LA Reid

Antonio “L.A.” Reid is the latest entertainment industry executive to be accused of sexual harassment. The allegations of harassment (and resulting lawsuits) have become so prevalent in the industry, that stars such as Steve Harvey have taken the unusual step of limiting their contact with female co-workers.

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Media mogul Steve Harvey is in the news after an internal memo to his staff was leaked to a Chicago blogger on Wednesday.

Harvey’s memo, which was leaked to Robert Feder’s Chicago media blog, tells female employees not to approach him or visit his dressing room uninvited.

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Fox News is preparing to axe Bill O’Reilly, host of the wildly popular “O’Reilly Factor,” according to published reports.

O’Reilly’s audience remained staunchly loyal to the 67-year-old journalist amid reports that he sexually harassed female anchors and other female employees at Fox.

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