Thanks again to my Winner AshleyMarietta for doing such a great job hosting the Red Carpet at Tip "T.I." Harris' 32nd Birthday Bash at Lee Najjar's mansion in Buckhead! (My apologies for the delay putting this video up.) Everyone was impressed with AshleyMarietta's professionalism on the red carpet. T.I. couldn't have chosen a better hostess!

Many thanks to videographers Phoenix and Dre for the great video!

Very special thanks again to Tip Harris, Hannah Kang (who's on her way home to Korea this week); T.I.'s right hand man, Snake (for taking good care of AshleyMarietta and Jasmine), Grand Hustle Records, Kandi Burruss and Peaches Chin (of TAGS Boutique for dressing AshleyMarietta); Derek J and Lisa McCall (of J Spot Salon for styling AshleyMarietta's hair), and all the talented ladies who submitted videos for the contest!

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Congratulations to Shannon Brown and Monica for tying the knot for a second time in front of family and friends on Saturday!

As you know, Mo and Shannon married in secret at their California home in November of last year. This time around, they invited hundreds of guests to watch them jump the broom!

First, I want to address all the lies that began filtering out just minutes after the couple said "I do."

Yes, Monica and Shannon's good friends, Khloe and Lamar Odom missed the wedding due to circumstances beyond their control.

The reason Khloe wasn't there was because she and Lamar had a death in the family. Lamar's cousin was murdered the night before the wedding and they had to drop everything and fly back to the East Coast. Everybody at the wedding knew about the tragedy. Monica has spoken to Khloe and Khloe told her she would have given anything to attend Mo's special day.

Khloe told friends "I would never want anybody to think I would just miss their wedding."

Khloe is very down to earth, and the two women are very close. Khloe always looked after 'Melo and Lil Rocko at the Lakers games. The friends actually met before Monica met Shannon. Our condolences go out to Khloe and Lamar.

There was also a rumor that Kobe's wife, Vanessa, didn't attend the wedding.

Not only was Kobe's wife the first one at the wedding, but she stepped up to fill Khloe's role once she found out what had happened! Vanessa took a helicopter from Kobe's basketball camp in Santa Barbara to be in the wedding.

Monica's friend Keyshia Cole wasn't there because she is currently on tour.

Even by Hollywood's standards, security was extremely tight. Yes, guests were asked to walk through metal detectors at the wedding. That was because more than 40 of the invitations were stolen prior to the wedding, and Monica wanted to make sure her invited guests were safe since they were in downtown Los Angeles.

In contrast to T.I. and Tiny's wedding where inconsiderate guests uploaded grainy photos to, Monica and Shannon made sure their wedding was paparazzi and Twitter-free. The Exclusive photos of the wedding will be released next week when Mo and Shannon return from their honeymoon!

Speaking of which, Mo's cousin Ludacris could not attend the wedding because he was performing in concert out of state.

But Luda's girlfriend Fab was one of Mo's bridesmaids. And Luda ordered his pilot to gas up his private jet to fly Monica and Shannon to their surprise honeymoon from Atlanta this morning (Shannon and Mo don't even know where they're going)!

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