Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

It's over. Real Housewives of Atlanta's current season of cat fighting and scripted foolishness has come to an end.

Last night Bravo aired Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Show. And it was more of the same: screeching hissy fits, wig pulling and floor dragging -- all of the pettiness and nonsense that RHOA viewers have grown accustomed to.

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Last night Bravo TV aired a special featuring Atlanta celebrity hair stylists Derek "J" Johnson and "Miss Lawrence" Washington dishing on their RHOA co-stars. As you know, Derek J is a friend of the blog who was kind enough to sponsor a Total Makeover giveaway for my readers. So it pains me to reveal the shocking information that was passed on to me by a reader who I thought was being messy.

The reader emailed me to inquire about Lawrence's source of income since, she said, he was not allowed to practice in Georgia without a license.

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The rumor mill is cranking back up again now that the 2nd season of RHOA is right around the corner (actually I'm not sure when it airs).

There is no truth to the rumor that Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Kandi Burrus ("No Scrubs") gave her fiance Ashley "AJ" Jewel his walking papers after the show's taping wrapped in May.

The couple's wedding is still on. I even hear that Kandi gets along really well with Ashley's six kids and his assorted baby mamas. Do I have to remind you that Kandi didn't buy her engagement ring -- Ashley did?

AJ will be a guest on the 2nd season, as will his kids and a couple of his baby mamas. Is that good enough reason for me to tune in? Um -- Yawn -- no.