T.I. and Tiny Boo'd Up at Sister 2 Sister Ladies Night

Atlanta's royal couple T.I. and Tiny Harris were spotted together at the private Ladies Night party hosted by Sister 2 Sister magazine event in Atlanta.

There has been widespread speculation that the "Family Hustle" stars were divorcing. But sources close to their camp says the rumors are false.

Other celebs in the house including prison-bound reality TV personality Apollo Nida, Toya and Memphitz Wright, and more!

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Last night, the much anticipated gospel-themed reality TV show, Sisterhood (formerly Preacher Wives), premiered on the TLC network following the debut of T Boz’ new reality show, Totally TBoz.

According to Miss Jia, "the show takes an interesting look into the lives of 5 “first ladies” who stand by their pastor hubbies through thick and thin. Based in Atlanta, GA, the ladies of the show promise to give us a real, no holds barred look into what it’s really like to hold down a household and lead a church by example."

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Singer/songwriter Shaffer Chimere Smith, aka Ne-Yo, has been battling pesky gay rumors since the days when he wore lipstick and eyeliner to perform with his boy band on Showtime at the Apollo.

Now that he has 2 children with good pal Monyetta Shaw, the rumors continue to persist. There is no escaping the rumors for sensitive industry men like Ne-Yo who has learned to simply ignore them.

“There’s so many more important and positive things going on in my life, the last thing I’m going to do is focus on somebody that’s still on some ignorance with the whole gay rumor thing,” Ne-Yo told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. “If that’s what y’all want to feel about me, by all means do so. Pay no attention to the fact that I got two kids and a beautiful woman at my side. ... Buy the album, though.”

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Just days after rapper The Game announced plans to walk down the aisle with his longtime baby mama, Tiffney Cambridge, the couple have called off their wedding.

According to Sister2Sister.com, Jayceon Taylor and Tiffney announced their decision on their website. A source told Sister2Sister.com that the couple just didn't get along after budgeting half a million dollars for their televised wedding.

The source says The Game may not be in love with Tiffney, but “he is in love with his children.” That makes sense when you consider that some men take their roles as dads very seriously; they stick around even after the dopamine fades in their relationships.

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Rapper Lil Scrappy and Atlanta singer Tocarra Hamilton shot the music video for his single "No Love" recently.

If you're not familiar with the single you will be. "No Love" is the theme song for 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' which premieres next Monday.


The private screening for episode 1 is tonight at Frank Ski Restaurant for those lucky few who have invites -- including Toccara who is grateful for her chance at fame.

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According to Sister2Sister magazine's Jamie Foster Brown, 'Braxton Family Values' star Tamar Braxton and her producer/hubby Vince Herbert (who also manages Lady Gaga) are getting their own spin-off reality show.

Here is what Jamie wrote in the December 2011 issue of S2S magazine:

When we sat down with Trina, Traci and Towanda Braxton for the December issue of Sister 2 Sister, they exclusively told S2S that Tamar and Vince will star in their own reality series, set to air next year.

Jamie also mentioned that the couple would discuss the spin-off show on last night's episode. But the only show Tamar and Vince discussed in episode 5 was Vince shooting a documentary on his life to be aired in Japan.

That scene was filmed before Vince collapsed and was rushed to a hospital 2 months ago.

According to a source close to Tamar and Vince's camp, Vince is currently in no condition to shoot a reality show after being released from a NY hospital in November.

Sandrarose.com broke the story that Vince was hospitalized in New York in October and treated for blood clots in his lungs. The usually fatal illness left him weak and unable to talk for days (due to 02 tubes in his throat).

"He hasn't even left New York since he was released from the hospital," the confidant told Sandrarose.com exclusively. "He can't travel anywhere. He's staying in a hotel close to the hospital so he can be treated as an outpatient," the source added.

The source said Vince is doing much better today, "but he's not 100% yet. He's definitely not shooting a reality show." The source also confided that Vince has "lost over fifty pounds" since his ordeal. But "he's not out of the woods yet."

