Donald Trump

Settle in, folks. The next 4 years will be a long, bumpy ride, courtesy of America’s unprofessional news media. Yet another fake news story is making the rounds about President-elect Donald Trump. The leftwing media continues to throw tantrums over Hillary Clinton’s landslide loss to Trump.

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Obama Trump Clinton

Donald Trump said he hopes Russian hackers “are able to find” the 30,000 emails Hillary Clinton erased from her illegal home server.

Trump made the comment in response to a reporter’s question during a press conference at his resort in Miami on Wednesday.

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Russian Nuclear Bombers

U.S. fighter jets were forced to scramble 16 times since June when Russian nuclear bombers penetrated U.S. airspace near the California and Canada coasts.

While semi-retired U.S. President Barack Obama plays golf and attends hundreds of Democratic fundraisers, Russian nuclear bombers repeatedly stray into U.S. airspace.

It appears that Russian President Vladimir is not respectful of President Obama or the U.S. military.

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Edward Snowden out shopping in Russia

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was spotted out and about shopping for groceries in Russia, UK’s the Telegraph reports.

Snowden has been a thorn in President Obama’s side ever since he leaked secret documents that proves the White House used the National Security Agency to spy on American citizens.

The 30-year-old former CIA agent was spotted in public for the first time since being granted asylum in Russia earlier this year. He is still a wanted man in the U.S.

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Obama travels to Russia to meet with gay activists

President Obama plans to meet with two lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights activists when he travels to Russia this week to attend the Group of 20 summit. It will be the first time that Obama has ever met with gay activists on foreign soil.

Obama recently criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for his anti-gay laws that punishes anyone who teaches “homosexual propaganda” to children.

Igor Kochetkov of the Russian LGBT Network told The Associated Press that the Obama administration extended an invitation to meet with Obama in Russia before the summit.

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