ur blog. Fuck u take this and sit on it. Keep black ballin me,ima keep singing. Three things I know how 2do 1.sing honest 3.and fight 4what I believe in. Good night

    If you recall, I also wrote a blurb about NB hastily packing her bags and moving to Miami 2 years ago after a breakup with a certain female singer:

    Necole was reportedly despondent over her breakup with a not so well-known female singer who was spending a lot of time in Atlanta. So Necole was happy to move to Miami to put some distance between herself and the chick.

    Now, I have no idea if the singer was K. Michelle or not. So please don't quote me on that.

    Loyal reader LaToya Williams writes:

    Hi Sandra, Love love love the website. Honestly I find it saddening when black women do things like this. (*cough* Beyonce) I myself am a black woman and I feel like I have reverse self hate issues. I WISH I was DARKER, I would say my complexion is around the real complexion of Necole Bitchie posted on your website, but its something about a dark skin I find beautiful and regal.

    Unfortunately my family is full of different nationalities (but I represent for my black people) I'd prefer to be darker and I sometimes where foundation darker than my real complexion on purpose. I've come to the realization that some black woman especially industry ones get pulled into the light is right syndrome. The lighter they are the more beautiful they feel, black women aren't represented properly in the entertainment industry, when I see my people I see beauty in full lips, and various nose shapes and various colors, I find nothing beautiful about pasty white skin, (no offense to those with no pigment) I just thought I'd share my thoughts.

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!

    Photo on left by Derek Blanks
    Styling by Shun Melson
    Hair by Saisha Beecham

    Photo on right by