Questions Surround “Suicide” of Handcuffed Man Who Fell from High Rise Building

An Atlanta man who fell from a high rise building in downtown Atlanta Tuesday morning was handcuffed when he supposedly jumped.

Tyquan Richardson, 22, died after he reportedly jumped through a 3rd story window while handcuffed and in police custody, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

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Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Commits Suicide

Jim Carrey's on-off girlfriend reportedly commits suicide in LA *FILE PHOTOS*

Actor Jim Carrey‘s on again, off-again girlfriend, Cathriona White, committed suicide after breaking up with Carrey.

White, 28, reportedly killed herself on Sept. 24.

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3 Suicides Linked to Ashley Madison Cheating Scandal

Ashley Madison suicide

The Ashley Madison cheating scandal took a sad turn over the past week since a hacking group exposed the names of 37 million cheating spouses (32 million men and 5 million women) on

San Antonio Police Captain Michael Gorhum is among three men who took their own lives after they were exposed by a hacking group.

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CNN’s Don Lemon Says Sandra Bland Killed Herself; Black Twitter Explodes

CNN Don Lemon

Some people can’t accept the truth even when it’s right in front of their noses. The Sandra Bland suicide debate continues to rage on social media.

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Another Black Woman Found Dead in a Jail Cell

Ralkina Jones

Another black woman has been found dead under mysterious circumstances while in custody.

Ralkina Jones, 37, was found dead in a Cleveland jail cell on Sunday, just days after Sandra Bland, 28, and Kindra Chapman, 18, committed suicide while in custody in Texas and Alabama jails.

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Outrage at Houston Chronicle Over Sandra Bland Parody Cartoon

Quannell X

About two dozen officers on horseback stood guard outside the apartment where State Trooper Brian Encinia lives in Katy, Texas.

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Hundreds Attend Sandra Bland’s Funeral in Chicago; No One Took Her Phone Calls from Jail

Sandra Bland funeral

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of Sandra Bland in a Chicago suburb on Saturday. Bland, 28, committed suicide in her jail cell 3 days after she was arrested for assaulting an officer during a traffic stop.

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