Tamar Braxton

Someone had to say it; not all babies are cute. In fact, some babies have a face that only a mother could Love. Apparently that's what an Instagram user tried to convey to studio singer Tamar Braxton about her 2-year-old son, Logan. The IG user was actually complimenting Tamar but the compliment didn't come out right.

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Beyonce almost kidnapped in Brazil

Beyonce almost kidnapped in Brazil

Saloon singer Beyonce nearly lost her wig in Brazil when a shirtless fan snatched her off the stage during a concert performance.

The incident occurred as Beyonce, wearing a blue sequined catsuit, was performing live in Sao Paula, Brazil on Sunday night. As she leaned forward to sing directly to ticket holders near the stage, one over-excited, shirtless male fan embraced her in a bear hug and pulled her off the elevated platform she was standing on.

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Sean Combs Disses Kendrick Lamar

While everyone in hip hop trips over themselves to praise Kendrick Lamar's self-obsessed bragging on Big Sean's track "Control," others are laughing at him.

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, who normally raps about swimming pools and b*tches killing his vibe, called out hip hop's biggest rhyme slayers -- such as Jay Z, Nas and Drake -- telling them to catch up to him.

In response to all the hoopla surrounding Kendrick's verse, Sean "Diddy" Combs posted a photo on his Instagram of himself and Jay Z literally laughing at him.

It's hard to keep a straight face when a One Verse Wonder calls himself "King of New York."

Listen to "Control" after the break.

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Mynique Smith and Nene Leakes

Chuck Smith's wife, Mynique, must be bored with her life as a football coach's wife and she needs some attention.

Mynique, pictured left with Nene Leakes, was spotted in Savannah, GA., filming an upcoming episode of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta". Mynique has 4 kids with Smith, the former defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons. I'm sure she has a story to tell about her husband's wandering eye and all the scandalous rumors surrounding their marriage.

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President Obama supporters on Twitter.com who threatened the life of GOP candidate Mitt Romney remain active on Twitter.

TheWeeklystandard.com reports that the Secret Service was aware of the threats made against Romney's life after the 2nd presidential debate.

The Twitter users with ethnic-sounding names, such as @AllHaleDeja_, @4shogbmg, @DamnGurlYuNasty, @ItsCeddyB, @_OVO_Libra, and @iBeBlowinUrMind, tweeted threats that would have earned anyone else a personal visit from the Secret Service.

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