Mario Lopez lost a Super Bowl bet; forced to strip down to his briefs

Mario Lopez lost Super Bowl bet

Extra! TV host Mario Lopez lost a Super Bowl bet to co-host Maria Menounos, and as a result he was forced to strip down to his underwear and run through The Grove shopping complex. It’s only fair; last year Menounos lost a bet and she had to strip down to her bikini in 40-degree temperature in Times Square on national TV.

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Alicia Keys Criticized for Sitting During the National Anthem

Alicia Keys Super Bowl

Alicia Keys made the right decision to scrap her idea of drastically changing the lyrics to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. But Keys still can’t win. Now she is being roundly criticized for sitting down at a piano while singing the National Anthem. She should have known better, say historians who prefer singers to stand upright and proud while singing the Star Spangled Banner.

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Is Jaden Smith wearing lip gloss?

Jaden Smith and Kris Jenner

I realize that at age 14, Will Smith’s son Jaden is a child on the verge of entering manhood; but he’s wearing lip gloss on his lips, which makes him fodder for the blogs.

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Celebs Out & About: Ne-Yo and Monyetta, Big Boi and Richelle Carey

Ne-Yo and Monyetta dine at BOA Steakhouse

Ne-Yo, 30, and his life partner Monyetta Shaw dined out in Beverly Hills Thursday night.
Photo: JD Pht Bx & MCGM / Splash News

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Beyonce Performs National Anthem Live at Press Conference

Beyonce sings National Anthem at Superdome

In an attempt to silence her critics, Beyonce performed the National Anthem live at a scheduled press conference at the Superdome in New Orleans today. The impromptu performance wasn’t as spectacular as her pre-recorded lip-sync fiasco at President Obama’s Inauguration. But Beyonce did manage to draw a smattering of applause when she was done.

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49ers Chris Culliver Apologizes for Anti-Gay Statements

Chris Culliver

Once again a celebrity has been forced to apologize for expressing his opinion on the subject of homosexuality.

Yesterday, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver, 25, caused a national furor when he said something to the effect that gay NFL players were not welcomed in the san Francisco 49ers locker room.

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49ers cornerback Chris Culliver doesn’t see it for gay NFL players

Chris Culliver

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If you didn’t know who Chris Culliver was before today, you will be very familiar with him by tomorrow. That is because the gays are coming for his neck after what the San Francisco 49ers cornerback had to say about gays in the NFL.

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