Yesterday, actress Vivica A. Fox, 48, broke her silence on her break up with local club promoter Omar "Slimm" White, 28. She admitted she has the tendency to rush into relationships with men who have "a six-pack and a smile."

I reached out to Vivica's ex-fiance Slimm to get his side of the story, and to ask him what he thought about Vivica's interview.

According to Slimm, he walked away from the situation first. In fact, Slimm says that when Vivica gave Sister 2 Sister magazine an interview for the December 2011 cover, she acted as if they were still together.

"Of course you're not going to admit that somebody broke up with you because it would make you look bad," said Slimm.

On allegations that he used Vivica for the fame:

SLIMM: "If I was in it for the fame, I would have kissed her a**. I would have just basically played the game if I was just trying to use her. You want happiness, you don't want to be in it for the wrong reasons because it wouldn't work out. Furthermore, if I was using her for fame then why not play the game and put my pride aside and follow through on tying the knot? The reason being: I'm not that type of man and I refuse to sell myself short for fame."

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According to our Def Jam source, the music video for Rihanna's latest single, "We Found Love", drops this week. That should be exciting news for Rihanna's Navy. Over the weekend, Rihanna tweeted a behind-the-scenes video for "We Found Love".

She tweeted:

"We've never done a video like this before. This is probably one of the deepest videos I've ever done. #WeFoundLove. Its all about love and love being like a drug, you definitely get that from this. #WeFoundLove. The good feeling of love and the dangers of it. That's what this video is about. #WeFoundLove #UNLOCKED http://on.fb.me/qytYE2

We find it interesting that Rihanna likens love to a drug, especially since we covered addictive personalities and the brain drug Dopamine extensively in our Medical Minutes. Dopamine is responsible for the highs and lows that we feel when we think we're in love. Read more on Dopamine and addictive personalities here and here.

She also cleared up the rumor that she was back with ex-boyfriend, Matt Kemp, after pics surfaced of the two together in London last weekend. In response to an article in Sister2Sister magazine, Rihanna tweeted: "We're friends lover. Plz."

Queen Latifah, who is slowly adapting to life outside the closet, recently sat down with Sister2Sister magazine for an in-depth interview.

The Queen discussed what she looks for in a woman, and we're not surprised to learn that she prefers her women covered up.

“I just like ladies who have class. Period," she said, "and if it’s ‘T and A’ you’re sellin,’ that’s fine, as long as that’s what you’re selling. But you don’t have to show everything, you know?"

She added:

"You can hold some back and just be yourself and let your personality shine and let your individuality show. To me, that’s sexier. A confident woman is a sexy woman, in my opinion. And I think guys find that to be the same way.”

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Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, and "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Kandi, is featured on the Nov. 2010 cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine.

Inside the magazine, Kandi talks about her life after her fiance's death, her current relationship with NFL player Willis McGahee, and her uncertainty about returning to the hit show

New album, Kandi Koated, coming soon!!!

Source: Tresa Sanders | Tre-Media

Pregnant reality TV personality Chandra Davis, aka London Charles, aka Deelishis (Flavor of Love) covers the current issue of Sister2Sister magazine.

Deelishis is around 10 months pregnant with a girl, and in the issue she talks about how she and her husband Orlando came up with the name for their baby, Lexington Brielle.

They look so happy together (despite the rampant down low rumors) but we wonder if all that hydrogel in her butt is healthy for the baby?


Former Xscape member Tameka "Tiny" Cottle realized her dreams of being an entrepreneur and business owner when she opened her Tiny's Nail Bar salon to the public last night. Well wishers included family, friends and fans who packed into the salon at 3540 Walt Stephens Road just off Hwy 138 in Stockbridge, GA - just outside of Atlanta.

Celebrity photographer Prince Williams was on hand to capture the excitement. See more pics on ATLPICS.net!

Everyone complimented Tiny on her personal style, her hair and the salon's decor - especially the bathroom - which she designed.

