Jennfer Lopez joins the long list of celebrities whose clothing lines have flopped due to apathy among their fans. It seems the business managers for these celebs are running out of get rich quick schemes, aka investments, to sink their client's cash into.

Remember when J-Lo was the ish? When her photos sold for thousands of dollars a pop and you couldn't tell her anything? Well, those days are long gone.

In 2006, J-Lo's clothing line, Sweetface, took in over $200 million in profits. But that was back then when she was the ish.

Lopez's clothing lines seem just as volatile as her image. One day she's Selena, then she's Jenny From the Block, then she's J. Lo, then you're on a red carpet circa 2007 and all the photographers are saying you'd better not dare call her J. Lo or she won't pose for pictures. And then she's having Marc Anthony's babies and getting bangs, all the while not wearing any of the clothes or shoes or jewelry she purportedly designs. READ MORE...