Rihanna upset with ‘ungrateful’ media and bloggers

Rihanna on jet

Rihanna’s disastrous #777 Tour is over and the 24-year-old singer is once again alone with her thoughts and her hard liquor. The Bajan singer tweeted this photo of herself on her “big ole jet” earlier today. In another tweet she wrote: #777 Tour is a wrap! Thanks to everyone who was a part of this. It was an incredible experience for my fans and I!

It’s interesting to note that Rihanna, at least subconsciously, admits that it wasn’t an incredible experience for the journos and bloggers.

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Rihanna Sort of Apologizes

Rihanna Apologizes

Us Weekly‘s Senior Editor Ian Drew was among the 250 unlucky journos, bloggers and fans who accompanied Rihanna on a frenetic 7-city, 7-day concert tour to promote her new Unapologetic album.

Rihanna was certainly unapologetic after numerous complaints from the journos who lacked adequate sleep, Wi-Fi, or bottled water.

By day 3, the restless captives media considered abandoning the disorganized tour altogether.

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Rihanna finally mingles with media, bloggers and fans on 777 plane


Rihanna finally emerged from first class to mingle and answer questions today, after 150 journalists, bloggers and fans voiced their complaints about not meeting Rihanna during her 777 Tour.

Rihanna’s record label, Def Jam, invited the journalists and bloggers to accompany Rihanna on a 7-day, 7-city whirlwind tour to promote her new album. But the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity turned into a nightmare as bloggers and journalists on board the so-called “777 plane” complained bitterly about not being allowed to shower, use the toilet or sleep in days.

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Hunger, Chaos and “3rd World Conditions” on Rihanna’s #777 Tour Plane


According to MTV and other news outlets, things aren’t going so well on her 777 Tour plane. Rihanna invited 200 of her biggest Stans, bloggers and media people to accompany her on her 7-city world tour to promote her new album.

Without telling anyone, Rihanna decided to charter a second private jet for herself and a privileged few — leading to rumblings about “3rd world conditions” on board the 777 tour plane, where passengers have gone days without adequate food and drinks.

Things got so bad on board the tour plane that a hungry Stan ripped off his clothes and streaked through the plane naked. Bedlam ensued which forced the Def Jam staff to leave the comfort of their 1st class section and demand that everyone riding in coach pipe down.

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