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Loyal reader Michele writes:

Hey Sandra,

I’d like to submit my fiancé as morning wood. He’s an aspiring model. Have your readers check him out on the gram @chasay03!!!

MEN: If you would like to be considered for MORNING WOOD, please email 5-6 of your best quality photos, including shirtless shots, to sandra @ sandrarose.com (remove spaces). Please keep your emails short. Emails will be edited for length and promotional spam.

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Marica and Andre 3000

Today got off to a bad start due to circumstances beyond the blog owner’s control. But here is a positive post to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Loyal reader Marica writes:

I want to start off my saying I love reading site. Any who I had the pleasure of running into Andre 3000 on Sunday at this Restaurant! I chatted & told him I enjoy his work & style! Just from the short time of chatting with him, he was amazing & his aura so refreshing! He really made my day!!

Dominick Thompson

Yesterday, a brawl broke out in my Morning Wood post featuring Instagram dad Maurice. A few loyal readers dragged the other commenters for their critical comments about Maurice.

Loyal reader Virginia Oliver left this comment:

“Look ladies, Maurice “Grand” Steel is fine just as he is no need to be trying to tear the man down because of his height and so forth we as black women should support our black men that’s trying to do something good with their lives we have a lot of brothers locked up for crimes they didn’t do….but anyways even if he is bald under that hat what does it prove for any of ya’ll woman…..so the question is to all ya’ll ladies that is on this post busting and cracking jokes about this well groomed and hard working man where would ya’ll be if this was one of ya’ll posted up on here and the men was doing the exact thing because they see something that don’t like…”

After the dust cleared, loyal reader Fendi offered to submit her idea of the perfect man for Morning Wood. According to Fendi, Dominick Thompson is every woman’s wet dream.

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