BET was on location filming for the 2nd season of Tiny & Toya's popular show.

L to R: Antonia "Toya" Carter, rapper Rasheeda, Tiny and her BFF Keisha.

A few fans got there early enough to get their nails did.

My good girlfriend K (center), who is a shoe freak, LOVED Tiny's shoes so Tiny told her where to purchase a pair inside S. DeKalb Mall.

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Keyshia Cole is pregnant according to Sister2Sister magazine:

A source close to the “Trust” singer told S2S that Keyshia is expecting and the baby is due in March. There’s no word on what the baby’s gender is at this time.

This news confirms rumors that Keyshia is pregnant. She’s also been spotted several places sporting a prominent baby bump. Most recently she was seen courtside at a Cleveland Cavaliers game cheering on her man, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

Although, the couple is having a baby together, they’re not planning to jump the broom just yet. Put simply: Daniel hasn’t put a ring on it yet.?That isn’t the only new addition to Keyshia’s family, though. We found out that Frankie has located another of her long-lost children, a 17-year-old daughter, who is also expecting.


It's rare when an up-and-coming artist can get me to come out of my familiar surroundings into the sometimes hostile environment of the music industry. Canadian R&B singer Melanie Fiona is one of those rare artists. A pretty girl who can sing like an Angel is such a rarity these days!

Last night, I had the pleasure of being in the company of such a great talent! Melanie is destined for greatness and I'm glad I got the chance to meet her before the industry swallows her whole and she forgets where she came from.

Wow, she sings like an angel! Melanie, 26, serenaded the industry elite with her powerful pipes during her invitation-only dinner at the Geisha House in Atlantic Station.

Industry execs included SRC Records CEO Steve Rifkind (pictured above with his artist), who invited me up to his hotel suite after the dinner party to "listen to music." Imagine that!

Steve also invited a few high powered people like Sister2Sister publisher Jamie Foster Brown (pictured above with Fiona), PR queen Tresa Sanders of TreMedia (pictured below with Fiona) who reps Akon and Keyshia Cole, to come to his suite as well. But I politely declined.

Celebs coming out to show their support included Akon, former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams, and choreographer Devyne Stephens.

I was accompanied to the event by good friend, celebrity makeup artist Jai Jai (pictured above with Fiona), who worked her magic on my face earlier in the evening. You may recall Jai Jai was totally disrespected by her ex-boyfriend, rapper Shawty Lo, who has since apologized. I always say the best revenge is to be a success, and Jai Jai has hit the ground running toward her goals. She is a young woman with such poise, wisdom and insight to be only 23!

Fiona's debut album on SRC/Universal Motown "The Bridge" officially drops on Nov. 10!

Thanks to celebrity photographer Prince Williams for the flicks!

MORE pics after the break!

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You know things are looking bad for the music industry when the biggest celebs on the red carpet at the BET Hip Hop Awards were nobodies with butts filled with silicone, and reality TV personalities. Someone had better do something fast to revitalize the industry before everyone ends up being out of work.

Speaking of random, made-for-TV fashion designer Sheree Whitfield could have done a lot better than this jumpsuit, I think. Isn't it a shame how her ex-husband (and former NFL player) Bob Whitfield rants and rages at her daily on his Twitter page and nobody cares?

They say producer/rapper Missy Elliott escorted a hawt chick on her arm into the Civic Center.

Rappers Trina, left, and Soulja Boy, who bonded out of jail Wednesday after his arrest for running from the cops.

Rap legends Kid N' Play were in the house.

Plies graced the red carpet with his thug presence.

I thought this boy was in jail? Rapper Lil Boosie and his daughter sat in the audience. Boosie was sentenced to two years in prison recently. I'm guessing he's out on bond while he appeals his sentence.

I don't even know who Alesha Renee is. This is sad...

Atlantic Records PR Guru Sydney Margetson, left, and Jamie Foster Brown (Sister2Sister publisher)

Photos: Wireimage/Getty